Havana Club: The original shines in a new look!

No other rum reflects Cuban lightness and urban summer freshness like Havana Club. Now the premium rum and classic "Havana Club 3 Años" presents itself in a new design and with a new name: The king of white rum "Havana Club Original - Añejo 3 Años" stands for the lively origins of the brand and highlights Cuban traditions.

The new product name "Havana Club Original - Añejo 3 Años" focuses on the Cuban soul of the rum.
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Source:  Company news

The new product name "Havana Club Original - Añejo 3 Años" focuses on the Cuban soul of the rum. The label redesign also shows the special spirit of the cult brand: tradition meets modern lifestyle. As a tribute to its Cuban roots, the new packaging focuses on the emblem and unofficial landmark of the city of Havana, the Giraldilla. The name "Havana Club Original - Añejo 3 Años" is given pride of place on the label and bottle ring. The bright yellow colouring of the bottle design is retained, transporting the Cuban lightness to the shelf and counter for consumers.

Authentic rum experience
"The demand for first-class Cuban rum from authentic producers is increasing worldwide. Now is the perfect time to introduce a new design for the rum that is so deeply rooted in Havana's history and culture. With the redesign of the bottle and the name change, we are directly addressing a new generation of rum drinkers and taking them into the Cuban world of Havana Club. At the same time, we are highlighting the existing premium image," explains Andreas Höhner, Head of Brand Management.

The unique taste of the original remains unchanged. As part of this adjustment, the bottle weight will also be reduced as part of the global sustainability measures. This will save up to 2,200 tonnes of CO2 annually. The bottle weight of Havana Club Añejo Especial and Havana Club Añejo 7 Años will also be reduced in the course of the year. The respective design, however, will remain unchanged.

The new bottle has been on sale in Germany since the end of July.

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