Schlitzer Mild Apricot: A harmonious taste experience of fruitiness and balance

Discover our mild apricot spirit, where tradition and quality go hand in hand. This spirit wonderfully combines the fruitiness of ripe apricots with a balance of sweetness and acidity, making it a mild yet expressive taste experience.

Mild Apricot spirit
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Our Mild Apricot is not just a spirit, but an expression of craftsmanship and passion that can be felt in every drop. It is perfect for special occasions, be it a quiet evening with friends or a festive event. It also makes an exceptional gift for lovers of fine wines. With Schlitzer Milde Marille, you are not just choosing a spirit, but a piece of quality and tradition from the Schlitzer distillery that will be remembered.

Mild apricot from the Schlitzer distillery: an incomparable pleasure
Mild apricot from the Schlitzer distillery is an exquisite spirit that takes the taste buds on a journey through a harmonious fusion of sweetness, acidity and fruity fullness. This fine drop embodies the craftsmanship and centuries-old tradition of schnapps production for which the Schlitzer distillery is renowned.

Mild apricot is more than just a spirit - it is an expression of passion, quality and appreciation for natural ingredients. With every bottle of Milde Marille, you not only experience an exceptional taste, but also the love and care that goes into its production.

At the heart of Mild Apricot is the careful selection of high-quality apricots, which give the schnapps its characteristic taste and unmistakable aroma. Distillation is carried out using traditional methods that have been refined over generations to create a schnapps that is both mild and full of flavor.

Mild Apricot is perfect as a gift for lovers of fine spirits or as a special treat for special occasions. Its taste is an invitation to sit back, relax and enjoy the little pleasures in life. With Mild Apricot from the Schlitz distillery, you can immerse yourself in a world of enjoyment that celebrates the tradition and expertise of schnapps production in every drop.

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