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    30.03.2017  Redd's Apple Ale announces new flavor lineup for 2017
    Company news   Redd's grows the family with two year-round flavor additions and two "limited pick" beers Redd’s Apple Ale adds more variety to its refreshing beer lineup by introducing new flavors and bringing back fan favorites. Redd’s Blueberry Ale (photo) returns by popular demand to the Redd’s family, joining the new Redd’s Raspberry Ale. Each ... ()
    29.03.2017  Save up to 60% time and 70% water with this new powerful tank cleaning machine
    Company news   Fast and cost effective cleaning Saving time and water are some of the KPIs which have the most attention in the hygienic industries. The new Alfa Laval TJ40G rotary tank cleaning machine uses a high-impact jet stream to effectively clean tough tank residues and minimize the risk of product contamination. This four-nozzle rotary jet head ... ()
    29.03.2017  Beviale Family planning offspring in Brazil
    Company news   -Contract signed: Beviale Family and Secretaria de Turismo de Blumenau/Parque Vila Germanica (PVG) conclude cooperation -International expertise in the beverage sector further confirmed At the beginning of March 2017, within the framework of the Feira Brasileira da Cerveja in Blumenau, the future cooperation between NürnbergMesse GmbH and the ... ()
    29.03.2017  UK: Britain's largest supermarket scraps more than half of Heineken range in response to ...
      ... brewer’s plan to hike prices Tesco has scrapped more than half of its Heineken beer and cider range, after the brewing giant unveiled plans to hike prices in response to the pound's decline following the Brexit vote, the International Business Times reported on March 22. According to the Times, Britain's largest supermarket has ... ()
    29.03.2017  Russia: Baltika Breweries expands capacity for production of non-alcoholic beer
      Russia-based Baltika Breweries, part of the Carlsberg Group, has expanded its capacity for production of non-alcoholic beer, the Drinks Business Review reported on March 16. The company increased the number of sites where innovative non-alcoholic brewery equipment is installed. Baltika-Samara brewery became the fourth brewery where ... ()
    29.03.2017  The Czech Republic: Budvar reports record beer output in 2016
      Production of Budvar beer, which has been embroiled in a lengthy legal dispute with U.S. giant Anheuser-Busch over the use of the "Budweiser" brand, reached a record in 2016, ABC News reported on March 17. Budejovicky Budvar NP, a Czech state-owned brewery, said its output rose 0.8 percent to 1.615 million hectolitres (42.66 ... ()
    28.03.2017  Rising Number of Microbrewers Propelling the Growth in Global Demand for Specialty Malts
    Company news   In parallel with the rise in global consumption of alcoholic beverages, local entrepreneurs from all corners of the world have begun treading the waters of brewing businesses. A considerable rise in the number of microbreweries being set up across the globe is stimulating the growth in consumption of specialty malts – a key ingredient for making ... ()
    27.03.2017  Constantia Flexibles Partners with Coca-Cola for Launch of New ROYAL BLISS Product Line
    Company news   Coca-Cola Spain surprised top restauranteurs and bar owners with a presentation of Royal Bliss, a new product line exclusively for the HORECA industry. The 8-flavor line of premium mixers launched Feb 1, 2017. This is Coca-Cola’s first new local brand in Spain in 10 years and is backed by a 22 million Euro investment. Currently only ... ()
    24.03.2017  Henry's Hard Grape is Here - Henry's Hard Soda Welcomes 4th Flavor to the Family
    Company news   Henry’s Hard Soda gives fans the flavor they’ve been craving, Henry’s Hard Grape Soda. People have been asking for it, and now they can finally enjoy their favorite flavor with an adult kick. Hard Grape can be picked up along with the rest of the Henry’s family: Hard Ginger Ale, Hard Orange and Hard Cherry Cola. Henry’s Hard Grape ... ()
    23.03.2017  Ball Intends to Cease Production at its Beverage Packaging Facilities in Recklinghausen, Germany
    Company news   Ball Corporation announced that it intends to cease production at the company’s Recklinghausen, Germany, facilities at the end of July 2017 and only after due negotiation and agreement with the Works Council. Customers currently supported by the Recklinghausen beverage container and end plants will be supplied by other Ball ... ()

    Buyers' Guide:
    Raw materials   48 Produtos   1042  Companhias  
      Malts   16 Produtos   225  Companhias  
      Raw materials for malt and beer production   19 Produtos   262  Companhias  
      Raw materials for non-alcoholic beverages production   13 Produtos   697  Companhias  
    Machines and installations   201 Produtos   2382  Companhias  
      Beverage production machines and installation   48 Produtos   567  Companhias  
      Filling and cleaning equipment   44 Produtos   619  Companhias  
      Filtration and separation   26 Produtos   417  Companhias  
      Labelling and finishing mach., recording equipment, hardware   10 Produtos   333  Companhias  
      Machines and installations, misc.   27 Produtos   819  Companhias  
      Malt production machines and installations   17 Produtos   138  Companhias  
      Packing and transportation systems   26 Produtos   744  Companhias  
      Pub breweries machines and installations   3 Produtos   64  Companhias  
    Operating and laboratory equipment   135 Produtos   1728  Companhias  
      Containers, tanks and accessories   32 Produtos   459  Companhias  
      Control and processing systems   12 Produtos   361  Companhias  
      Disinfection and cleaning equipment, CIP systems   5 Produtos   178  Companhias  
      Drive components, drives, couplings   2 Produtos   76  Companhias  
      Fittings and pumps   23 Produtos   478  Companhias  
      Laboratory equipment   5 Produtos   79  Companhias  
      Measurement and control technology, misc.   10 Produtos   193  Companhias  
      Measuring equipment   32 Produtos   448  Companhias  
      Regulation systems   14 Produtos   333  Companhias  
    Energy management, working and packaging materials   119 Produtos   2119  Companhias  
      Beverage containers and packages   17 Produtos   548  Companhias  
      Energy management: supply and disposal   6 Produtos   201  Companhias  
      Environmental protection, recycling and industrial safety   23 Produtos   196  Companhias  
      Labelling, packing materials and aids   53 Produtos   1049  Companhias  
      Process materials   20 Produtos   355  Companhias  
    Catering equipment   35 Produtos   637  Companhias  
      Catering furniture and accecories   15 Produtos   323  Companhias  
      Dispensing systems and vending machines   14 Produtos   327  Companhias  
      Tents and accessories   6 Produtos   87  Companhias  
    Transport and sales vehicles   14 Produtos   217  Companhias  
      Dispensing and sales vehicles   2 Produtos   36  Companhias  
      Transport vehicles and equipment   12 Produtos   204  Companhias  
    Organization and advertising   32 Produtos   1039  Companhias  
      Advertising media and promotional articles   9 Produtos   332  Companhias  
      Organization, logistics, EDP and consulting services   23 Produtos   715  Companhias  
    Trade press, associations, institutes, institutions   2 Produtos   476  Companhias  
      Associations, institutes, institutions   1 Produtos   378  Companhias  
      Trade journals   1 Produtos   98  Companhias  

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