NEW: Rabenhorst Cranberry-Ginger and Sea Buckthorn-Ginger expand the range of premium shots in organic quality

Perfect for on-the-go and in-between - two new Rabenhorst shots based on organic multi-fruit direct juice in a handy to-go format as of September

NEW: Rabenhorst Cranberry-Ginger and Sea Buckthorn-Ginger expand the range of premium shots in organic quality
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With the introduction of the premium shots in the fall of 2020, Rabenhorst has picked up precisely on the nature-oriented zeitgeist that influences modern society in its conscious nutrition. And the success of the small 60 ml shots based on organic multi-fruit juice proves them right: Numerous consumers have already acquired a taste for them and use the handy everyday companions in the office, after sports, on the way to work, or even in the comfort of their own homes. In addition to a base of multi-fruit juice, each shot also includes a certain spicy kick from ginger or turmeric, for example. The premium juice manufacturer Rabenhorst has good news for all shot enthusiasts: There are two new varieties in addition to the existing range of Rabenhorst Ginger Mate and Rabenhorst Turmeric White Tea with Rabenhorst Cranberry Ginger and Rabenhorst Sea Buckthorn Ginger!

Rabenhorst Cranberry-Ginger combines the taste of fruity-tart cranberry with spicy ginger and fine hibiscus blossom. The new shot convinces on the basis of a multi-fruit juice from red grape juice, acai pulp and lemon juice with natural organic ingredients.

Rabenhorst Sea Buckthorn Ginger combines the taste of fruity sea buckthorn with the spiciness of ginger and turmeric juice, rounded off with a pinch of pepper. A multi-fruit juice consisting of white grape juice, apricot pulp and lemon juice in organic quality is used as the basis.

The two high-quality premium shots in the handy 60 ml size are perfect for on the go and in between and offer a powerful extra portion of nature in two sips. At the same time, they taste particularly delicious and have only a slight hint of ginger, which, however, does not make the shots too spicy.

The new shots - like all Rabenhorst products - are filled exclusively in sustainable amber glass bottles, as this protects the high-quality product better from the effects of energy-intensive UV radiation as well as in the range of visible light compared to conventional white glass bottles.

Rabenhorst Shot Cranberry-Ginger (60 ml amber glass disposable) € 1.69 (RRP).
Rabenhorst Shot Sea Buckthorn-Ginger (60 ml amber glass disposable) 1,69 € (RRP)

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