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SCHÄFER Container Systems hosts brewing prospects  (Company news)

Positive feedback for Education Day from KEG manufacturer and students

Both SCHÄFER Container Systems and the participants attending gave a positive assessment of the first Education Day, held on October 15th. The manufacturer of high-quality stainless steel container systems had invited around 30 graduates and students of brewing and beverage technology from the technical universities of Munich and Berlin, as well as the Geisenheim University of Applied Sciences.

"The Education Day proved a great benefit, as it provided valuable practical knowledge and hands-on experience from the viewpoint of a market leader in KEG production, without turning into a sales event. Being able to exchange ideas with external experts in a pleasant atmosphere was also very productive. Giving our students a look behind the scenes helps them gain close contact to the industry at an early stage and a wider perspective on the brewing industry itself. SCHÄFER Container Systems have organised a very successful event", said Christian Klahm, qualified master brewer at the TU Berlin's research brewery and malting plant and training instructor for the brewing and malting trade.

In addition to an exhibition about the SCHÄFER WERKE Group, which SCHÄFER Container Systems is part of, the agenda included a tour of the KEG production, presentations and lectures covering the company's 41-year history and subjects like sustainability and quality management. The event also provided an outlook on current beverage market trends and future-oriented re-usable packaging. The aim was to provide the young people in the brewing and beverage industries with first-hand information and to promote strong links between research and education on the one hand and production and the market on the other. To conclude the event, there was a beer tasting session for both the current experts and those hoping to join them in the near future.

"For students of the beverage and brewing industries, considerable attention is focussed in particular on subjects like sustainability for both social and ecological reasons. As KEG manufacturers, we are trying to make our professional and economic contribution, by consciously looking to make contact with the educational institutions as early as possible. We are glad to provide an insight into our fields of expertise and this also helps us gain valuable impulses with regard to the expectations of the young people coming into the industry", says Guido Klinkhammer, Sales Director at SCHÄFER Container Systems.
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SCHÄFER Container Systems at BrauBeviale 2019  (Company news)

KEGs, beer tasting and competitions

This year, too, SCHÄFER Container Systems will be attending the BrauBeviale in Nuremberg. From the 12th to 14th November, the manufacturer and supplier of reusable container systems (KEGs) and stainless steel IBCs will be presenting its full range of products and services at its 182 m2 exhibition stand (no. 107 in hall 4). As a highlight, visitors will have the chance to win KEGs in their national colours in the SCHÄFER prize draw.

One of SCHÄFER’s classic exhibits is the ECO KEG, consisting of a stainless steel liner with robust top and bottom rings of polypropylene (PP). Its low weight makes this KEG a popular choice for beer, wine, soft drinks and water. The iF award-winning design is sounded off by a variety of branding possibilities. An equally popular exhibit is the PLUS KEG, whose stainless steel liner is bonded to a robust PU foam coating in an elaborate procedure. This has the benefit of significantly reducing the KEG’s noise level, as well as providing a shock absorber effect.

This year, the company will once again be offering both customers and exhibition visitors a special attraction: by handing in their competition ticket, they have the chance to win a KEG decorated in their own national colours. The ticket is being sent by post along with the trade fair invitation prior to the event and can be handed in at the SCHÄFER stand. Tickets can also be obtained at the stand itself and the draw for the prizes will take place on the final day of the fair.

“As an innovator and manufacturer, the trade fair slogan of securing the future viability of the beverages industry is something we can wholeheartedly support. For 40 years, we have been dealing with the most sustainable type of beverage packaging there is, improving and developing it constantly and offering our customers countless KEG-related benefits. The fact that our low-resource reusable KEGs are fully in line with the increasing attention that’s being paid to environmental protection is reflected in the very positive atmosphere at our stand. And as always, we’ll be supported by beer sommelier world champion Karl Schiffner, who’ll this time be presenting beer specialities from America, so there’ll be no shortage of flavours to enjoy”, says Guido Klinkhammer, Business Unit Sales Director at SCHÄFER Container Systems.
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ECO KEGs for overseas   (Company news)

SCHÄFER Container Systems at the Craft Brewers Conference

From April 8th to 11th, SCHÄFER Container Systems is once again taking part in the Craft Brewers Conference (CBC), which is being hosted this year in Denver, Colorado. This time, the focus is on the ECO KEG, which has really proved itself internationally, and not just because of its reduced weight. At stand 9039 in the Colorado Convention Center, visitors will also be able to catch more than just a passing glimpse of all the other KEG types in the varied SCHÄFER portfolio.

