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    24.04.2014   Stable overseas demand for Scotch Whisky in 2013    ( Company news )

    Company news Star export performers include US, Mexico and India

    Scotch Whisky exports remained strong in 2013, and Single Malt continued to increase in popularity, according to figures published on 11 April by the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA).
    In value terms, last year Scotch Whisky exports were steady at £4.3 billion.
    In volume terms, exports increased 3% to the equivalent of 1.3bn bottles in 2013 from 1.2bn bottles the previous year.
    Demand for Single Malt continues to grow as consumers try the wide range of Scotch available. Single Malt exports were up 5% in 2013 to reach a record £820m, nearly a fifth of exports by value.
    Overall, Scotch Whisky represents around 85% of Scottish food and drink exports and nearly a quarter of the British total. The industry's exports are worth £135 a second to the UK trade balance.
    This performance represents consolidation of a strong export effort. It also reflects varied underlying patterns in the 200 markets the industry exports to.

    There were a number of strong performers across the globe.
    For example, exports of Scotch to the USA grew 8% on 2012 to a record £819 million. This represents nearly £1 in every £5 of exports and is by far the largest market for Scotch by value. The efforts to boost trade with the US through the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) could help this even further.
    France remains the largest volume market for Scotch. It was up 16% as it returned to normal following a tax hike on spirits at the start of 2012.
    In India, the year was the best one yet. It is the fourth biggest market by volume and fourteenth by value, up 12% to £69m. The SWA hopes the EU-India Free Trade Agreement negotiations will re-start following this year's Indian elections, leading to a reduction of the onerous 150% import tariff.
    Exports to Brazil and Mexico grew by around 20% - to £99m in Brazil and £110m in Mexico, where Scotch Whisky is now one of the UK's fastest growing exports.
    In Poland, exports grew 38% to £60m. Scotch exports to that market are around 10 times as big as when Poland joined the European Union in 2004.
    Some parts of Asia did not perform as well as in previous years, principally because of slower economic growth and government austerity measures. Direct exports to Taiwan, South Korea and Japan all fell in value by between 13% and 15%. China fell out of the top 20 markets, with direct exports declining nearly 30% to £51m.

    David Frost, Scotch Whisky Association chief executive, said:
    "Scotch Whisky exports remain strong and the industry's impressive performance makes a major contribution to the UK's trade performance. The unprecedented investment programmes in Scotch Whisky by producers show that in the long term they are confident that demand will continue to grow.
    "However, in the short run, there are some economic headwinds. Formal and informal barriers to trade remain. We should remember that the industry's success does not come automatically but is based on hard work, investment and careful stewardship.
    "As a former ambassador, I know that the industry also depends on strong political support from government, for example to influence European Union negotiations on our behalf or to press other countries to allow better access to their markets. Both the UK and Scottish Governments have played an important role in this so far. Whatever the outcome of the Scottish referendum, as an industry exporting to around 200 markets we will continue to need the backing of an effective diplomatic network with the necessary global reach, commercial expertise, and capacity to influence."
    (SWA The Scotch Whisky Association)
    23.04.2014   BERICAP presents innovative products on the Interpack    ( Firmennews )

    Firmennews Hall 10, Stand E 67

    Picture: Illustration: SK 42/21 SFB MDS – with foamed PE-seal, for containers with UN-approval

    BERICAP will be among the exhibitors also on this year's Interpack trade fair in Düsseldorf.
    The world-wide operating manufacturer of closures BERICAP will present its plastic closures for the markets of automobile, chemistry, pharmacology, agro-chemistry as well as beverages and food in hall 10, stand E 67, on more than 180 m².
    You need to think innovatively so as to be able to cope with the higher and higher demands on packages and in particular on the sealing breech, which, depending on the field of application, shall not only close and seal the container, but also protect the content against product piracy and at the same time satisfy the high technical demands requested by the government and the authorities.
    In the past, producers concentrated on reducing the closure weight, in particular for the food and beverage industry, while concentrating on cost saving and on improving the carbon footprint. The adaptation to the need of users was paid less attention to.
    On the Interpack, BERICAP will show types of closures, which will combine the desire of customer satisfaction with an optimized employment of materials. This applies in particular to stoppers for still waters, but also for products filled in aseptically and in particular for beverages filled in hot. BERICAP will also present new developments for the sparkling products market.
    Also in the field of food industry, BERICAP has optimized its portfolio and will exhibit new closures and applications.

    Further developments BERICAP DIN-closures
    In the years past, BERICAP has worked intensively on the successful development of a DIN closure family for plastic canisters. With the standard sizes DIN 42, DIN 45, DIN 51/55 and DIN 60 BERICAP in the meantime covers more than 80 % of the closure sizes used in the canister field.
    The entire new DIN closure range is approved for UN-hazardous substance in connection with different canister types and/or canister suppliers.
    In order to warrant product safety and quality, all closures are assembled on fully automatic and process-controlled assembly machines of the latest state of technique.
    All sizes, also the childproof versions for the sizes DIN 45 and DIN 60, can be custom-made and additionally be equipped with a vent diaphragm and/or with an 'ANTI-Glug-System', which provides for steady pouring.

    DIN closure SK 42/21 SFB in two variants
    The SK 42/21 SFB is a supplement to the product range of BERICAP DIN closures.
    This closure is equipped with a new-type, slitted strip and is available in two versions. The SK 42/21 SFB MK has a bore-seal-system and is suitable for light canisters and containers without UN-hazardous good approval. The SK 42/21 SFB MDS is equipped with a foamed PE-seal – for containers with the relevant UN-approval.
    The SK 42/21 SFB is used mainly for containers in the automotive field, for windscreen cleaners / frost protection, for professional cleaning agents, in the field of health and in the food industry.
    It is a special advantage, that the TE-strip, which remains on the canister after turning off of the cap, cannot e.g. drop into the engine compartment while filling the container of the windscreen washer.
    (Bericap GmbH & Co. KG)
    23.04.2014   Canada: Molson Coors and Miller Brewing back to court in battle over Canadian distribution ...    ( )

    ... of several Miller beer brands

    Molson Coors and Miller Brewing Co. are heading back to court in their battle over the Canadian distribution rights for several bands of Miller beer after talks to reach an out-of-court settlement fell through, The Canadian Press reported on April 15.

