Summer is turning green: the new SALITOS MOJITO is here

Discover the new SALITOS MOJITO now: The essence of Cuban joie de vivre, combined in a refreshing cocktail. It's green, it's fresh, it's legendary.

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The premium lifestyle brand SALITOS presents its latest creation: SALITOS MOJITO, a tribute to the timeless classic and one of the world's favourite cocktails. Inspired by the legendary Cuban cocktail art, the new addition combines tangy lime with refreshing mint and a fine rum flavour to create an incomparable taste.

For two decades, SALITOS has been setting new standards in the market with unique flavour creations. With a consistent range of bold and innovative flavours, the premium lifestyle brand once again proves its flair for what consumers really want with SALITOS MOJITO: authentic, fresh and unforgettable taste experiences.

Two decades, countless trends
"20 years at the cutting edge - that's SALITOS. We have shaped the flavours of generations and with SALITOS MOJITO we are opening another chapter," says Theresa Steltenkamp, Brand Manager at SALITOS. "Our flair for not only recognising trends, but also decisively shaping them, has led us to the forefront of the industry. This talent for trendsetting is also evident in our latest creation."

SALITOS MOJITO - Kickstart for the summer
Inspired by one of the world's favourite cocktails, SALITOS MOJITO brings the typical freshness and unmistakable character of the classic mojito into a new form. "With SALITOS MOJITO, we deliver the ultimate freshness kick - a harmonious composition of tangy lime, fresh mint and a fine rum flavour that is perfect for the unforgettable moments of summer. An absolutely authentic flavour that awakens memories and creates new ones," explains Theresa Steltenkamp.

The launch of SALITOS MOJITO will be accompanied by a comprehensive marketing campaign that combines the best of both worlds: proven club promotions and innovative social media activities. "Following the great success of our SALITOS BLUE and SALITOS PINK varieties, SALITOS MOJITO will continue our success story. In doing so, we are relying on collaboration with social media heavyweights who share our enthusiasm and spread the SALITOS spirit," adds Theresa Steltenkamp.

Cuban joie de vivre with every sip
With the launch of SALITOS MOJITO, SALITOS once again confirms its commitment to offering consumers not only unique products, but also genuine flavour experiences. The brand invites you to enjoy the summer to the full - with a drink in your hand that promises pure joie de vivre with every sip.

Available now
SALITOS MOJITO (5.0% vol.) in the tried-and-tested 0.33-litre bottle is available now in selected bars, clubs and retail stores.

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