ABB launches new process automation solution for cold block stage of beer production to drive optimization and efficiency improvements

  • Brewery-specific ABB AbilityTM BeerMaker for cold block intelligent process automation control solution will support safety and quality improvements, boost productivity, and raise operational efficiency
  • Connectivity of entire brewing process will enable sustainable water and energy usage and drive effective digitalization in breweries
  • Brewing teams will be empowered to take better decisions at the right time using modern interfaces and intuitive insights
Ability™ BeerMaker
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Following the introduction of its ABB AbilityTM BeerMaker intelligent process automation control solution for hot block, ABB has launched its technology solution for the cold block stage of the brewing process to further support breweries in their operational efficiency and in the adoption of digital solutions. ABB’s expert brewmaster developed the solution with a broader team of domain experts.

The cold block stage of the brewing process involves fermentation and maturation, yeast management, filtration, bright beer tanks (BBT) area, cleaning in place (CIP), and all secondary processes. These are the stages at which variations in recipe and flavor can be managed and introduced, which is particularly important to brewers. ABB uses modular automation, digital capabilities, simulation technology, and advanced process control (APC) to ensure the solution will support customers’ current challenges and future developments.

It will benefit customers who require a solution to improve and optimize their processes, reduce their energy and water consumption, and increase productivity. The solution is based on the ABB AbilityTM System 800xA® distributed control system (DCS).

With its primary focus on breweries, ABB AbilityTM BeerMaker provides users with a technological package of ready-made and tested master recipes, processes, templates, and objects that can be easily adapted to their needs by using a variety of configuration/recipe parameters and control schemes. Brewmasters receive a powerful production tool that imposes no limits on their production schedules or creativity.

“We know that quality and consistency are among the most important factors for brewmasters,” said Gernut van Laak, Global Food and Beverage Solution Manager at ABB. “Given the growing scale of the beer industry in Europe and worldwide, driving efficiencies across the beermaking operation is a greater priority than ever. Therefore, finding innovative ways to do this while also operating more sustainably and reducing downtime is vital.

“Breweries will continue to require the support of technologists to improve their processes. We’re pleased that our automated solution with digital capabilities built-in for both digital twin (testing of recipes) and advanced process control (APC) will enable better beer production.”

The cold block functionality of BeerMaker is available from January 2024. It will prove to be pivotal in supporting creative and specialist beermaking as well as established brewing processes.

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