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    21.09.2018  New CEO and CFO at REHAU
    Company news   The Supervisory Board of the global REHAU Group announces that William Christensen (photo) was appointed the new CEO of REHAU. Christensen was previously the Chief Marketing Officer and is replacing Rainer Schulz, who has run the company since 2010. “We are very pleased that William Christensen with his international management ... ()
    20.09.2018  Vetropack – first half of 2018: record net sales and improved margins
    Company news   In the first half of the year under review, Vetropack Group exceeded what was already a high level of net sales from the previous year by 12.8%. They amounted to CHF 350.0 million, another new record. The operating margin improved from 9.8% in the previous year to 11.6%. Consolidated net sales from goods and services rose by 12.8% to CHF ... ()
    19.09.2018  Britvic welcomes local MP to redeveloped Rugby site following multi-million pound investment
    Company news   Leading soft drinks company Britvic at the end of August welcomed Mark Pawsey, MP for Rugby and Bulkington, to its site in Rugby to find out more about the company’s investment in the site and for a behind the scenes tour of its redeveloped facility. Britvic is investing more than £100milllion in the Rugby site as part of a ... ()
    18.09.2018  Precise pressure monitoring in systems and piping
    Company news   GEMÜ's new 3140 series pressure gauges facilitate precision measuring across a wider range of pressures and temperatures. With these latest additions to their product portfolio, Ingelfingen-based valve specialists GEMÜ are modernising their range of measurement systems. As part of this update to their range of pressure measurement ... ()
    18.09.2018  Probably the world’s smallest gas detectors
    Company news   The MC2 (analog sensor with up to 15 m cable length) from MSR-Electronic can be mounted even in the smallest devices due to its reduced size. In addition to the electrochemical sensor element with measuring amplifier, a module with microcontroller, analog output and power supply is integrated in the sensor unit. The microcontroller ... ()
    17.09.2018  UNITED CAPS and Braskem Embrace Bio-sourced Plastics for GREENER Closures
    Company news   Made from sugar cane, bio-sourced plastics offer a new level of sustainability UNITED CAPS, an international manufacturer of caps and closures, and Braskem, a leading Brazilian petrochemical company, today reported they have collaborated to deliver to the market GREENER bio-sourced plastic caps and closures made from sugar cane as an ... ()
    17.09.2018  The Czech Republic: Leading breweries announce price hikes
      Czechs will soon have to fork out more for the nation’s most popular alcoholic beverage. Large breweries have announces a rise in beer prices as of October and others are waiting for the price of hops and malt to stabilize before making a similar announcement, Radio Prague reported on September 11. Plzeňský Prazdroj brewery has ... ()
    17.09.2018  Belgium: Lambic beers under threat due to climate change
      Belgian beer styles are a hit with consumers around the world, but environmental scientists in Brussels claim that climate change could make the sour serve extinct, putting artisan brewers out of business, The Drinks Business reported on September 11. Climate change scientists working on beer research site have said that rising ... ()
    17.09.2018  USA: Craft beer production growth flattens
      The heady days of the craft beer industry have given way to slower growth as small and independent brewers face stiffer competition on the retail shelf, especially from the “Big Beer” sector, the Press Democrat reported on September 6. The news at the fourth annual California Craft Beer Summit in Sacramento on September 6 wasn’t all that ... ()
    17.09.2018  USA: Constellation Brands banking on popularity of Mexican beer
      Cravings for Mexican beer continue to grow at a fast pace in the U.S., while the taste for domestic beers lags. Sales of imports increased 8.4% last year, driven by Mexican beers, which represented about 70% of sales of imported beer, according to data from IRI Worldwide. Nine Mexican beer brands ranked in the U.S. Top 54 by sales, the Motley Fool ... ()

    Buyers' Guide:
    Matières premières   48 Produits   1039  Entreprises  
      Malt   16 Produits   221  Entreprises  
      Matières prem. pour la fabrication de la bière et malt   19 Produits   263  Entreprises  
      Matières prem. pour la fabrication de la boissons non alc.   13 Produits   696  Entreprises  
    Machines et installations   201 Produits   2450  Entreprises  
      Étiqueteuses, machines de finition, matériel informatique   10 Produits   344  Entreprises  
      Filtration et techniques de séparation   26 Produits   422  Entreprises  
      Installations d'emballage et transport   26 Produits   783  Entreprises  
      Machines et install. pour la fabrication de boissons   48 Produits   580  Entreprises  
      Machines et install. pour les brasseries de restaurants   3 Produits   63  Entreprises  
      Machines et installations pour la fabrication du malt   17 Produits   137  Entreprises  
      Machines et installations, autres   27 Produits   843  Entreprises  
      Nettoyeuses et soutireuses   44 Produits   648  Entreprises  
    Équipement des entreprises et laboratoires   135 Produits   1780  Entreprises  
      Appareils et installations de mesure   32 Produits   471  Entreprises  
      Composants de commande et d'accouplement   2 Produits   80  Entreprises  
      Conteneurs, cuves et accessoires   32 Produits   465  Entreprises  
      Équipements de laboratoire   5 Produits   102  Entreprises  
      Install. de désinfection et de nettoyage, dispositifs CIP   5 Produits   180  Entreprises  
      Installations de régulation   14 Produits   337  Entreprises  
      Robinetterie et pompes   23 Produits   485  Entreprises  
      Systèmes de contrôle et de transformation   12 Produits   377  Entreprises  
      Techniques de mesure et de régulation, autres   10 Produits   199  Entreprises  
    Économie de l'énergie, mat. d'exploitation et emballages   120 Produits   2140  Entreprises  
      Économie d'énergie: alimentation et élimination   6 Produits   203  Entreprises  
      Install. pour la protection de l'environnement   23 Produits   193  Entreprises  
      Matériel de transformation et produits auxilliaires   21 Produits   358  Entreprises  
      Moyens de finition, étiquettes et emballages   53 Produits   1063  Entreprises  
      Récipients et emballages pour boissons   17 Produits   556  Entreprises  
    Équipements pour la gastronomie   35 Produits   629  Entreprises  
      Débits des boissons et distributeurs automatiques   14 Produits   326  Entreprises  
      Mobilier et accessoires pour la gastronomie   15 Produits   314  Entreprises  
      Tentes et accessoires   6 Produits   87  Entreprises  
    Véhicules de transport et de vente   14 Produits   218  Entreprises  
      Véhicules de débit et de vente de boissons   2 Produits   36  Entreprises  
      Véhicules de transport et systèmes de transport   12 Produits   205  Entreprises  
    Organisation et publicité   32 Produits   1052  Entreprises  
      Moyens et articles de publicité   9 Produits   326  Entreprises  
      Organisation logistique et conseils informatiques   23 Produits   733  Entreprises  
    Revues professionelles, fédérations, institutions   2 Produits   478  Entreprises  
      Fédérations et institutions   1 Produits   381  Entreprises  
      Revues et annuaires professionels   1 Produits   97  Entreprises  

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