Light refreshment is the trend

According to Statistisches Bundesamt (German Federal Statistical Office), around 22 percent of colas and lemonades produced in Germany are light products. Their share has increased significantly in recent years, as a look at the graph shows.

Light refreshment is the trend
© Statistisches Bundesamt

In total, almost 1.5 billion liters of calorie-reduced spritzers, colas and lemonades were bottled in 2020. All non-alcoholic beverages together come to a volume of around 25 billion liters. "Mineral and table water - also unsweetened by nature - accounted for the lion's share (53 percent). A good 34 percent was accounted for by soft drinks such as cola and lemonade, spritzers, flavored water and vitamin drinks. Other non-alcoholic beverages, such as fruit juices or tea drinks, made up the rest."

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