hohes C Juicy Balance 40% less sugar - Fruity Vitamin C Power

- hohes C Juicy Balance 40% less sugar - Fruity Vitamin C Power
- Delicious and light with 40% less sugar, without sweeteners
- Covers the daily vitamin C requirement with one glass (0.25L)
- Four popular flavours for every taste: Orange, Multi, Mango and Red Multi
- Available for retail and e-commerce from 22 May
- Sugar-reduced product innovations such as hohes C Juicy Balance will be available in focus at brand manufacturer Eckes-Granini in 2023

hohes C Juicy Balance Orange
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Less sugar and conscious nutrition are megatrends in the food industry. Even the daily glass of juice should be both healthy and taste delicious. Now the market leader hohes C has the right offer: hohes C Juicy Balance is the name of the new range that contains 40 % less sugar and no sweeteners - with full fruit flavour. Whether Orange, Multi, Mango or Red Multi - the delicious daily dose of vitamin C is guaranteed for every taste in just one glass.

The Juicy Balance product concept is not only convincing because of its quality, but also visually with its fruity, modern look in the 1-litre look in the 1-litre Tetrapak carton. At 1.89 € (RRP), the price also offers an attractive attractive offer for all active and health-conscious consumers who want to have fun who want to enjoy their vitamin power and daily balance. Juicy Balance, hohes C's new range, will be added to the retail and e-commerce and e-commerce.

Precisely tailored benefits for the active target group
Low in sugar, rich in vitamins and fruity and tasty - and all without sweeteners: thebenefits of hohes C Juicy Balance are more relevant to consumers than ever before and the products are therefore the perfect addition to the current range.
"With the new hohes C range, we have translated our brand strength into a new concept that answers the biggest consumer wish in this category: less sugar," says Ann-Christin Netenjakob, International Senior Brand Manager hohes C. "In addition, Juicy Balance covers the daily requirement of vitamin C in a delicious and uncomplicated way, which is what the hohes C brand has stood for over many years. With Juicy Balance, we are proving once again that the wishes of consumers are our driving force to keep creating products that live up to our claim as a trusted brand."

In product tests, 93% of respondents said they would buy Juicy Balance immediately. "This high value is both a success and an incentive for us," says Netenjakob. A large-scale digital campaign will start in the middle of the year, supported by strong POS activation, to draw attention to hohes C's new range.

Orange, Multi, Mango and Red Multi are the names of the four popular varieties that, with 40% less sugar and without sweeteners, meet the daily requirement of vitamin C. Vitamin C contributes to the normal function of the immune system. Juicy Balance is therefore the ideal complement to a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Promoting a balanced diet is an important concern for the hohes C brand and for Eckes-Granini as a whole. Throughout its entire product range the producer of fruit juices and fruit beverages is striving to reduce sugar consumption by 15 % by 2025. Accordingly, sugar-reduced products will dominate the brand manufacturer's innovation programme in 2023.

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