The reduction of material used has made the ECO KEG, with its volume range of five to 58 litres, up to 36 % lighter. Its coloured top and bottom rings are made of polypropylene (PP) and, with their shock absorber effect, prevent impact damage to the KEG, while at the same time offering significant new branding potential. ECO KEG not only gave birth to a new product family, but also created an impressive logistics benefit: the top and bottom rings enable much safer stacking and the weight reduction means about a 6 % increase in the volume of full KEGs that can be loaded into a standard 40-foot container.

“The over 800 exhibitors and 13,000 visitors make the Craft Brewers Conference the industry’s biggest event in the USA. This exhibition, with its subsequent conference and events, is the only one serving both the brewing as well as the packaging industry. With our large portfolio of ECO KEGs, SUDEX stainless steel KEGs, PLUS KEGs and SOFTDRINK KEGs, as well as our great range of accessories and KEG services, we have something for almost every visitor”, says Guido Klinkhammer, Business Unit Sales Director at SCHÄFER Container Systems.
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40 years of KEG solutions  (Company news)

SCHÄFER Container Systems presents it portfolio at the BrauBeviale

When this year’s BrauBeviale opens its doors in Nuremberg, SCHÄFER Container Systems will once again be presenting its KEG range. This time, however, from 13th to 15th November on stand 4-107 in hall 4, the slogan “More KEG, more Diversity” will have to share the limelight with the fact that the manufacturers of reusable container systems (KEGs) for beverages are celebrating their 40-year anniversary.

To mark its 40-year anniversary, the company has also given customers something to celebrate by launching a competition to find the oldest SCHÄFER KEG. The winner will be presented at the fair and in the jubilee blog. At recent trade fairs, SCHÄFER Container Systems and beer sommelier world champion Karl Schiffner have proved a very successful combination. This is set to continue this year with Mr. Schiffner treating visitors to beer specialities from France.

“Over these 40 years, we’ve experienced great successes and, in some cases, have been directly involved in them. Some are our own stories, such as the development of the PLUS KEG in 1978, which was the first KEG with a stainless steel liner and a PU coating, right up to the production of our 25 millionth KEG in 2018. Some of these are also our customers’ and partners’ achievements, like the hotel room dispensing systems or delivering KEGs to mountain chalets by helicopter. Also, the fact that after 40 years, our KEG solutions are being supplied to 60 different countries is something we can be pleased about and reflects the international reach of this trade fair’s over 1,000 exhibitors and 40,000 visitors,” says Guido Klinkhammer, Business Unit Sales Director at SCHÄFER Container Systems.
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More KEGs, less effort  (Company news)

SCHÄFER Container Systems: the newly commissioned ECO KEG production line improves production and cuts staff workload

As of now, a new production line for ECO KEGs will enable SCHÄFER Container Systems to deal with demand peaks more efficiently. The manufacturer of KEGs has now doubled its production capacity. At the same time, new staff are being taken on to guarantee the necessary three-shift operation and the resulting capacity expansion.

With increased automation and its more modern, faster laser technology, the new line will raise capacity significantly. A second robot applies the signature, doubling the output volume. A newly commissioned electronic torque-controlled screwdriver unit further improves quality when screwing the fittings into place.

At the same time, the new production line relieves the workload burden on employees. Operation is more ergonomic, as the KEGs are integrated into the fully automated production flow and automatically positioned on the work surface. A new brushing machine, also fully automatic, now takes over the previously semi-automatic process. The electronically controlled screwdriver unit is also very quiet and so considerably reduces the noise level.

“Our new ECO KEG production line is also an investment in this location. For the next stage in 2019, we are planning to modernise the semi-automatic packaging machine. This will enable us to do the packaging directly at the end of the production process and avoid internal transportation across the extensive production areas,” says Guido Klinkhammer, Business Unit Sales Director at SCHÄFER Container Systems.
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Will EU plastic ban have any effect on Kegs?  (Company news)

Demand for stainless steel KEGs set to increase further

Worldwide demand for stainless steel KEGs will continue to rise in the short and medium term. That’s the view of Guido Klinkhammer, Business Unit Sales Director at SCHÄFER Container Systems, and he is not only referring to the order books in his own company. The expert sees the ban on one-way plastic products currently being debated by the EU as one additional reason. Mainly responsible, however, is the general trend towards sustainability and the increasing variety of beers for which stainless steel KEGs, both large and small are much better suited.

“Though PET KEGs do have their benefits, their use will be considerably reduced over the coming years”, says Klinkhammer. Reusable KEGs offer breweries greater options regarding volumes and branding potential and those made of stainless steel don‘t influence the flavour of the beer they contain. This is a complete contrast to plastic, from which substances can generally leach into the environment and have quite harmful effects.

