Extra portion of refreshment: Gerolsteiner Light Lemonade

Three strong varieties, low in calories and with less sugar, whet the appetite for lemonade

Extra portion of refreshment: Gerolsteiner Light Lemonade
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Gerolsteiner, the market leader among branded mineral waters in Germany and one of the leading suppliers of non-alcoholic refreshments, is giving new impetus to soft drinks with new products. One focus is on attractive low-calorie refreshments that contain significantly less sugar than classic soft drinks and have an intense fruit flavor. The Gerolsteiner Leichte Schorle product line kicked off at the beginning of the year. Now, starting in July, Gerolsteiner is also expanding its portfolio in the popular lemonade segment with the Gerolsteiner Leichte Limo range. According to Nielsen, lemonades grew more strongly than the overall market for non-alcoholic beverages in 2020. As the GfK Household Panel shows, 2/3 of shoppers reach for sodas, with brand customers in particular feeling above average.

Each of the three varieties of Gerolsteiner Light Lemonade combines ingredients that make shoppers want to try it out: Lemon-Ginger offers a light spiciness, Citrus-Mint promises tangy refreshment, and Orange-Passion Fruit stands for exotic fruit enjoyment. 40 percent less sugar than standard brand-name lemonades and slightly carbonated Gerolsteiner mineral water provide an extra dose of refreshment. Depending on the variety, the light soda offers 6 percent to 12 percent fruit. The sugar content is 4.7 g per 100 ml. With 20 kcal/100 ml, the new light sodas are low in calories. Like all Gerolsteiner products, the sodas are vegan.

The container is the Gerolsteiner 0.75-liter non-refillable PET bottle - also ideal for consumption on the go. The recycled PET content of Gerolsteiner bottles will be increased from 50 percent to 75 percent in 2021. At the POS, attractive mixed displays invite customers to make trial purchases. 

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