    The dispute between Molson Coors and Miller Brewing Co. follows an attempt by Miller to terminate its longtime Canadian licensing agreement with Molson Coors.

    “The parties have been engaged in settlement discussions but have been unable to reach a settlement at this time,” a spokesman for Molson Coors said in a brief email statement on April 15.

    “Therefore, we are asking the court to schedule a trial date for the matter to be heard.”

    The talks followed a legal skirmish last June when an Ontario court issued a temporary injunction blocking Miller from terminating the agreement, which covers such well-known brands as Millers Genuine Draft, Miller Lite and Miller High Life.

    Miller has said it wants to develop the brands in Canada on its own. It intended to terminate the agreement with Molson Coors effective July 22, saying it had given the required six-month notification.

    However, Molson Coors Canada filed suit to prevent the move, saying it planned on “strongly defending our rights to market and sell” Miller brands in Canada.

    “Molson Coors Canada represents a number of import brands and is proud of the success Miller brands have achieved in Canada under our stewardship for the past 20 years,”’ chief commercial officer Peter Nowlan said at the time.
    23.04.2014   India: Molson Coors Cobra India launces new strong beer    ( )

    Molson Coors Cobra India brewery has launched a strong beer, Royal Brew, within months of bringing in British beer Carling, continuing to widen its product range aggressively in a high potential market, Economic Times reported on April 14.

    The joint venture between US-based Molson Coors Brewing Company and the Cobra Indian Beer already markets two strong beer brands, King Cobra and Iceberg 9,000, besides Cobra premium beer, all brewed in its plant near Patna. It imports Carling.

    "Our experience of the Indian market says that the consumer here prefers hard liquor over light. We have been facing competition from hard liquor such as whiskey. So we decided to launch a product in the strong beer segment," Peter H Coors, chairman at Molson Coors Company, said.

    He said the strong beer would cater to customer demand in Bihar, Punjab, Haryana, Bengal and Delhi.

    After the stagnation of growth in developed markets such as the US and the UK, Molson Coors plans to shift its focus to emerging markets. "Favorable demographics, coupled with increasing focus of foreign brewers on product range and rising social acceptance of alcohol are expected to enable beer demand to grow swiftly in years to come," Coors said. He said the Indian beer industry is estimated to grow 12% a year to reach a size of 452 million cases by 2017.

    Indian population consumed around 20 million hectolitres, or some 222 million cases, of beer in 2012, which translates into around 1.6 litres per person.
    23.04.2014   New ENGEL website online - Relaunch with added value    ( Company news )

    Company news Picture: The new ENGEL website is displayed perfectly on mobile end devices as well. A global contact Network and a strong focus on applications are among the site's new features

    With a clearer layout and more service features, the new ENGEL website enables
    visitors to find what they need even more quickly – regardless of whether they are at accessing the site at work or via their smartphone or tablet while out and about.

    ENGEL now presents its new digital look. Boasting a modern design and an extremely clear navigation structure, the new website guides its visitors intuitively to the information they want. Gerd Liebig, Group Marketing Director at ENGEL, says: "When the site was being developed, the aim was to get users where they want to be even more quickly. Our website is being used more and more, and our customers should be able to expect top-quality service
    from ENGEL online too."

    Solutions for specific requirements
    Besides providing a detailed overview of ENGEL's product range, the new website reflects the company's strong focus on applications. Under the menu item "Business Lines", injection moulding facilities can now find possible solutions for their specific requirements. Examples include solutions for high-quality car interior design, cost-optimised thin-wall containers and electronic display screens with multifunctional surfaces. Numerous hyperlinks allow users to learn more about a topic and read press articles, while videos and animation spots make even complex machine functions and manufacturing processes easy to understand.

    ENGEL has a separate area called "ENGEL plus" for its service products. For the first time ENGEL's complete range of after-sales services is presented here. The content is divided up according to various objectives, which means that even those who are not familiar with the ENGEL service products can learn a great deal about them and possibly tap into new ways of optimising potential.

    Straight to the right contact
    One highlight of the new website is the new global request and contact network. With just one click, visitors can contact the person responsible for a particular topic in their country. Gerd Liebig says, "This decentralised contact management system allows us to respond to online requests even more quickly and, above all, accurately."

    Customer proximity is, of course, important to ENGEL online as well, and for this reason the website is available in 26 country-specific versions. This enables ENGEL to keep their customers up to date on local topics, events and job opportunities at their respective sites.

    The same responsive site design has been used for every country. This ensures that the content and functions are displayed perfectly even on mobile end devices like tables PCs and smartphones.
    (Engel Austria GmbH)
    23.04.2014   South Korea & China: Korean beer exports to China aided by interest in Korean drama series    ( )

    Korean beer exports to China have shot up over the past year with analysts attributing the spike to the popularity of Korean drama series in Asia's largest economy, Arirang News reported on April 14.

    Korea's Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs says beer exports in March rose by over two-hundred percent compared to the same period last year, to over one-million U.S. dollars.

    A ministry official says the growth was driven by the popularity of home delivered fried chicken and beer sets that were popularized by a recent Korean drama show.

    Meanwhile, total agricultural exports to China last month jumped nearly seven-and-a-half percent from the same month last year.
    22.04.2014   BWIR Presented Solutions for “Excellence in Manufacturing” at Modex 2014    ( Company news )

    Company news Barry Wehmiller International Resources (BWIR) announces with great pleasure its successful participation in Modex 2014 in Atlanta, GA. Modex is one of the largest biennial expositions for the manufacturing, distribution and supply chain solutions in America. BWIR presented engineering and automation solutions to help companies achieve organizational excellence in manufacturing.

