Maisel's Weisse Bajuwarus Weizenbock available in stores for the first time

What once began as a thank-you gift for loyal Maisel's Weisse fans quickly won a place in their hearts. Now the brewery Gebr. Maisel from Bayreuth is paying tribute to the great demand: Maisel's Weisse Bajuwarus is available for the first time this year in selected retail outlets.

Maisel's Weisse Bajuwarus Weizenbock available in stores for the first time
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The pre-Christmas period was always a very special one for Maisel's Weisse fans, who received a free 0.75-liter bottle of Maisel's Weisse Bajuwarus as a tasty thank-you for their loyalty to the brewery. The Weizenbock quickly enjoyed great popularity, so that the desire to be able to obtain the beer speciality not only as a free gift but also on sale grew. The brewery Gebr. Maisel from Bayreuth is now meeting the great demand and from November 2022 the limited beer speciality will be available in selected beverage stores on eye-catching displays. The brewery's own online store also carries the full-bodied Weizenbock, which is now filled in the 0.5l NRW bottle and available in the practical 6-pack carrier.

"It's incredible when a beer born as a thank you becomes so popular that it can establish itself as a seasonal specialty. I see this as a testament to the quality of our wheat beers and thank our loyal fans and my team for making the establishment of Bajuwaru possible," says a delighted Jeff Maisel, owner of the family-owned brewery.

About Maisel's Weisse Bajuwarus
Maisel's Weisse Bajuwarus enchants with its light reddish amber color and creamy head. Nose and palate are spoiled by a firework of aromas of ripe banana, vanilla and a hint of dried fruit and clove. Honey and caramel aromas round off this strictly limited beer speciality wonderfully. Thus, this soft and full-bodied wheat bock remains in pleasurable memory.

BAJUWARUS derives from Bajuwaren, the original name of the inhabitants of Bavaria. Together with the suffix "-us", which is so typical for wheat beers, this results in a new word creation that is a memorable inspiration for the origin as well as the strong character of our Weizenbock.

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