SALITOS Tequila Spirits win at the London Spirits Competition

At this year's 5th London Spirits Competition, both SALITOS Tequila Spirits convinced the jury and won bronze medals. The award is considered the ultimate seal of quality in the global spirits industry. To receive this award, the SALITOS Tequila Spirits in the Silver and Gold editions had to score in three different categories: Quality, Value and Packaging.

SALITOS Tequila Spirits win at the London Spirits Competition
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The London Spirits Competition stands out from other spirits competitions in that it awards spirits for their drinkability. While other competitions focus solely on the technical competence and skill of the distiller, the London Spirit Competition goes a step further and judges a spirit for its all-round excellence - in taste, appearance and the value it offers. They believe this golden triangle makes spirits more likely to be bought and drunk at retail, bar or restaurant, and want to recognise this.

Sid Patel, CEO of organiser Beverage Trade Network, explains, "Spirit brand consumers are looking for a well-rounded experience when they drink a spirit. The spirit has to hit all the right notes to be enjoyed again and again. At the London Spirits Competition, we therefore assess characteristics that contribute to the overall drinkability of a spirit. As well as quality, spirits are also judged on their appearance and value."

The judging panel consisted of various spirits industry experts with commercial purchasing responsibilities. The spirits were judged based on three main criteria - quality, value and packaging.

"We are very pleased that our SALITOS Tequila Sprits Silver and Gold performed so well. These medals show that we produce the kind of spirits that bar managers and mixologists want to use and that consumers like to choose and consume," explains Cord Hendryck Vinke, Marketing Director of MBG Group.

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