USA, WI: Cocoon Brewery breaks ground in Ledgeview

A new brewery broke ground in Ledgeview on Friday, May 13, Fox 11 reported.
Cocoon Brewery is going up on Kaftan Way off of County Road G.

E-malt: Cocoon Brewery breaks ground in Ledgeview
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The 6,000 square-foot brewery will feature a tap room, beer garden and a food menu. It will also uniquely feature miniature cabins on the roughly four-acre property. The cabins, affectionately called cocoons, will be available for small groups to rent out for a more private experience.

The brewery is owned by twin brothers who used to collect butterflies growing up in Antigo.

One of the brothers, Matt Walters, says he was a home brewer for about five years and a craft beer enthusiast for much longer.

“Our goal with this space is really be an anchor in the community and have a large outdoor spot where people can congregate when the weather is nice or when it’s cold out too. We’re planning to still make it a festive atmosphere throughout the seasons," said Matt Walters.

The brewery is expected to open in the fall.

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