Indonesia: PT Multi Bintang secures license to produce and sell Singaporean Tiger Beer in Indonesia

Publicly listed PT Multi Bintang Indonesia (MLBI) has secured a license to produce and sell beer from Singaporean brand Tiger Beer in Indonesia, The Jakarta Post reported on July 6.

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A deal on the arrangement was signed on June 30 by the Indonesian brewer and its Singaporean affiliate Heineken Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.

“With the implementation of this affiliate transaction plan, MLBI receives several benefits [...] Increased MLBI revenue and net profits on a consolidated basis,” read MLBI director Dayna Nicole Adelman’s explanation in a press statement released on July 4.

Am 30. Juni hat PT Multi Bintang Indonesia ein Abkommen mit Heineken Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. unterzeichnet und darf jetzt Tiger Beer herstellen und verkaufen.

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