On top of this, stainless steel KEGs are much more ecological and economical. They can be used for up to 30 years and their average of 4 cycles per year significantly cuts down CO² emissions, compared with those generated by the production of new one-way containers. At the same time, they are 100 % recyclable. This means that, taking the scrap value and multiple usage into account, the cost proportion of a 30 litre stainless steel KEG for each dispensed beer, for instance, is around one twentieth of that of a plastic KEG, despite the initially greater outlay.

Klinkhammer: “Fortunately, the trend towards sustainability is becoming increasingly prevalent in the beverages industry. This is a very desirable and ethically very sensible change of attitude to our overall situation, because single-use products are an enormous burden on the environment. This also applies to one-way Kegs, so the ban on one-way plastic products that the EU is now planning may not only affect coffee beakers and plastic forks. Ultimately, it is also the higher quality and reliability of stainless steel KEGs that contributes to demand for them. For example, containers up to 50 litres have to withstand at least 60 bar pressure without bursting to conform to DIN 6647-1. That’s why, right from the outset, many KEGs are fitted with a safety bursting point that opens at 50 bar and releases excess pressure without any risk. There is no such regulation for one-way containers made of plastic.”
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Proven a million times over! SCHÄFER Container Systems has now produced over 25 million KEGs  (Company news)

SCHÄFER Container Systems, the manufacturer of beverage container systems (KEGs) and stainless steel IBCs and special containers, has produced its 25 millionth KEG, consolidating its position as the sector’s leading innovators. The reason behind the high demand for these containers for beers, soft drinks, wines and non-carbonated beverages are the great diversity in the product range, brand-supporting advertising potential and individual KEG configuration, both in analogue form or digitally with an App.

Whatever you need, the large KEG family can provide the right solution: the PU (polyurethane) coated PLUS KEG, the classical stainless steel KEG, the lightweight ECO KEG with PP (polypropylene) top and bottom rings, the Party-KEG for tapping own draught beer, as well as the professional self-sufficient dispensing systems smartDRAFT and freshKEG. The volumes also vary, depending on the KEG, from 5 to 60 litres.

Also dependent on the type, coating and shape, the KEGs themselves can be flexibly designed to comply with individual customer wishes, thanks to countless branding possibilities. These include in-mould coating and in-mould labelling processes, coloured top and bottom rings, embossing or silk screening, laser printing or electrochemical signature. The KEG App - which enables users to customize SCHÄFER KEGS and order them in their own corporate design - provides a great insight into the optical and technical possibilities available, including the range of different fittings and other accessories.

“We are constantly working on new concepts. By doing so we aim not only to satisfy demand with our great product variety, but also, through a constant stream of fresh ideas, to illustrate just how diverse the entire sector is. So, we’ve launched our jubilee blog to provide creative space for users’ stories and contributions from people who know the sector from the inside. Also, this year, we’ve not only manufactured our 25 millionth KEG, we’ll be celebrating our 40th birthday as well,” says Guido Klinkhammer, Business Unit Sales Director at SCHÄFER Container Systems
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SCHÄFER Container Systems appoints Carsten Dirk Sauer as the new DACH sales director  (Company news)

From March 1st, Carsten Dirk Sauer will be in charge of SCHÄFER Container Systems’ sales for the so-called DACH region: Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The 55-year-old’s previous role at the SCHÄFER Werke division was Key Account Manager KEG International, where he successfully applied his expertise gained in the metal packaging industry, as well as in pharmaceutical packaging. Sauer is the successor of Uwe Herzog, who will be taking on a new role within the company.

“We are very pleased that in Carsten Dirk Sauer we have found a competent in-house solution to continue extending our strategic direction. Without any doubt, his work for Container Systems up to now and his previous business career qualify him for his new role as sales director for the DACH region“, says Business Unit Sales Director Guido Klinkhammer, the man with overall responsibility for KEG sales at SCHÄFER Container Systems. Prior to joining SCHÄFER, Sauer’s last position was Area Sales Manager at LC Packaging, where he oversaw the sale of FIBCs (big bags) in South Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
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40 years of SCHÄFER KEGs  (Company news)

SCHÄFER Container Systems celebrate their 40th birthday

Celebrations in the SCHÄFER Group: the PLUS KEG turns 40. Container Systems, a business division of SCHÄFER Werke, has been manufacturing this polyurethane (PU) coated reusable Keg since the unit was set up in 1978. The KEG’s special features have meanwhile made it one of the most popular containers for beers, soft drinks, wines and non-sparkling beverages. To mark the jubilee, SCHÄFER Container Systems will this year also be organising competitions and launching a blog all about subject of KEGs.

