true fruits makes Fisherman's Friend liquid again

The basic idea behind Fisherman's Friend was to provide sailors with a remedy for scratchy necks on the high seas. In the beginning, a liquid mixture of licorice, eucalyptus and menthol was filled into small glass bottles. But glass was somehow rather impractical on rough seas. The solution: the miracle cure in pastille form. And for all nostalgia fans and those who don't necessarily set sail every day, true fruits has made the pastilles liquid again.

true fruits makes Fisherman's Friend liquid again
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Smells like a night out
The flag from the day before, the kebab from noon and the cigarette afterwards: Everyone knows what it's like, but no one talks about it. What no one knows yet: the new miracle weapon against sourness, the true fruits shot "Fisherman's Fruits". In official cooperation with the pastilles from daddy's jacket pocket, the 99 ml shot is now being used.
The unusual combination of coconut water, grape, banana, pear, birch sugar, spirulina, mint oil, and menthol produces
a shot that resembles the refreshing coldness of pastilles. Fresh breeze guaranteed!

Where does morning sickness come from?
Saliva has a repellent and cleansing effect. At night, the body shuts down saliva production. This leads to dry mouth, which in turn causes bad breath. This is why many people have bad breath in the morning. Incidentally, the mouth dries out even more in snorers.

Delivery: September 22, 2022
Where: Germany / Austria / Switzerland
Price: 2,49€ RRP

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