Looking forward to spring: soft colours for the terrace

Mank welcomes guests with fresh accents on the table

"Hardly any other start to the season have our customers longed for as much as the upcoming outdoor season in the catering industry!" is how Mank Art Director Rotraud Hümmerich describes the mood among hosts in the country. The current spring/summer collection 2021 at MANK Designed Paper Products, which has just been presented, is also characterised by the anticipation of spring and summer.

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The newly presented designs for spring, but especially the extended colour combinations of successful motifs from previous years, show how individually and diversely Mank responds to the wishes of customers and hosts. New to the range are, among others, the HERMINE and INDUSTRY motifs. With their delicate colours and graphically sophisticated designs, they convey all the lightness of spring. Hardly any other motif is so straightforwardly adaptable to a wide variety of furnishings in the catering and hotel sectors.

Rotraud Hümmerich and her team have of course once again come up with suitable offers for the stylishly laid table for special occasions around the gastronomic annual programme. This starts with the herb themes, continues with SPARGEL and ERDBEEREN and ends with seasonal table tops such as Mediterranean offers or a hearty decoration for fancy barbecue events.

In view of the prevailing requirements, the collection always includes aids for complying with current hygiene standards: both the protective bottle and glass covers and the tried-and-tested pocket napkins, which transport the cutlery to the guest with special protection, are part of the collection.

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