Before presentation of the first PLUS KEGs at the INTERBRAU 1978 in Munich, beer barrels were usually made of aluminium. Without today’s standard fitting systems, cleaning and filling these barrels wasn’t easy. So, SCHÄFER Werke then took on the task of developing the idea of Bavarian inventor Friedrich Feller into a marketable product in its newly created division, SCHÄFER Container Systems, and produced the cylindrical KEG with a liner of stainless steel.

One reason behind its popularity and worldwide use today lies in its beneficial branding features. The KEG’s PU coating can be produced in any colour at all and by using in-mould coating and in-mould labelling processes, a great variety of decor possibilities can be realised. Thanks to a shock-absorber effect provided by the PU, PLUS KEGs are more robust than steel KEGs, for example, and can be used in all sectors of the beverage industry. Fall tests from a height of over 1 metre at an angle of 45 ° prove that the PU-coating cushions the impact of the fall.

“This new generation of beverage container systems launched our success story. Other KEGs followed, including the stainless steel KEG, the ECO KEG, the Party-KEG, and even self-sufficient dispensing systems like freshKEG or smartDRAFT. 40 years later, our constant endeavour to provide new ideas, combined with our extensive KEG family, has gained us the reputation of being the beverage sector’s leading innovators. On top of this, we offer beverage bottlers the opportunity to configure their own KEGs on a KEG App. To celebrate our 40th anniversary, we will soon be launching a blog, organising various competitions for customers and young breweries and putting an appropriate focus on our jubilee at this year’s BrauBeviale”, says SCHÄFER Container Systems’ Business Unit Sales Director Guido Klinkhammer.
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SCHÄFER Container Systems at the very first Craft Beer Italy 2017  (Company news)

From 22 to 23 November, SCHÄFER Container Systems will be presenting its products and solutions regarding stainless steel reusable KEGs for craft brewers and independent breweries at the Craft Beer Italy fair in Milan’s Talent Garden Milano Calabiana. Visitors will find the manufacturer of reusable container systems (KEGs) for beverages, IBCs and special containers at stand B22 in the exhibition hall. This year, the Craft Beer Italy is being held for the very first time.

NürnbergMesse Italia along with their partners Doemens & VLB Berlin are the organisers of Craft Beer Italy, which was brought into being to create a B2B event for the craft beer scene, based on the BrauBeviale. The visitor profile covers traders, restaurant and hotel owners, craft brewers, home brewers, beer testers and, of course, beer lovers. So, naturally, in a so-called “Taste-IT Area”, a range of rare brews can be sampled and enjoyed.

“Italy has been more than just a wine drinking country for a long time now. In particular, the Italian demand for craft beers, the birra artigianale, has grown significantly. Our participation here is a clear signal for the importance of this market segment. At the fair, we will be demonstrating that our branded container systems support the spirit behind craft brewed beer, as well as the passion and love for higher product quality and individuality that goes with it. We are also consolidating the strategic expansion of our sales operations in Italy through our recent cooperation with a partner in the country itself”, says Guido Klinkhammer, Business Unit Sales Director at SCHÄFER Container Systems.
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Nothing to be desired  (Company news)

SCHÄFER Container Systems at the drinktec, with SSI Schäfer, new KEG sizes and an interactive zone

SCHÄFER Container Systems, the manufacturer of reusable beverage container systems (KEGs), IBCs and special containers will be presenting its complete portfolio for the beverage and liquid food industry at the drinktec from 11 to 15 September. The new DIN type ECO KEG is making its first appearance at a trade fair as a 50 l version. At SCHÄFER’s almost 300 m² stand no. 502 in hall A1, visitors and other interested participants are also invited to try out the new KEG App in an interactive zone and to enjoy a selection of Czech beers with beer sommelier Karl Schiffner. The range on show is completed by expertise from sister enterprise SSI Schäfer, a full-range supplier and manufacturer of components for logistics solutions, conveyor systems and logistics software.

This extensive product portfolio doesn’t only cover the large family of KEGs for beer, wine and soft drinks, but also the many useful and important additions and accessories that go with these well-known reusable container systems. For example, SCHÄFER Container Systems will be presenting conceptual solutions for the increasingly important transponder technology. In addition, the company has set up an interactive zone at its stand, where people can test the new KEG App. The settings entered on the tablet are to be shown live on the big screen erected behind it, to provide visitors with much clearer visualization of the design and customization potential of SCHÄFER’s enormous KEG variety.

