Vetropack Italia: construction of new sustainable production site kicks off

Recently, Vetropack Italia S.r.l., a company that manufactures, sells and distributes glass packaging in Italy and in selected export markets, is celebrating the foundations dedicated to the presentation of the new glassworks, which will be built in Boffalora sopra Ticino (MI).

Vetropack Italia: construction of new sustainable production site kicks off
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Vetropack Italia S.r.l. is part of the Vetropack Group, an independent, listed and family-owned company with headquarters in Switzerland and about 4.000 employees.

In a context where ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) matters are becoming increasingly relevant, the company is renewing its commitment to integrate sustainability throughout the production chain. Circular economy, social and environmental sustainability are at the heart of Vetropack Group's sustainability strategy. The construction of the new production site is in fact the result of Vetropack Italia's desire to innovate through a structure that complies with its own sustainability objectives outlined in the Group's Strategy 2030, which falls within the European Union's development plans aimed at increasing the percentage of recycled glass, a secondary raw material, used in production.

With this in mind, the company has selected the industrial site of Boffalora sopra Ticino, located at a strategic junction of the area's road network, which will allow the recovery of a partially used, but not yet abandoned, area. This unique project is part of the plan to improve the efficiency and quality of production processes and will enable the company to meet the ever-increasing demand for its products and respond to the increasingly stringent requirements of its customers.

Johann Reiter, CEO of Vetropack Holding, said: "The construction of our new production site for Vetropack represents a further step in a market that we have always considered very strategic, where we intend to further consolidate our presence. The new industrial plant meets the main innovations and sustainability specifications and will be the flagship of our production sites, allowing us to achieve production efficiency and sustainability in line with our 2030 Strategy."

Sergio Antoci, General Manager of Vetropack Italia, added: "Sustainable development is both a local and a global challenge, for a quality economic recovery, health, safety and social cohesion. After a long search, we selected the land in Boffalora sopra Ticino because it meets our needs on several levels: it is in fact an industrial site strategically located at an important transport hub, which will lead to improved logistics and ensure the preservation of jobs in the region and the recovery of an industrial site, which fully embraces the Regional Directive governing land consumption."

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