    Visitors from the transportation industry were keen on solutions which could support their “Continuous Improvement” initiatives for business needs. For industries like material handling, visitors sought options to enhance product efficiency. Many attendees also looked for solutions to improve the efficiency of their operations and to handle critical issues like quality control and terra-data analytics.

    Chris Hric, BWIR’s Sr. Business Development Manager - US Midwest, said, “We have met quite a good number of manufacturers facing challenges in the areas of manufacturing and operational efficiency. This reinforces our decision to come up with new solutions for achieving efficiency in engineering, operations and manufacturing.”

    James Mansfield, BWIR’s Sr. Business Development Manager - US Southeast, said, “Visitor interactions at this event have given us a fair idea of how manufacturers now have heightened interest in trying and implementing new solutions to achieve organizational excellence than in previous years. The event has added to our ever growing conviction in BWIR's automation solutions for sustained organizational efficiency and profitability.”
    (BWIR Barry-Wehmiller International Resources)
    22.04.2014   NEW PRODUCT SOMIC 232 FS    ( Company news )

    Company news Interpack, Hall: 8b, Stand: C57

    The German manufacturer is proud to present the new SOMIC 232 FS for secondary packaging. At Interpack in Düsseldorf, SOMIC will exhibit a compact version that offers over 50% more capacity than the 424 type series. With the SOMIC modular system, all machine variants are based on the same system platform.
    To complement the SOMIC 424 machine generation, at Interpack SOMIC is presenting the faster and more compact 232 machine range. The successor generation continues SOMIC's successful modular mechatronic concept, which can satisfy any packaging machine requirement. The modular structure, consistently divided into individual functions, can handle smaller trays, folding boxes and tray/cover packs - the ideal addition to all kinds of production lines. With a maximum carton blank format of 500 x 500 mm, the machine also has a smaller footprint and a more slimline silhouette.
    In terms of design, the 232 FS is related to the SOMIC 424 W3, the final packaging machine launched four years ago. This new generation of machines is particularly suitable for smaller products and packaging units, responding to the trend towards single-person households. The 232 differs from the larger 424 through its smaller dimensions and smaller format area.
    In terms of productivity it outperforms its big brother by over 50% with an output rate of over 100 cartons per minute working at a double cycle. The machine is ergonomically operated and adjusted on its long side. The switch cabinet is fitted at eye level, flush with the machine frame.
    The 232 comes with all the features you would expect from a SOMIC packaging machine. Every SOMIC system is characterised by its architecture and systematic standardisation. This is how SOMIC solutions meet the highest requirements of flexibility, performance and reliability, in line with the manufacturer's mechatronic philosophy.
    (Somic Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG)
    17.04.2014   Number two in two years    ( Company news )

    Company news Owner of the Georgian Beer Company Tsezar Chocheli built up his brewery on a greenfield site in just nine months, with the first bottle of beer rolling off the conveyor belt on April 4, 2012. In its first year of production the company turned over 200,000 hectoliters, with this figure rising to 320,000 hectoliters in 2013 and with 450,000 hectoliters – currently the brewery's maximum capacity – planned for 2014. Less than two years since its founding the Georgian Beer Company is now number two among the breweries of Georgia. This is quite an achievement – and one that takes some beating.

    Picture: A strong team: Tsezar Chocheli, owner of the Georgian Beer Company (center), Vasili Sulkhhanishvili, technical director at the Georgian Beer Company (left), and Oliver Schneider, head of Sales for Eastern Europe at KHS GmbH.

    KHS plant engineering has been part of the success story since the very beginning. It all started with an Innokeg Till CombiKeg. As soon as the company began production, a second large order was sent to KHS for a can filler with an upstream rinser and conveyors which were incorporated into an existing glass line at the end of 2012. A turnkey PET line was also ordered which went into operation as planned in March 2013. A second turnkey glass line is to help expand the brewery's capacity as of April 2014.
    Chocheli is very enthusiastic about his KHS machines. "We've had a lot of experience with KHS in a very short space of time and can safely say that the technological concept is just as good as the quality of the service. KHS is also a partner we trust. I can only stress time and again how thankful I am for each and every one of our KHS lines, for it's these which ensure our success. After all, we can only supply outstanding products if we use outstanding plant equipment to produce and bottle them."
    At present the Georgian Beer Company markets three brand beers. The bottom-fermented lager Zedazeni clocks up 50% of the company's total beer sales, with Khevsuruli, a brand beer made in full accordance with the traditional Georgian brewing process, and the premium German König Pilsner brand, brewed under license, accounting for 25% apiece. What's interesting is that the Georgian Beer Company is the first company in the world to be given permission to brew König Pilsner under license. Vasili Sulkhhanishvili, technical director for the Georgian Beer Company, says, "König Pilsner decided to enter into partnership with us primarily thanks to our high demands for quality and our use of ultramodern technical equipment. König also recognized the high growth potential the Georgian beer market holds."
    The pro capita consumption of beer in Georgia currently lies at 25 liters a year. By 2020 Chocheli is reckoning on this rising to 40 liters and in the medium to long term even believes an annual consumption per head of 60 liters to be feasible. Chocheli says, "With this we'd be at the level of consumption Georgia enjoyed before the fall of the Soviet Union."
    The Georgian Beer Company is also active in the soft drinks segment, selling five soda pops in the flavors pear, lemon, grape, tarragon and cream soda, some of which are available in a low-calorie version. It also recently launched the first energy drink to be made in Georgia to market: Wilder.
    (KHS GmbH)
    16.04.2014   Beverage Ingredients Forum - 10-11 Juni 2014, Koepelkerk at the Renaissance Hotel, Amsterdam    ( Company news )

    Company news Food ingredients Europe are pleased to announce the latest in a successful series of beverage innovation conferences. The Beverage Ingredients Forum is the only event globally focused on beverage ingredients trends, regulations, science and application covering the key development areas around healthy, natural and functional.

