Beetroot is Vegetable of the Year 2023

Numerous Rabenhorst premium juices contain this special root vegetable, which helps maintain normal blood pressure with natural potassium.

Rabenhorst Beetroot
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Beetroot is used in many ways in gastronomy and the food industry, with the great tuber enjoying ever-growing popularity. The peculiar, earthy taste is just as convincing in numerous variations as the indicative effects of the vegetable: the potassium it contains contributes to the maintenance of normal blood pressure. It is therefore not surprising that the VEN (Verein zur Erhaltung der Nutzpflanzenvielfalt e.V.) has now chosen beetroot as the vegetable of the year 2023.

Beetroot in Rabenhorst premium juices
As beetroot is an excellent ingredient for delicious premium juices, both in terms of taste and indication, the juice experts from Unkel am Rhein have integrated it into various juice compositions.

a) Rabenhorst Beetroot
The full portion of beetroot is offered by the pure direct juice from the first pressing - only the natural components of the vegetable give this juice the full taste of beetroot.

b) Rabenhorst Healthy Blood Pressure
Beetroot, grapes and bananas - these are the carriers of natural potassium. Potassium, in turn, helps maintain normal blood pressure. In addition, the organic direct juice Rabenhorst Gesunder Blutdruck contains natural vitamin C from acerola cherries, which helps to support the immune system: a nice alternative to pure beetroot juice. In accordance with the law, the organic direct juice does not contain added sugar and is suitable for a vegan diet.

c) Rabenhorst Alkaline Balance with Zinc
The direct juice consists of tomato, beetroot*, potato*, carrot*, celery* and lemon juice, and is supplemented with zinc for a normal acid-base balance. The latter should be in balance in a balanced diet, but can be negatively affected by various factors such as stress and little exercise. Numerous vegetables and also zinc can help to keep the acid-base balance balanced.

d) Rabenhorst Immune Power with vitamin C and zinc
The direct juice from tomatoes, carrots, sauerkraut*, parsnips* and beetroot* is combined with a tasty spice salt. Parts of the juice are lactic-fermented to obtain a mild and sour-fresh taste. The vegetable mix is supplemented with vitamin C and zinc, which contribute to the normal function of the immune system.

The tasty vegetables can also be found in other juice compositions from Rabenhorst. The juice finder on the website helps to find the right juice with the desired ingredients.

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