MBG expands trading team to over 100 employees

MBG Group has started to expand its retail sales team from currently 95 to 107 employees. Contrary to the current trend, MBG Group has confidence in its team and is thus expanding the trading department by twelve permanent full-time positions.

MBG expands trading team to over 100 employees
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With the twelve newly created positions, MBG's trading team exceeds 100 employees in Germany for the first time. In the coming weeks, MBG will continue to expand its sales force and create the new positions. For this purpose, Rudolf König, Sales Director Trade, has created the appropriate structures. "You are not measured by what you destroy, but by what you create. When others dismantle, we build up," says König.

The sales figures for the retail division speak for themselves: in 2020, the MBG Group was able to increase its sales in retail by more than 20 percent. König and his team are coming out of the Corona crisis stronger than ever: "Despite Corona conditions, we have supported the partners, store managers, merchants and colleagues in food retail and specialist beverage stores with our hearts and hands, as well as with creative and innovative measures, throughout the crisis period with our retail team. Not only did the team do a wonderful job of building up sales, we also actively maintained shelves and demonstrated our strength with special promotions and products. This is how we have tried to live true partnership with retailers to get through this crisis together."

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