Ukraine: Ukrainian farms harvest 9.9 mln tonnes of barley to-date

Ukrainian farms have harvested 79.7 million tonnes of grain from 95.3% of the sowing area, with an average yield of 5.25 tonnes per hectare, the Ministry of Agriculture said on November 26.

Ukrainian farms harvest 9.9 mln tonnes of barley to-date
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The volume includes 32.4 million tons of wheat, 9.9 million tons of barley, 35 million tons of corn and small volumes of other grains, the ministry said, noting that the remaining 12.5% has yet to be harvested. of the corn area.

Favorable weather could help Ukraine harvest a record 80.3 million tonnes of grain this year, up from 65 million tonnes in 2020, the ministry said, adding that grain exports could jump to 61.5 million. tons in the 2021/22 season -which runs from July to June-, from 44.7 million in the previous season.

The volume could include 24.5 million tons of wheat, 30.9 million tons of corn and 5.2 million tons of barley.

Last season, Ukraine exported 23.1 million tons of corn, 16.6 million tons of wheat and 4.2 million tons of barley.

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