NEW: Rabenhorst Healthy Blood Pressure

Rabenhorst organic direct juice with natural potassium from bananas, grapes and beet, which helps maintain normal blood pressure.

Rabenhorst Healthy Blood Pressure
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Blood pressure is an important factor for health. This occurs when the heart contracts to pump blood into the body and then expands to take it in again. In a healthy person, blood pressure has a value of around 120 to 80 mmHG. To counteract strong fluctuations, those affected can eat certain foods. For example, the consumption of beet can help maintain a balanced blood pressure due to the potassium it contains in a balanced diet. However, the red tuber is very polarizing in taste. With Rabenhorst Healthy Blood Pressure, the juice experts from Unkel am Rhein have created an enjoyable variant: The high proportion of beet is combined with red grape juice, orange juice, banana pulp, raspberry pulp, acerola pulp, passion fruit juice and lemon juice. All ingredients of the new Rabenhorst Healthy Blood Pressure are thereby from controlled organic cultivation.

Rich in natural potassium and vitamin C
Beet, grapes and bananas - these are the carriers of natural potassium. Potassium, in turn, contributes to the maintenance of normal blood pressure. In addition, the organic direct juice Rabenhorst Healthy Blood Pressure contains natural vitamin C from acerola cherries, which helps support the immune system: an enjoyable alternative to pure beet juice. In accordance with the law, the organic direct juice comes without added sugar and is suitable for a vegan diet.

Rabenhorst Healthy Blood Pressure (700/750 ml) €4.29 (MSRP).
Rabenhorst Healthy Blood Pressure (125 ml) 0,99 € (RRP)

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