    Developed through in-depth research with key industry players and bringing together the extensive ingredients experience of Food ingredients Europe, this event will appeal to senior professionals within beverage Product Development, R&D and Innovation looking to develop added-value beverage products for today’s challenging marketplace.

    Why attend the Beverage Ingredients Forum in brief:
    ◾Save time on your ingredients selection – all you need to know in just 48 hours!
    ◾Meet key beverage companies and learn from those who have done it best – Britvic, Almarai, Arla Foods and Cocofina already signed up!
    ◾Covering the hottest ingredients trends and innovations – programme developed through in-depth industry research with beverage manufacturers
    ◾Interactive elements to engage, teach and excite – speed networking, sensory taste-testing and technical stevia workshop

    Plus, don’t miss the Technical Seminar – 12 June 2014 - 09:00-13:00

    Stevia for Low-Calorie Beverage Reformulation

    With the approval of stevia for use in countries around the globe, and with numerous new stevia-based product launches from leading beverage manufacturers, are you well equipped to deliver quality beverage products that take advantage of the 0-calorie, natural sweetener without compromising on taste and texture?

    This in-depth technical seminar, created exclusively for the Beverage Ingredients Forum, will provide beverage manufacturers with a detailed review of the market, regulatory and technical considerations related to using stevia-derived sweeteners to achieve low-calorie beverages.
    (UBMi B.V. Food ingredients Global)
    16.04.2014   Tetra Pak® net sales grow 3.5% in 2013​    ( Company news )

    Company news Results driven by new processing and packaging systems, and technical services

    Photo: Tetra Pak President and CEO Dennis Jönsson

    Tetra Pak® reported net sales for 2013 of €11.1 billion – up 3.5% from 2012 in comparable terms.
    “The combination of strong competition and soft economies in many markets around the globe created a tough business environment for Tetra Pak last year,” said Tetra Pak President and CEO Dennis Jönsson. “But despite this, we achieved growth in all areas of our business, with particularly strong performances in Processing Solutions, Capital Equipment and Technical Service.”

    Packaging Solutions
    The company’s Packaging Solutions business reported net sales for the year of €9.6 billion, with packaging material volumes rising 3% compared with 2012, as the company delivered more than 178 billion packs to customers worldwide.
    Around 27% of this volume came from Tetra Pak’s advanced product portfolio; which features a range of shapes, formats and openings designed specifically to meet customer demand for improved functionality, greater brand differentiation or a stronger environmental profile. This compares with a 21% share in 2012, and reflects particularly strong year-on-year growth in Tetra Prisma® Aseptic portion packs and Tetra Brik® Aseptic Edge 1 litre, up 35% and 75% respectively.
    The packaging business also reported solid growth in Capital Equipment, with sales climbing 15% from 2012 on the back of more than 580 new filling machines deliveries across the globe, led by healthy demand from customers in Greater China and Central & South America. And Technical Service (TS) within Packaging Solutions reported similarly strong gains, increasing net sales by 11% year-on-year, with significant growth in Service contracts, which now account for around 25% of the total TS business, compared with 20% in 2012.

    Processing Solutions
    Sales within Processing Solutions reached €1.5 billion in 2013, up 16% year-on-year, with solid growth in all markets.
    Excluding acquisitions, growth was 13%, reflecting a healthy increase in Technical Sales and Service, which climbed 15% year-on-year, and solid gains in new equipment sales to the beverage and prepared food categories, up 19% and 15% respectively.
    The company saw further success with the development of scaled-down versions of some of its market-leading Processing technologies, including the launch of Tetra Alcross® RO Lite​, Tetra Therm® Aseptic Flex 1, Tetra Therm® Aseptic Drink 1 and Tetra Albatch™​ 1​. These products have proved particularly popular with customers in emerging markets, and with fledgling businesses seeking robust and reliable processing solutions at relatively low investment costs.
    The year also saw the Processing business consolidate its position as market leader in filtration systems for milk, cheese and whey applications, with September’s acquisition of DSS Silkeborg, a specialist membrane filtration technology company​ based in Denmark. This follows the 2012 acquisition of Filtration Engineering, and provides Tetra Pak with important in-house expertise in areas such as reverse osmosis, nano-filtration, ultra-filtration and micro-filtration. The business is now focused on applying and developing these technologies across a range of different Processing-related applications.

    “The combined success of our Packaging Solutions and Processing business is a reflection of our ability to provide customers with solutions to ensure they can capitalise on new market opportunities and manage the challenges within their own markets. In 2014 we will continue to build on this growth, focusing on delivering value to customers and ensure we remain a vital partner to them,” concluded Jönsson.​
    (Tetra Pak Schweiz AG)
    15.04.2014   Efes Ukraine invests in KHS turnkey glass line    ( Company news )

    Company news The first six months of 2013 saw the consumption of beer in Ukraine fall, with the brewing industry having to announce a drop in sales of 4.4% – with the exception of one brewery: Efes Ukraine. Here, the sale of beer actually rose by 12.2%! According to Vasilly Basmanov, technical director of Efes Ukraine, this two-figure growth in sales is destined to continue over the next few years. In order to perfectly cater for the calculated increase in demand for Efes beers in the future, too, the company recently raised its production capacity by 34% and invested in a KHS glass line which can process 60,000 0.5-liter bottles per hour.

    Picture: Managing the perfect four-shift operation of the KHS turnkey line together: Vasilly Basmanov, technical director of Efes Ukraine (center), Oliver Schneider, head of Sales for Eastern Europe, KHS GmbH (right), and Mikhail Meshubovsky, Sales Ukraine, KHS GmbH.

