MEXARRIBA Mexican - the trend shot from the 'Hamburger Kiez'

The MBG Group launches a new brand with the MEXARRIBA Mexikaner. The cult drink Mexican based on tomato juice with a certain spiciness was born in Hamburg and is now available in the "like homemade" recipe in the north of Germany.

MEXARRIBA Mexican - the trend shot from the 'Hamburger Kiez'
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The Mexican is the perfect alternative to sweet or hard shots. With a lower alcohol content of 10.5 percent by volume, it is perfect for round drinking in the cult pub. "With 55 percent tomato juice, this shot is definitely fun to drink and tastes like homemade from my favorite bar in Hamburg. And exactly how it should taste: tomatoey, finely spiced, slightly tipsy and pleasantly spicy," explains Ben Linska, Senior Brand Manager Spirits at MBG Group.

The Mexican does not come from Mexico, as the name suggests. Mike Coloni - the then owner of the hard rock pub Steppenwolf on St. Pauli - is said to have developed the recipe in 1987 as an emergency solution to mask the inherent taste of a fruit brandy he had accidentally purchased. The mixture caught on and after the Obstler was used up, it was replaced by Korn. The name comes from the pungent taste that "somehow reminded the inventor of Mexico."

Today, just about every Hamburg restaurateur has a Mexican in his range. With the new MEXARRIBA brand in the practical 1-liter tetra-pak, the brand is now taking off on the supermarket shelves and bars in northern Germany - perfect for the party at home and the ideal support and time-saver for the restaurateur. For the trade, the MEXARRIBA Mexican is available with the recommended retail price of 9.99 euros.

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