First low temperature cleaners deliver more efficient and sustainable aluminum can production

Henkel develops low temperature cleaner for metal beverage can applications

Henkel develops low temperature cleaner for metal beverage can applications
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The lower the temperature, the higher the impact: Henkel has developed an innovative low temperature cleaner for aluminum beverage cans that will soon be available globally. When used in traditional spray systems, Bonderite C-IC 72000 series cleans at a lower temperature, reducing natural gas use and in turn, lowering the plant’s carbon footprint. Results will vary from plant to plant based on their processes, however during a recent trial, a customer reduced their natural gas use which contributed to a 38% reduction in their carbon emissions.

Compared to conventional cleaners, which typically operate around 60°C (140°F), Bonderite C-IC 72000 series cleaner requires a lower operating temperature of 43°C (110°F). This enables can manufacturers to significantly reduce their energy consumption. "Our initial line tests show a 32% reduction in natural gas consumption at the plant from turning off one boiler; additionally, a 5% to 20% reduction in water was achieved during recent trials," says Fabio Portelinha, Technical Customer Service Manager at Henkel Adhesive Technologies. Beyond reducing the carbon footprint, the lower temperature creates a more comfortable working environment for employees near the cleaning bath.

Additionally, the cleaner also offers advantages in terms of water and maintenance. The cleaner is low foaming, generating 75 percent less foam than standard cleaners in Henkel’s laboratory studies. Compared to standard cleaners, there is little to no carry-over of foam into downstream stages during the cleaning process. It also reduces residue during rinse cycles, keeping rinse stages cleaner. Additionally, the lower bath temperature results in less evaporative losses, and creates a less corrosive environment, which is expected to extend the lifetime of the steel washer and parts. As a result, both wear and water consumption are reduced – which in turn extends the service life of the cleaning system.

The Bonderite C-IC 72000 series product range will include traditional 2-pack systems that use separate etchant additions, as well as available in single-pack formulations with combined cleaner and etchant in a range of activity levels to suit the market needs.

“The lower temperature product provides very good cleaning performance and has an excellent sustainability contribution,” says Mireia Martinez, Head of Innovation and Marketing & Strategy for the Metal business unit at Henkel Adhesive Technologies. “Bonderite C-IC 72000 series cleaner efficiently removes lubricants from the forming process. Combined with the reduction of natural gas, reduced carbon footprint, and water reduction, this innovative cleaner contributes to greater sustainability throughout the canmaking process.”

Henkel’s low temperature cleaner technology is already available in the LATAM region and will be introduced in all other regions of the world during 2023.

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