    The turnkey line is now running in four-shift operation. KHS delivered in the space of just five months and had the line up and running after a mere four weeks of installation. The acceptance test yielded a result of 92% in efficiency. The conveyors throughout the line are frequency controlled so that they can process the many different types of Efes bottle (from the bulbous barrel bottle to the standard beer bottle) with very short changeover times. Both new and returnable glass bottles are handled on the line. An Innopal AS1H depalletizes the new glass bottles and the manually stacked pallets of soiled containers. An Innoclean SE single-end bottle washer with a Triple-i-Drive system and energy-saving bottle carriers has a caustic immersion period of 14 minutes, thus giving even extremely dirty bottles a thorough clean. The line also features an Innofill DPG-ZMS filler with a bottle sealing system for crown corks, twist-off caps or ring pull tops, an Innoket KL 2080 cold glue labeler, an Innopack Kisters TSP Advanced tray shrink packer and an Innopal PB1HS palletizer with upstream inline robot grouping.
    Basmanov is delighted with KHS' performance. "We're extremely satisfied with our KHS turnkey line and the perfect interplay of the individual components on it. Basically, this line actively helps us to secure our future."
    Efes Ukraine has a share of around 8% on the Ukrainian beer market, placing it at number four on the list of top-selling brewery groups. The company has 13 brand beers in 42 sales units in its portfolio and supplies the economy, mainstream, premium and super premium segments.
    (KHS GmbH)
    15.04.2014   Robert Bodingbauer receives Republic of Korea order of merit    ( Company news )

    Company news Picture: The Korean prime minister, Yung Hong-Won, presents the Order of Merit to Robert Bodingbauer. The managing director of ENGEL Machinery Korea was awarded for making an outstanding contribution to the Republic of Korea

    Robert Bodingbauer, the managing director of ENGEL Machinery Korea, has been awarded with the Presidential Citation Order of Merit of the Republic of Korea. The order is presented by the Korean president, Park Geun-Hye, to honour people who have made an outstanding contribution to the country.

    The prime minister, Yung Hong-Won, presented it to Mr Bodingbauer for contributing to Korea's industrial development and supporting foreign investments over the course of many years. Robert Bodingbauer was the only foreigner to receive an order of merit from the Korean government this year. Others who were honoured along with him included high-ranking managers from corporations such as Hyundai Motors, Samsung SHI and Posco. The Presidential Citation Award is the highest civilian accolade bestowed by the Republic of Korea and is comparable to the Decoration of Honour for Services to the Republic of Austria and the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany.

    Mr Bodingbauer has worked in Asia for ENGEL since 1986. After a good number of years in Hong Kong, he moved to Korea in 2003 to take charge of the ENGEL production plant in Pyeongtaek City. He also has personal connections with Asia, as his wife is Chinese. He lives with her not far from the ENGEL plant.

    ENGEL has been making injection moulding machines in the small and medium clamping force segment in Korea since 2001, and the Pyeongtaek plant plays a key role in the fastgrowing markets of Asia. 70% of the machines manufactured in Korea are already exported to China and other Asian countries, and at the beginning of 2013, the site was modernised and the plant's production capacity increased significantly. A few months later, ENGEL Machinery Korea became the first foreign company to win the Korea National Quality Award. ENGEL employs a staff of over 170 in Korea.
    (Engel Machinery Korea Limited)
    14.04.2014   Belgium: UNESCO considering a petition to include Belgian beer culture ...    ( )

    ... of immaterial cultural heritage

    Belgium has petitioned the United Nations' education and cultural agency UNESCO to include Belgian beer culture on its list of immaterial cultural heritage, reported on April 2.

    UNESCO officials in Paris will have the final say, but the first signs are very positive.

    It was Belgium's Germanophone community that handed in the dossier with support of its Flemish and Francophone counterparts.

    The recognition procedure has been underway for many years.

    Belgium's Flemish Community made a start in 2011.

    It was followed by the Francophone Community the following year. All three of Belgium's language-based communities needed to back the initiative if it was to stand any chance of succeeding.

    Belgium's dossier will now be scrutinised by the Secretariat of the Convention for the Protection of Immaterial Cultural Heritage.

    If accepted Belgian beer culture will join the following Belgian events or activities on the UNESCO list: the Ros Beiaard Procession in Dendermonde, the Holy Blood Procession in Bruges, Carnival in Aalst, falconry and shrimp fishing at Oostduinkerke.
    14.04.2014   Brazil: Ambev to freeze beer prices till the end of FIFA World Cup    ( )

    Brazil’s beer industry giant Ambev announced on April 4 it would not be increasing the prices of its products until the FIFA World Cup ends (in mid-July).

    The company’s portfolio includes such popular brands as Skol, Antarctica, Brahma, Bohemia, and Original.

    The announcement came after the government raised the tax on beer and some other drinks, betting that consumption during the soccer World Cup in June and July would help shore up its finances. The tax is equal to around 1 cent an item, the government said.
    14.04.2014   Singapore: Carlsberg Singapore adds Japan’s Asahi beer to its portfolio    ( )

    Carlsberg Singapore said on April 7 that it was adding Japan's number-one beer brand, Asahi, to its portfolio.

    The company acquired a 51 per cent stake in MayBev Pte Ltd, the sole distributor of Asahi in Singapore.

    MayBev's core business comprises the sales, marketing and distribution of a wide portfolio of international beverages, including Pravda and Heavy Water vodkas, Zonin wines and various specialty Japanese soft drinks.