“For us, a world leading trade fair like the drinktec, is one of the highlights of 2017. We are really looking forward to being able to have the expertise and portfolio of SSI SCHÄFER as part of our exhibition this year. With our sister enterprise’s logistics concepts and know-how, we’re not only showing just how far the expertise and solutions provided by the SCHÄFER GRUPPE actually go, we’re also offering manufacturers an attractive and, above all, cross-divisional product range for the entire beverages and liquid food markets, that leaves nothing to be desired”, says Guido Klinkhammer, Business Unit Sales Director at SCHÄFER Container Systems.

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Walter Brambilla supports SCHÄFER Container Systems in Italy  (Company news)

New Sales Representative for Italy

On February 1st. 2017, Mr Walter Brambilla took up his post as SCHÄFER Container Systems’ new sales representative for Italy, thus reinforcing the sales activities of the well-know manufacturer of reusable container systems for beverages (KEGs) and IBCs and special containers in stainless steel.

Brambilla, whose most recent position was Business Development Manager, can look back on over 25 years of sales experience. With his new position, SCHÄFER will be strengthening their local presence on the Italian market. “We are extremely pleased that we were able to fill this strategically important position with Mr Bramibilla and provide the growing Italian beverage industry, and in particular the beer and wine sector, with a strong and competent partner on the ground”, says Guido Klinkhammer, Business Unit Sales Director at SCHÄFER Container Systems. The company offers beverage producers a wide-ranging KEG portfolio that can be configured to accommodate specific customer wishes. In future, this is also expected to increasingly benefit the Italian craft brewing sector.

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ECO KEG   (Company news)

Based on the success experienced within Europe and the U.S markets, collecting design awards along the way, the ECO KEG offers the modern brewer the latest technology in beverage packaging.

The first stainless steel deep drawn keg was introduced to the market over thirty years ago, and using the existing deep drawn stainless body, have mechanically integrated two polypropylene chimes into the steel body, resulting in a lighter, ecologically worthwhile and thus a smarter alternative to conventional all stainless steel kegs.

Combining innovative design and contemporary materials allows the KEG to be produced to a lower tare weight, in the case of a 30 litre size, some 20% lighter, without compromising strength or safety.
Reducing the weight of containers has obvious advantages in health and safety, as well as environmentally, as this helps breweries to cut out transport costs of their supply chain.

In addition to this weight reduction, the ECO KEG will also significantly reduce noise levels, with the KEGs being rolled on the stackable PP rings instead of expanded steel rolling bands which flatten over time. The PP chimes are also stackable for added safety and easy to pick up and stack in the cellar. The chimes themselves are designed in such a way, that, similar to shock absorbers on cars, they can prevent damage on impact.

The 30 and 50 litre ECO KEG's, with Euro diameter, are manufactured to the same height as the conventional all stainless steel kegs or PLUS KEGs and so will run alongside standard kegs on the keg filling line and fit on the same pallet. Running parallel with existing populations has big advantages for UK craft brewers who use a variety of options in their day to day business. The ECO KEG will always stand out as the property of a particular brewery, making a speedy return more likely.

Kegs are a major asset for the UK brewery industry, but as millions of pounds in value still go missing each year, their security is of paramount importance, particularly with rising steel prices. Combining materials makes the ECO KEG far less attractive to metal thieves, due to their having to separate the materials and having a significantly lower original stainless steel content.

To clearly denote a brewery’s ownership of their kegs, ECO KEGs can be individually branded.
For example, the KEG chimes can be coloured, have a name and logo applied and be equipped with a transponder, which also brings more transparency to logistics and allows comprehensive container management. Neck and base can also be fitted with a permanently integrated coding system, such as character code or barcode. For an easily distinguishable quality image, the body can be branded with an electro-chemical signature, laser printing, silk screening or liner stickers.

For Brewers concerned about on-going keg maintenance, ECO KEG eliminates the flattening of the rolling bands found on steel kegs, and, with replaceable chimes fitted to the KEG body, there is no need to send KEGs away for repair. Chime straightening and sharp hand holes often found on damaged conventional kegs, are now a thing of the past. This cuts out the need for welding or pickling, resulting in lower overall costs.

The name is well chosen as the ECO KEG reduces transport costs, decibel levels for your employees and neighbours (and, with a 25-year lifetime, it ticks all the right boxes!) It is produced in a great range of sizes from 10 to 50 litres.

