First gin in the portfolio: Brown-Forman Germany launches Fords Gin

Fords Gin, which has won multiple awards in the U.S. and has been continuously listed among the top 10 in Drinks International's 50 Best Bars since 2013, will be making its debut in Germany in February 2021. A must-have for every well-stocked bar. Because the gin created by bar expert and namesake Simon Ford over three years is a premium-class all-rounder with its unique flavor profile and explicitly developed for bartenders: The interplay of nine botanicals fits perfectly into any classic gin drink, whether long drink or cocktail. Many other useful properties of Ford's gin are specifically tailored to the needs of experts behind the bar. 

Fords Gin
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"Despite the gastronomy lockdown, we have decided to launch our new gin as planned. We sincerely wish our partners in the gastronomy industry that they will soon be able to welcome guests again. For restaurateurs who are interested in getting to know and trying our Fords Gin during these times of emergency, our sales force, together with our brand ambassadors, is offering talks and master classes, either in person or virtually, depending on the situation," Tanja Steffen, marketing director Brown-Forman Germany and Czech Republic, refers to the current situation.

"Three years of passionate experimentation with 83 different botanicals, valuable feedback from the world's best bartenders and ultimately the support of renowned 10th generation London spirits distiller, Charles Maxwell, have produced this gin, perfectly balanced in the final recipe with nine botanicals, which focuses on the essentials," Simon Ford, now Global Brand Director for Ford's Gin at Brown-Forman, summarizes the development to market launch. The first bottles were launched in the USA in 2012. Since then, the recipe, which consists of 49.5 percent juniper and also contains citrus peel from lemon, bitter orange and grapefruit as further botanicals, has been convincing.

Simon Ford makes no secret of the composition of the ingredients, which has been perfected over many years. Because transparency is one of the criteria that have the greatest relevance for him. This begins with the identification of all ingredients on the label with their respective country of origin as well as detailed information on the production process. The names of Master Distiller Charles Maxwell and the distillery he runs in the 10th generation, Thames Distillers Ltd. of London, the still manufacturer John Dore, and the botanical supplier Joseph Flach & Sons are also stamped on the bottle label. Ford's gin contains only natural botanicals and is free of flavors or colorants; all quality characteristics of a London Dry Gin, to which the newcomer in the Brown-Forman portfolio also belongs. The corresponding note can also be found on the bottle label. "In addition, we have developed the bottle especially for bartenders: For example, for a better feel with a recessed grip in the middle of the bottle's belly, an extra-long bottle neck, as well as a scale for reading the fill quantity on the bottle glass," Simon Ford lists the many charming details.

In 2019, Brown-Forman Corporation added the brand to its portfolio and has since been driving global distribution together with Simon Ford. Germany, where the category has been developing disproportionately for years, is among the first expansion markets. Ford's gin has been available nationwide in selected beverage wholesalers and on Amazon in the 0.7 l bottle (45% vol.) at a price of 27.99 euros (RRP) since February 2021.

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