    14.04.2014   Sprite and LeBron James Mix It Up to Create a New Limited-Edition Flavor    ( Company news )

    Company news Sprite® 6 Mix™ by LeBron James is the first flavor developed by Sprite in collaboration with a cultural influencer

    NBA superstar and cultural icon LeBron James has made thousands of spectacular plays during his basketball career. But this spring, he’s changing the game and taking his creative expression off the court to collaborate with Sprite on a unique, new flavor.
    Sprite 6 Mix by LeBron James is the first limited-edition Sprite flavor formulated in partnership with the NBA champion and cultural icon. The game-changing beverage combines the refreshing taste of traditional Sprite with a splash of cherry and orange flavor. The flavor formulation, packaging graphics and product name of Sprite 6 Mix were co-developed with James to truly reflect his style and taste preferences.
    "LeBron James is the perfect partner to bring our fans new product innovation," said Kimberly Paige, Associate Vice President, Sprite Brands, Coca-Cola North America. "We've enjoyed an amazing relationship with LeBron since he entered the NBA in 2003, and we're proud to have him contribute to Sprite in a meaningful way that we know will excite Sprite lovers and his fans."
    Beginning in mid-March, Sprite 6 Mix by LeBron James will appear on store shelves nationwide for a limited time. It will be available in 20-ounce bottles and 19.2-ounce cans, and will be sold in convenience retail and value stores. Special packaging for the new flavor features a custom logo sporting James’ name and jersey number, and his initials appear on the background of the label. The packaging also features a custom “6” with a crown integrated to represent James’ most popular nickname – “King James.” More information is available at
    “Growing up drinking Sprite, I never imagined I would have my own flavor someday,” James said. “I had a great time working with the Sprite team to turn my favorite flavors into a pretty cool variation of one of my favorite brands. I’m proud of what we created and I’m excited for my fans to try it.”
    Sprite® 6 Mix™ by LeBron James will be supported by a multichannel advertising campaign. The effort will include a 15-second commercial and digital videos featuring James and his marketing team during a real working session at LRMR offices in Akron, Ohio. Out-of-home on digital billboards and digital banner ads will feature the product and campaign tagline: LeBron Has Changed The Game. Again.
    Fans of Sprite can enter cap codes from each bottle of Sprite 6 Mix by LeBron James online at or via text to redeem instant rewards, including LeBron street art wallpapers and music download codes. Plus, enter codes to win prizes including a signed LeBron James jersey, autographed cans, UNKNWN® apparel, gift cards and more.
    (The Coca-Cola Company)
    11.04.2014   Rexam starts construction work on new Swiss plant    ( Company news )

    Company news Rexam, a leading global beverage can manufacturer and the number one can maker in Europe, has commenced construction of its new plant in Switzerland. Today’s ground-breaking ceremony officially launches the build which represents an investment of £115 million in total.
    Located in Widnau, the plant will be a wall-to-wall facility, and when complete will run as a three line operation producing various sizes of Slim and Sleek™ cans. Built to the latest environmental specifications, the plant will minimise traffic to-and-from the site and optimise logistic costs.
    Commenting at the plant's ground-breaking ceremony, Graham Chipchase, Rexam Chief Executive said, “We’re delighted to be joined by our customers, partners and the community of St. Gallen to celebrate the start of construction for this exciting new plant. This cutting-edge facility reflects our ambition as a business as we continually strive to innovate and provide our customers with cost-effective and sustainable can packaging solutions.”
    The first line in Widnau is due to come on stream in 2015 and the plant will have an incremental capacity when fully built of 2.2 billion cans per year.
    (Rexam PLC)
    10.04.2014   AUER PACKAGING EXPANDS ITS CAPACITY    ( Company news )

    Company news In December 2013, AUER Packaging announced the purchase of the entire Technology Park site in Amerang. The prestigious building complex was built in 2002 on a plot measuring almost 50,000 square metres for an international electronics company. The architecture and furnishings are suitably spacious and of a high standard of quality. The headquarters of AUER Packaging, with their own showroom, have already been situated in the main block of the Technology Park for many years.
    With the purchase of the whole site, the up-and-coming Bavarian firm is unlocking additional production capacity with only a very short distance between the production facilities and the sales and administrative departments. In future, new product lines will also be able to be produced under cleanroom conditions in the new halls.
    (Auer Packaging GmbH)
    09.04.2014   India: Diageo takes up legal battle against Indian company using ‘Black Label’ trademark for a beer    ( )

    Global drinks giant Diageo Brands BV has taken up a legal battle against home grown liquor maker Khoday Brewing & Distilling Industries, which has secured the ‘Khoday Black Label’ trademark for one of its premium beer brands in India, India Express reported on April 4.

    Diageo, which has the iconic Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotch whisky brand under its kitty, moved the patents and trademark tribunal, IPAB, against the order of the deputy registrar, trademarks, Chennai, which allowed the Bangalore-based Khoday Brewing & Distilling Industries to use ‘Khoday Black Label’ mark, for its beer brand.

    The trademarks tribunal, after going through the initial affidavits, has adjourned further hearing on the petition to the first week of June.

    The deputy registrar on March 24, 2010, had granted registration of ‘Khoday Black Label’ to Khoday Brewing & Distilling Industries, disapproving the opposition filed by Diageo at that point of time. Following the order, the trademark was published in the Trademark Journal.

    Diageo, aggrieved by the order, moved the IPAB, praying for the withdrawal of the registration given to ‘Khoday Black Label’ mark. Separately, it also filed a petition for the stay of the impugned order.

    When the matter came up on April 3, the counsel for both the parties sought adjournment and the IPAB bench, consisting of Justice KN Basha, chairman and S Usha, vice-chairman, posted the matter for June.

    The affidavit filed by Diageo’s counsel, while flaying the deputy registrar’s order, has pointed out that the trademark registry had placed reliance on the documents which do not form part of the official document.

    The counsel has said that Khoday Brewing & Distilling Industries had erred in making observations about the dissimilarity between Diageo’s and their own Black Label marks. The counsel also argued that despite the glaring similarities, the respondent (Khoday Brewing & Distilling Industries) has wrongly submitted that there were no reasons for confusion.
    09.04.2014   Scotch Whisky industry toasts scrapping of alcohol duty escalator and spirits duty freeze    ( Company news )