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Customized KEGs by Smartphone  (Company news)

SCHÄFER Container Systems presents new KEG App at BrauBeviale

SCHÄFER Container Systems has now launched its own KEG App, giving users an initial impression of the company’s KEG diversity as well as the opportunity to customize their brand presentation, configure their own KEG and even send an inquiry directly to sales at SCHÄFER Container Systems. So, the manufacturer of container systems for beverages (KEGs), IBCs and special containers is now underlining its motto “More KEG – More Diversity” by also going mobile. The App was presented for the first time at the BrauBeviale in Nuremberg.

Colour design, branding, accessories: breweries are now increasingly displaying their brands on their reusable KEGs. With the new App, SCHÄFER Container Systems are now also digitally showing the potential of customized KEG design. Once volume and diameter type has been selected, the first step is to show the user the available KEG types for their choice. For volumes of five to 50 litres, or 1/6 to 1/2 barrel for the US market, users can choose from three types: the SUDEX KEG, ECO KEG and PLUS KEG, which can then be adapted both optically and technically to specific needs. For this, the App offers countless colour design possibilities in the form of stripes, polyurethane foam (PU) or top and bottom rings. A diverse range of logos can also be applied to the KEG. The next step covers engraving, fitting types or other technical accessories and the App only shows the specific branding possibilities available for the chosen KEG type.

The chosen design can then be saved or sent to colleagues by e-mail to get their view. If desired, the App will also send an inquiry directly to the SCHÄFER Container Systems sales team. “In the age of Industry 4.0, service has an immensely high priority. Our customers should be able to experience just what is possible and control it themselves. And for anyone who doesn’t want to call us to inquire about a KEG type in a particular size, we can provide the answer on their smartphone. With this App, KEGs can be configured whenever and wherever users want to; in the brewery or sitting on the couch in the evening”, says Guido Klinkhammer, Sales Director at SCHÄFER Container Systems.

A tablet version of the App will also be available by the end of the year.

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Quality packaging for wines   (Company news)

As demand for wine containers grows, SCHÄFER Container Systems presents KEG variety at Intervitis Interfructa Hortitechnica and Vinitech Sifel

This year, trade fair visitors will find SCHÄFER Container Systems at both Intervitis Interfructa Hortitechnica in Stuttgart and Vinitech Sifel in Bordeaux. The manufacturers of beverage container systems (KEGs) as well as IBCs and special containers will be exhibiting in Stuttgart at stand 3C55 in hall 3 from 27th to 30th November, and in Bordeaux at stand E2402 in hall 1 from 29th November to 1st December. The company’s participation in these two fairs underlines the growing demand for reusable packaging for premium beverages in the wine industry.

Wine consumption is increasing and with it, the popularity of cider and sparkling wines is growing, too. The new lifestyle accompanying this trend has prompted more and more wine producers to sell their products in barrels. Even for premium wines, using nitrogen as the dispensing gas means barrels can be used for still alcoholic beverages without any complications, because the contents do not become carbonised.

SCHÄFER Container Systems can offer the great variety of its KEG range for wines, too – with all the advantages stainless steel reusable KEGs have over conventional barrels. Wineries can benefit from the countless KEG types with different filling capacities, the various coloured branding elements and their flexible application. Besides the classical KEGs, self-sufficient dispensing systems are also especially popular, as they underline the premium character of the freshly dispensed wine and provide guests with a much more intimate experience of wine culture.

“Just like with our KEGs for beers and soft drinks, customers will be able to benefit from enormous branding potential, as well as from the countless variations in form and size. There are just as many different branding possibilities as there are different wines. This includes in-mould labelling, complete colouring of PU coatings depending on the model, coloured top and bottom rings, engraved logos, laser printing in the neck and base areas or silkscreen printing for logos”, says SCHÄFER Container Systems’ Sales Director Guido Klinkhammer.

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Made to measure  (Company news)

SCHÄFER Container Systems offers individual KEG types for the Italian craft brewing scene

In Italy, it’s not only suits that are made to measure. For the increasingly popular craft brewing scene, SCHÄFER Container Systems offers KEG types adapted to specific customer needs to achieve a diversified brand image. For this, the German manufacturer of reusable container systems (KEGs) for beverages, as well as IBCs and special containers continues to rely on its internationally proven principle of “individuality and diversity”.

That’s why the KEG portfolio, besides the classical stainless steel KEG and the bestselling PLUS KEG, also contains the up to 36% lighter ECO KEG, the self-service Party-KEG and the State design award winning SOFT DRINK KEG. Filling volume vary from five to 50 litres, depending on the type. By changing the dispensing gas or its mixture, KEGs can also be used for both non-carbonated alcoholic and alcohol-free beverages, without any problems. Rounding off the product portfolio are the popular self-sufficient dispensing systems freshKEG and smartDRAFT.

