Sparkling start to the aperitif season: Schweppes presents its first flavour campaign

The anticipation of summer is growing: When the temperatures finally climb, the sun shines and the desire for a refreshing drink with friends increases. Schweppes is ringing in the season with a new aperitif campaign to match. The wide-reaching activation focuses on the fruity flavours of the filler pioneer: Schweppes Original Wild Berry, Schweppes White Peach and the new Schweppes Pomegranate.

Sparkling start to the aperitif season
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Special summer moments with Schweppes White Peach and Pomegranate

With the new campaign, Schweppes is putting its aperitif fillers centre stage and showing why the brand icon stands for special taste experiences and innovations in the filler segment. For the first time, the Schweppes White Peach and Schweppes Pomegranate flavours are being staged in their own commercials for TV, streaming and digital channels under the "Let's Schweppes" campaign umbrella. With colourful images, lively close-ups, striking characters and a pulsating beat, the clips convey casual summer vibes and invite you to join in the party. The attention-grabbing message is clear: whether enjoyed neat or in a mix, as a sparkling refreshment during the day or as the perfect drink companion in the evening - the fruity flavours of Schweppes create unique moments.

"Let's live peachy" with Schweppes White Peach

The campaign package for Schweppes White Peach, launched in 2022, will kick off in mid-April. The slogan "Let's live peachy" presents a cool world of flavours reminiscent of the look of Miami Vice and conveys a relaxed lightness with the refreshing taste of ripe peaches. The advert is complemented by a tag-on for the "White Peach Spritz", the signature drink of the variety.

In addition, digital cooperation campaigns for Schweppes White Peach are running from April to June with Lillet Rosé and Freixenet - and show the many mixing options with the peach flavour. These are also presented in an eye-catching way at the POS.

Schweppes Pomegranate: "Let's taste red"

Schweppes Pomegranate is all about red. The striking colours of the first pomegranate-flavoured filler also characterise the strong media presence of the product innovation right at the launch this year. With a powerful visual language, Schweppes Pomegranate becomes the highlight of the casual aperitif party that celebrates the transition from day to night - and whets the appetite for the new flavour experience.

The Pomegranate campaign will be played out on TV from the beginning of June and extended to digital channels and social media at the same time. The associated signature drink "Martini Pomegranate" will also be integrated as a tag-on for the newcomer variety and communicated via high-reach platforms. The variety campaign will be accompanied by a joint digital moving image initiative with cooperation partner Martini, which will show the non-alcoholic mix variant with Martini Floreale alongside Martini Pomegranate.

Overall, the No. 1 aperitif filler is targeting more than 640 million gross media contacts with the broad campaign and media mix - and thus increasing the anticipation of fruity, light drinks.

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