Kuemmerling heats things up at the POS - Limited Edition Kuemmerling Chilli Challenge available from April

In spring, the popular cult herbal liqueur Kuemmerling is attracting additional attention at the POS with a special limited edition. The familiar 25-bottle cube not only contains small bottles of the iconic herbal liqueur, but also three fiery, hot chilli variants. The Kuemmerling Chilli Challenge will be available from mid-April 2024 - while stocks last. The RRP is 13.99 euros per 25-cube pack.

Kuemmerling heats things up at the POS
© Henkell Freixenet
Source:  Company news

The popular Kuemmerling herbal liqueur has stood for values such as friendship, honesty and conviviality for over 100 years. It brings people together and is the ideal companion for (game) evenings together. "By combining product and game, we create a special thrill, increase awareness of Kuemmerling and ensure new tasting contacts with the target group. This combination fits perfectly with the edgy nature of the brand and arouses the interest of Kuemmerling fans who are in the mood for fun and games," says Vanessa Lehmann, Head of Communication at Henkell Freixenet. "With the limited offer and the special 'challenge', we are creating additional incentives to buy."

The 25-bottle cube of the Kuemmerling Chilli Challenge contains not only 22 0.02-litre bottles of Kuemmerling herbal liqueur, but also three 0.02-litre bottles of Kuemmerling chilli-flavoured herbal liqueur. The highlight: at first glance, the three chilli flavoured variants are indistinguishable from the classic herbal liqueur. Only the back label gives an indication of the respective flavour - guaranteed thrills for Kuemmerling fans.

The eye-catching design of the high-quality, closed promotional carton increases visibility at the POS. Orange-red flames and a chilli pepper draw attention to the new contents and the challenge.

The Kuemmerling Chilli Challenge will be available from mid-April 2024 in a 48 chep display. The RRP for a 25-cube pack is €13.99.

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