On top of this, SCHÄFER Container Systems utilizes all the advantages reusable KEGs have over conventional barrels in terms of individual brand presentation. “Italian craft brewers, but also all other beverage producers, not only profit from the countless KEG types and various filling volumes but also from a diverse range of coloured design elements and their highly flexible application possibilities. With our labelling processes, we can offer great branding variety and sustainably strengthen our customers’ brands,” says Guido Klinkhammer, Business Unit Sales Director at SCHÄFER Container Systems.

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Opening the next barrel… SCHÄFER Container Systems launches 30-litre Party-KEG  (Company news)

With the launch of the new 30-litre Party-KEG, SCHÄFER Container Systems is supporting two trends at once: on the one hand, the manufacturer of container systems for beverages and IBC and special containers is meeting the increased demand for the popular new KEG type. On the other, it is extending its portfolio with additional filling volumes and thus offering breweries more individual customization opportunities.

“Party-KEGs are growing increasingly popular. This goes hand in hand with the breweries being more prepared to offer the KEGs to landlords and their guests as a possibility for tapping draught beer at their tables,” says Guido Klinkhammer, Business Unit Sales Director at SCHÄFER Container Systems. In the view of the sector expert, this growing popularity can also be linked to the trend towards automation. This is because, up to now, bottlers faced the problem of KEGs with smaller volumes having to be cleaned via their bungholes. To industrialise this process, the KEG system was also implemented in this sector. The KEGs can now be cleaned through the fittings, improving hygiene and providing the breweries with one other benefit: mechanical filling and cleaning means they can meet the rising demand with their increased output quantities.

The 30-litre KEG doesn’t only extend SCHÄFER Container Systems’ own product family. The KEG size also opens up new possibilities for individual brand presentation. Klinkhammer: “Particularly abroad, we have seen significantly increased interest in this. However, German breweries, too, want their products distinguished visibly from those of their competitors. In addition to the size, a range of coloured design elements can also provide a striking improvement to the appearance. And with our labelling and printing processes, we can offer these businesses a variety of additional branding features.”

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Approved a million times over! - SCHÄFER Container Systems sells over 1,000,000 KEGs  (Company news)

In selling their one millionth KEG in 2015, SCHÄFER Container Systems passed the 7-figure mark for that year and established themselves as one of the world’s most important KEG producers. The manufacturer of container systems for beverages, IBCs and special applications has now sold a total of over 20,000,000 KEGs in its more than 30-year history. Reason enough to intensify their expansion of worldwide exports.

In the view of SCHÄFER Container Systems’ head of sales, Guido Klinkhammer, the wide-ranging portfolio and the individual branding potential are what led to over one million KEG sales being achieved. SCHÄFER’s extended KEG family includes countless different types: 100% steel KEGs, ECO KEGs with propylene top and bottom rings, fully coated PLUS KEGs and also self-sufficient dispensing systems. Besides all this and a wide choice of filling volumes, the KEGs also offer beverage producers great opportunities for brand presentation. Various labelling and printing processes, along with coloured design elements, provide a striking improvement to the product’s appearance. That’s why the enterprise is increasingly attracting the interest of young breweries from abroad. One of these growing markets is North America with its craft brewing trend. Distribution channels were recently strengthened there with a subsidiary opening in Atlanta, USA.

Klinkhammer: “We are extremely pleased that our KEGs are becoming increasingly successful on the market for reusable containers. In 2016, we would like to continue where we left off in the previous year. Expanding exports in emerging markets is just as much a pillar of this strategy as the individuality of our products.” Besides Kegs, IBCs and special containers in stainless steel for liquids, solids and granulate are also included in the company’s portfolio. Here, too, SCHÄFER’s performance is more than convincing, thanks to its many years of experience in producing containers, manufactured and equipped to individual customer specifications.

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SCHÄFER Container Systems presents new products at BrauBeviale 2015 in Nuremberg

SCHÄFER Container Systems is supplementing its product range with four new KEG types under the slogan "MORE KEG - MORE DIVERSITY" exclusively for the BrauBeviale on November 10th to 12th. However, the manufacturer of high-quality container systems for beverage (KEGs) and of IBCs and special stainless steel containers for liquids, solids and granulates, is not only presenting its containers for beer and soft drinks at its stand 4-107 in hall 4 at the trade fair. Visitors can also savor selected beers with beer sommelier world champion Karl Schiffner.

