Unique beer for the Bregenz Festival - Mohrenbrauerei creates 'Madame Butterfly'

On the occasion of the dress rehearsal of Giacomo Puccini's "Madame Butterfly", Mohrenbrauerei presents its festival beer. For a perfect opera evening, the traditional company created a limited edition "Tropical Pilsner".

Festival beer 'Madame Butterfly' in front of the Festspielhaus
© Mohrenbrauerei Vertriebs KG
Source:  Company news

The beer sommeliers at Mohrenbrauerei describe their craft beer creation as "a brilliantly refreshing duet of a hoppy body and a subtly herbal citrus note". The Dornbirn-based family business has been a supplier to the Bregenz Festival for over 20 years. So a special festival beer was only a matter of time. "We celebrated our successful premiere last year with 'Rigoletto'," says Thomas Pachole, managing director of the Mohren Brewery. The first festival beer was so well received that the new edition is now also available in the surrounding gastronomy and in the Mohrenbrauerei shop.

Exotic flavours for "Madame Butterfly
The taste of the second festival beer is as exotic as the setting of Puccini's opera. "The third hop addition makes the difference," explains brewmaster Ralf Freitag. It gives the hand-brewed Pilsner extraordinary passion fruit and grapefruit aromas.

The limited edition consists of 40,000 0.33-litre returnable light bottles, which are offered by the gastronomy. In addition, there are 500 0.75-litre non-returnable bottles available at the Lädele in Dornbirn. When it comes to packaging decoration, the family-owned company focuses on regionality: the decorative paper labels were designed in cooperation with the Festival and are wrapped around the beer bottles by Vorarlberger Lebenshilfe.

Product info "Madame Butterfly
Beer type: Pilsner
Brewing method: bottom-fermented, filtered, hand-brewed
Alcohol content: 4.3 % vol.
Original wort: 11,3
Limited edition: 40,000 x 0.33-litre returnable bottles, 500 x 0.75-litre non-returnable bottles

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