New packaging design and new recipe for Coca-Cola Zero Sugar

- First global packaging update for Coca-Cola Zero Sugar and Coca-Cola light since 2016 as part of the enhanced "One Brand" strategy
- New and improved formulation for Coca-Cola Zero Sugar supported by global campaign

New packaging design or Coca-Cola Zero Sugar and Coca-Cola light as well as new recipe for Coca-Cola Zero Sugar
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Coca-Cola is changing its design for Coca-Cola Zero Sugar and Coca-Cola light in an evolution of the "One Brand" strategy launched globally in 2016. The new design is simplified and removes additional elements, such as the red disc, to enhance the typeface as Coca-Cola's iconic brand mark and bring greater consistency to packaging globally. As a visual metaphor for the invigorating nature of the product, the new design also elevates the Coca-Cola logo to the top of the label.

At the center of the design is the original and globally recognized brand color red - a symbol of Coca-Cola's authentic and refreshing taste. When combined with white lettering, it identifies Coca-Cola Original Taste. Combined with black lettering, it will in future stand for Zero Sugar. The use of the trademark and typography is another way to refer to the Zero Sugar variety, paired with details such as the black bottle caps. 

Coca-Cola light is also within the Coca-Cola family of designs, with a distinctive silver background and the red logo. This design will be consistent across all markets offering Coke light worldwide. The goal is to create a simple and intuitive navigation system that runs through all Coca-Cola variants, while highlighting the Coca-Cola logo. 

The rollout of the new design will begin in Germany in spring 2021 with Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, which will also have a new recipe with improved taste - still sugar-free and calorie-free. The changeover of the other brands, as well as Coca-Cola Flavors such as Cherry and Vanilla, will follow in September 2021. 

A marketing campaign will support the new Coca-Cola Zero Sugar formula. The campaign, titled "The Best Coke Ever?" invites discussion and trial before a decision is made. It's a simple question that asks a lot: What if the new Coca-Cola Zero Sugar was the best Coca-Cola ever for some consumers? The campaign addresses this debate in TV and digital films and out-of-home assets, and calls on influencers and consumers alike to join the discussion on social media. The campaign was developed in collaboration with Mercado McCann.

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