Mangaroca Batida Passion & Pineapple in a practical 0.25 litre can

Summer is just around the corner, temperatures are rising and time spent indoors is getting shorter. Being outside, whether in the park or at the lake, will take up most of your free time. Large glass bottles are often too bulky and heavy for a cool refreshment or a toast with friends. The solution: Mangaroca Batida in the summery flavours Passion & Pineapple in a practical 0.25-litre can.

Mangaroca Batida Passion & Pineapple in a practical 0.25 litre can
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The sun is shining, temperatures are finally climbing into the double digits and with it the good mood rises. After a day in the office or at university, you can hardly wait to throw your work bag in the corner and head outside to the park or the lake.

If you can still muster a little patience, pack your picnic bag beforehand. After all, good preparation is the key to a successful summer day outdoors: it's easy to get annoyed if you only realise you've forgotten something when you unpack your bag. A blanket, sun cream, a pack of cards, the obligatory Bluetooth speaker and perhaps a few snacks.

A cool drink is a must for toasting with friends: The 0.25 litre cans of Mangaroca Batida in the exotic flavours Passion and Pineapple provide summery enjoyment and tangy refreshment. The drinks with 10 per cent alcohol are ready-mixed and are in no way inferior to a classic cocktail. In addition to the fruity flavours of passion fruit and pineapple, the exotic drinks in a can are a taste of summer and can transport you to the white sandy beaches of Brazil while you lie on the grass in the park with friends.

The RRP per 0.25 litre can is EUR 2.79.

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