Among the four new KEGs is the ECO KEG DIN, a new KEG type, based on the tried and tested ECO KEG system. The stainless steel liner is up to 30 percent lighter than its all-steel counterparts, while offering high stability due to the built-in shock absorber effect. Because of the special head rim and foot rim molding, the KEG is stackable with other DIN KEG types. The three other new models, the 10 litre Stainless Steel KEG, the new 30 litre Party KEG as well as the 37.5 litre freshKEG, expand their KEG-families with additional filling volumes and thus increase the attractiveness of the SCHÄFER Container Systems portfolio.

In addition, the first beer sommelier world champion Karl Schiffner is also presenting selected beers and concerted appetizers at the SCHÄFER stand this year. In 2015 this is going to be "Very British". Many British beers, such as Porter, Ale or Stout, are represented and can be tasted. "In addition to an attractive program, we will introduce new products also this year. We are very confident that our new KEG types will assert themselves on the market through their quality and customized branding opportunities”, says Guido Klinkhammer, Business Unit Sales Director at SCHÄFER Container Systems.

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Tradition meets design - SCHÄFER Container Systems is growing increasingly in the Austrian market  (Company news)

SCHÄFER Container Systems is also growing in the Alpine Republic. The manufacturer of reusable beverage containers made of stainless steel, IBC containers as well as special containers for the food industry has almost doubled its sales of barrels, the so-called KEGs, in the Austrian market compared to 2014. The sales department is focusing particularly on KEGs for beer. After all, the rising demand for the various types of the company’s KEG types is not at least due to the ever-growing beer variety in Austria.

The in parts young breweries not only appreciate the fact that they can order the amounts of KEGs at customer’s option. The traditional art of brewing also meets a variety of different designs. The product range of different KEGs, types of fittings and the ability to customize the barrels by printing, allow breweries an individual brand identity. The company’s sales volume shows that sales of both, PLUS KEG as well as ECO KEG in standardized or slim design have increased disproportionately. KEGs for wine and soft drinks are also demanded increasingly.

"In great demand at the moment are particularly the Party-KEGs with traditional Bavarian tapping. But the modern PLUS KEGs are also very popular due to their robust polyurethane coating. The trend towards individualisation of packaging continues with the ECO KEG, which has also already won several awards for its innovative design and particular environmental benefits. However, the eye-catcher is currently SCHÄFER’s ‘Austria-barrel’, a KEG in the national colors red-white-red", says Franz Gruber, who has been selling the SCHÄFER container systems in Austria for nearly two decades and regards the Austria-barrel as a model for individualization.

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SCHÄFER Container Systems subsidiary established in the USA  (Company news)

SCS NA based in Atlanta aims to conquer the world’s biggest KEG market

SCHÄFER Container Systems North America, Inc. (SCS NA, for short) is the name SCHÄFER WERKE GmbH has given to its US subsidiary, founded on 15th. March 2015. SCS NA has leased business premises and storage facilities in Atlanta, from where the entire range of SCHÄFER Container Systems’ products, i.e. container systems for beverages (KEGs), stainless steel IBCs and special containers, are to be marketed. KEGs and aseptic containers are available straight from stock in Atlanta to guarantee fast delivery times. The main focus lies squarely on KEGs, as the US market is regarded as the largest KEG market in the world. Head of the new company will be Richard Wagner, who, with over 20 years’ experience as an agent for KEGs from SCHÄFER Container Systems in the USA and Canada, has extensive knowledge of the market.

SCHÄFER Container Systems North America, Inc. will be offering the most extensive range of KEG products on the US market, comprising all locally known KEG types and variations, as well as IBCs and aseptic containers. The company has not only based storage, sales and customer service in Atlanta, but also its customizing operations: applying customer logos and advertising slogans on the KEG itself. Larger customers are to be served directly from Atlanta, while smaller or medium–sized customers can either be served directly or via a network of wholesalers and KEG rental companies. Since April 1st, managing director Richard Wagner has been supported by an operations manager and the team will be further strengthened from July 1st. by a position in Customer Service. Two sales employees, one each for KEGs and IBCs, are to start work in summer of this year.

The US market is currently growing due to the trend towards regional “craft breweries” and the increasing use of KEGs for soft drinks and wine. Fast delivery times are therefore becoming more and more important. To accommodate this, SCHÄFER has reacted by setting up its own subsidiary in the USA, not only for storage purposes, but also for offering customized branding, for which SCHÄFER KEGs have always been especially well suited. This will make SCHÄFER Container Systems North America, Inc. a local partner for everything dealing with the topic of KEGs, a concept which corresponds to the wishes of the majority of customers in North America.

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