Karlsberg strong Bock for the first time in limited design box

Karlsberg Brewery is bringing its strong bock to customers' homes: as of now, bock beer fans can conveniently order their specialty for the cold season online. The limited-edition Bock Beer Box takes you on a voyage of discovery!

The limited edition Bockbier Box is now available exclusively online.
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Source:  Company news

Bock strong box
Taste in a strong package: For the third time, Karlsberg starkes Bock won the Platinum Award as Germany's best bock beer at this year's Meininger International Craft Beer Awards. For the first time, this strong bock taste is also available packaged in a strong bock design as a bock beer box for the home. It tells the story of Karlsberg Bockbier and shows the Karlsberg brewers and brewer, the award of the permanent winner and the new product design. The Bock is presented in its natural environment and, for the first time, the blue barrel roll star shines on the new beer box. And what's inside? In addition to 9 Stubbi bottles of the seasonal beer specialty, the first Bockbier Box also holds two 0.3-liter steins for cool Bockbier enjoyment and other surprises. A small bag containing the aromatic malt that gives the bock its strong flavor is a testament to the quality and brewing craftsmanship behind this product.

Exclusively available to order online
Bock beer fans and anyone looking for a strong Christmas gift are in the right place on the Karlsberg website: the new Karlsberg Bock Beer Box is available there exclusively at www.karlsberg.de/shop in a limited edition for €34.95 plus shipping.

Bock strong taste
Karlsberg starkes Bock is the perfect seasonal beer speciality for shared moments in the cold season: aromatic dark roasted malts and the complex mashing process characterize the seasonal beer speciality with 6.6 % vol. Alcohol and 16.3% original wort.