    Company news Budget boost for consumers and a vital industry

    The Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) has warmly welcomed the Coalition Government's decision to scrap the alcohol duty escalator a year early and freeze excise duty on spirits, following calls from consumers, industry and politicians of all parties.
    In the Budget, Chancellor George Osborne showed he had listened to businesses and consumers by not only scrapping the escalator, which has increased duty on Scotch Whisky by 2% above the rate of RPI every year since 2008, but also by freezing excise duty on whisky.
    This means that planned increases of 4.8% in excise duty, which would have added another 40 pence in tax to a bottle of whisky, will not now go ahead.
    Welcoming the Chancellor's announcement the SWA said that the decision was a show of support for a major Scottish and British industry, which supports 35,000 jobs, many in economically fragile areas. The Chancellor described Scotch Whisky as a great "British success story". The move will also benefit the wider hospitality industry and help support investment across the sector, according to independent research by Ernst & Young.
    The SWA said scrapping the escalator will be welcomed by hard-pressed consumers. The vast majority of UK consumers - almost 70% - said in a poll last week that pre-planned tax increases under the escalator on a bottle of Scotch were too high.
    David Frost, Scotch Whisky Association chief executive, said: "This show of support for distillers from the Coalition Government will be warmly welcomed across the Scotch Whisky industry.
    "We are delighted that the Chancellor and the Chief Secretary to the Treasury listened to our case for scrapping the unfair alcohol duty escalator and freezing whisky duty. It is a move that supports hard-pressed consumers, a major manufacturing and export industry and the wider hospitality sector.
    "This fairer tax treatment in the UK, the third biggest market for Scotch Whisky, also sends the right signal on excise policy to the governments of the 200 countries to which we export. So its effects will be felt around the world."
    (SWA The Scotch Whisky Association)
    08.04.2014   ENGEL Deutschland Technologieforum Stuttgart continues to grow    ( Company news )

    Company news Established communication hub

    Picture: The ENGEL Deutschland Technologieforum Stuttgart currently has 25 employees. This year, mainly service technicians will be added to the staff.

    A year after its foundation, ENGEL Deutschland Technologieforum Stuttgart is taking stock, and the results are quite positive. The number of employees has been increased sooner than planned. The service offer on site is further expanded.

    The ENGEL Deutschland Technologieforum Stuttgart, which is located in Wurmberg, is ENGEL AUSTRIA's fourth sales and service branch in Germany after Nuremberg, Hagen, and Hannover. By opening the forum in April 2013, ENGEL moved significantly closer towards its customers in the southwest of Germany. "The share of technologically demanding system solutions with automation increases and requires a constantly intensified collaboration",
    emphasises branch manager Claus Wilde. "With the new site we have created perfect conditions to achieve this". Thanks to its closer proximity to the market ENGEL was able to acquire a lot of new customers over the course of the past year.

    Forum events and trainings attract more than 1100 participants
    With its particularly large technical centre and conference area the ENGEL Deutschland Technologieforum Stuttgart endeavoured to become an information and communication hub for the injection moulding industry in the southwest of Germany. "We have achieved this goal", Wilde states. "Our events are very well attended throughout". The team in Wurmberg welcomed so far more than 700 guests to nine forum events and several workshops; plus another 400 participants of the training programme. The most sought after topics for the workshops were energy efficiency and optimised set-up. Both workshop series will be continued this year. Among the highlights in the 2014 event calendar are an automobile forum, the medical conference ENGEL med.con, as well as a large-scale machine day.

    Constantly growing partner network
    Another focus of the technical centre is the support of ENGEL's customers in matters regarding applications, an offer readily accepted. "We can perform elaborate fittings and experiments for customers on site, on request also in private areas, protected from sight", Wilde says. ENGEL Deutschland Technologieforum Stuttgart works closely with partner companies and institutions, such as the SKZ in Horb and the Fraunhofer Institute in Pfinztal, and is actively involved in professional associations and networks, e.g. medial mountains and Innonet. As a result, the network of partners is constantly expanding. Furthermore, ENGEL is supporting training centres in the region.

    Looking for new service employees
    The number of employees has already risen in the first year. Currently ENGEL employs 25 people in Wurmberg. First and foremost, additional service technicians are to be hired this year. The new ENGEL subsidiary offered a special hotline for its customers from the very start. A sale of spare parts in Wurmberg is another project for the future. "The rapid growth proves that we have struck the right path with the foundation of ENGEL Deutschland Technologieforum Stuttgart", Claus Wilde stresses. "Now we have to bring our staff, our processes, and our offer in line with the demands of the market on a continuous basis. To this end we intend to make further investments". For ENGEL Germany is the most important market. The injection moulding manufacturer generates roughly a quarter of its global turnover in this market and was able to constantly expand its market shares. The new subsidiary takes account of these developments and at the same time lays the foundation for further growth.
    (Engel Austria GmbH)
    08.04.2014   The newly bottled Brooklyn BLAST!    ( Company news )

    Company news The first beer launching from our brand new bottling line here in Williamsburg will be Brooklyn BLAST!, our decidedly robust IPA, that I contend to be the greatest beer, ever. Now available in take home 4-packs and gently yet fiercely rolling out to a store near you over the next month. Try to be patient. BLAST! will soon be yours.

    Brooklyn BLAST! has been bouncing around our halls since its introduction as a Brewmaster’s Reserve in 2005. Our long running but not widely shouted answer to those palette obliterating West Coast IPAs, BLAST! is a balancing act of piney & fruity notes with a sturdy malt foundation.
    It’s bold.
    It’s big.
    It’s Brooklyn.
    Who knew we’d enjoy such a kick to the face.
    (Brooklyn Brewery)
    07.04.2014   Brazil: Government raises beer tax by around 1 cent an item    ( )

    Brazil raised a tax on beer and some other drinks, betting that consumption during the soccer World Cup in June and July will help shore up its finances, The Wall Street Journal reported on April 1.

    The government said the increase, effective immediately, applies to beer, some juices, and energy and sports drinks. Dyogo Oliveira, a senior finance ministry official, said the tax increase had been postponed from October and would raise an estimated 200 million Brazilian reais ($85 million) this year to help bolster the government's finances. The tax is equal to around 1 cent an item, the government said.

    The Brazilian government has been criticized for allowing spending to rise in recent years. An subsequent increase in public debt was one of the reasons behind Standard & Poor's decision last week to cut the sovereign credit rating of Latin America's largest economy by one notch to the lowest investment-grade level.

