Pioneering achievement: Mohrenbrauerei has been a pioneer for lightweight glass bottles for five years

WorldStar Packaging Award 2024 for thermally tempered bottle from partner Vetropack

Mohrenbrauerei has been a pioneer for lightweight glass bottles
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Five years ago, the Mohrenbrauerei brewery in Dornbirn became the first brewery in the world to use thermally tempered lightweight glass for 0.33-litre returnable containers. The innovative solution from Swiss packaging manufacturer Vetropack has now been honoured with the WorldPackaging Award 2024 at international level. Since the changeover in 2019, the Mohrenbrauerei has saved around 2,400 tonnes ofCO2with the 30% lighter bottle. Five years after the start of the pioneer from Dornbirn, other breweries are following suit.

With the market launch of the world's first thermally tempered glass bottle, the Vorarlberg-based family business has done valuable groundwork together with the Swiss packaging manufacturer Vetropack. Since 2019, the Mohrenbrauerei has put more than 60 million lightweight glass bottles into circulation. The 30% lighter container saves over 1,000 tonnes of transport weight per year. Around 2,400 tonnes ofCO2 have been saved since its introduction. "We have provided the proof and combined regional brewing expertise with international innovative strength. The first corporate breweries have now followed our example and have also recently introduced the lightweight glass bottle," says a delighted Thomas Pachole, Managing Director of Mohrenbräu.

The pioneering achievement was once again recognised internationally. The lightweight glass bottle "Echovai", which already won two Swiss Packaging Awards in 2023, was honoured at the WorldStar Packaging Award 2024 in the "Packaging Materials and Components" category. The prestigious industry award will be officially presented on 15 June in Bangkok. The jury was impressed by the combination of sustainability, durability and aesthetics. "We have been researching our Echovai process for almost ten years. I am proud and very grateful to the team at our Innovation Centre for the outstanding result," emphasises Johann Reiter, CEO of Vetropack.

Sustainable alternative with added value

The 0.33-litre lightweight glass bottle causes only a quarter of the emissions of conventional reusable bottles - and at the same time scores highly as a robust, convenient and economically attractive alternative. This is also confirmed by Mohrenbrauerei's experience, as Managing Director Pachole reports: "Five years after the launch, the bottles are still almost as shiny as they were on the first day. We expect around 60 cycles and therefore significantly more fillings and years than with standard bottles. The low weight also increases the transport capacity per lorry and makes it easier to enjoy the beer every time."

The Mohrenbrauerei fills the popular "Spezial" and "Pfiff" varieties and the Radler range in the innovative lightweight glass bottles. "Smaller containers in particular are often consumed on the go and outdoors in the warmer seasons. The returnable lightweight glass bottle is the sustainable alternative to cans and also cools the beer very quickly thanks to the thin walls," emphasises Pachole.

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