    Customers expressed dismay about the tax, saying it would add to the pressing concerns about inflation in this nation of 200 million people.

    "I think this increase is a disgrace, because even if it's only a small amount, I'm going to have to spend a bit more of my cash," said Luis Fontes, a 38-year-old a taxi driver who was sitting at the Portal da Paulista bar drinking coffee on a break.

    "I'm already having to pay more for my cigarettes, now it's beer. I think this government is going to finish off all my bad habits with these taxes," he said.

    Inflation in Brazil is running at just less than 6%, and it has been climbing in recent months because a drought in the southeast and center-west has driven up food prices.

    The central bank has raised its key interest rate to 10.75% to combat inflation and is widely expected to make another move on Wednesday, after its latest monetary policy meeting ends.

    Ricardo de Souza, 38 years old, who manages the Portal da Paulista bar, said he suspects the government wants to reap a windfall from the World Cup.

    "I think the government did this now, as there are a whole lot of foreigners coming here and they won't care about this increase because they will pay in dollars," said Mr. de Souza.

    Brazilians, he said, are "very sensitive to price and any increase, even if it's minimal, has an impact on sales of beer."

    Mr. de Souza says he has enough beer in stock to last two weeks, but that after that he will have to buy more beer at the higher price and will have to pass that on to customers. The bar sells around 2,200 beers a month, which accounts for about 20% of revenue, he said.

    The Brazilian government has sought to avoid tax increases on consumer products in recent years to keep down inflation and help maintain demand, one of the key drivers of the Brazilian economy. Mr. Oliveira declined to comment on any impact on inflation.

    "The impact of this inflation is very small," said Flavio Serrano, an economist at BES Investimento. "Maybe the government wants to send a signal that it is correcting some points in terms of trying to control prices, but it's not enough to state that concretely. What would have a real impact is if they alter the prices of electricity and gasoline, which need to be readjusted."

    The government said it plans to raise taxes on soda in October.

    "That won't happen before the elections," he said.

    According to Credit Suisse, the move means retailers will have to increase prices to customers by around 0.8%, as the tax would be implemented only for eight months this year. The investment bank said it should be "relatively easy" for the country's largest drinks company, Companhia de Bebidas das Americas SA, or AmBev, to maintain its revenue forecasts for this year.

    Nonetheless, there could be another annual tax adjustment in October, which could lead to another need to increase prices, according to the investment bank.
    07.04.2014   South Africa: SABMiller looking to expand with new beer styles    ( )

    SABMiller, the world’s second-largest brewer, is looking to expand in South Africa with new beer styles, including flavoured beers such as Flying Fish, and beef up its non-alcoholic drinks portfolio to address new drinking occasions, Business Report said on April 1.

    As local subsidiary SA Breweries (SAB) expands its beer offering and “romances” its core lager to maintain its market leadership, SABMiller Beverages South Africa chairman Norman Adami predicted a “substantial upside growth” in the soft drinks market, particularly the still beverages, and the group has already devised a strategy to capitalise on this.

    SAB’s still drinks portfolio includes energy drinks PowerPlay and Powerade, Valpre and Bonaqua bottled water, Nestea and Fuze iced teas, as well as Appletiser. SABMiller is a Coca-Cola bottler in 32 markets.

    Sales volumes of the still beverages portfolio achieved a compound annual growth rate of 7 percent in the four years to March last year.

    The soft drinks portfolio, including all Coca-Cola brands and still beverages, had a compound annual growth rate of 2.5 percent over this period.

    Beer sales, which are SAB’s core business, grew 2 percent.

    SABMiller is going into a closed period so it could not disclose the performance for the 12 months to March.

    In addition to working on reviving its existing still beverages brands, SAB will launch a few new products.

    To boost its core brands, SAB would be refreshing its lager beer across different markets and is planning to increase its premium mix to drive customer loyalty.

    “Our core brands are very important to us. We will continue to support those brands, mature those brands to make sure that our brand positioning and proposition is very competitive,” Adami said.

    The brewer’s core larger brands include Castle Larger, Carling Black Label, Hansa Pilsener. Premium brands, including Castle Lite and Castle Milk Stout, now make up 27 percent of the portfolio mix.
    07.04.2014   The Netherlands: SABMiller introduces Grolsch Radler    ( )

    Grolsch by SABMiller is tapping into the popularity of Radler by introducing Grolsch Radler in the Dutch market, reported on April 3.

    Grolsch Radler is naturally brewed and contains 2% of alcohol (meant exclusively for adults above 18 years old).

    "We went back to the roots of Radler, to where it all started," said Gisela Rule, marketing director at Grolsch.
    07.04.2014   WILD backs trends - Innovative concepts for beer mixes and malt beverages    ( Company news )

    Company news "Lime-Guaraná-Açai" is a new concept WILD has developed to provide further stimulus in the market of beer mixes. WILD, the ingredients specialist, also offers breweries and manufacturers of non-alcoholic drinks interesting methods for expanding their portfolio of malt beverages. Whether customers enjoy their drinks pure, with high or low malt content, or mixed with fruit flavor or juice, WILD has just the right compounds and ingredients in its portfolio.
    Beer mixes continue to meet the beverage trend of “in vogue”. According to figures of the GfK Consumer Scan, growth drivers in this segment are still experiencing new kinds of taste experiences and non-alcoholic varieties. "Currently innovative flavors are especially in demand with beer mixes. Options with exotic fruits, new cocktail and citrus varieties offer manufacturers the opportunity to appeal to younger consumers and generate further growth," says Tanja Krüger, Senior Product Manager at WILD. In keeping with this trend, WILD has developed the new concept of “Lime-Guaraná-Açai”; a combination of lime juice, guaraná extract and flavors satisfy the consumers’ palate with its new fruity-fresh taste.

    The good-mood beer mix
    With an innovative concept and the addition of guaraná extract, WILD is forging a link between beer mixes and energy drinks, another growth category. The ingredients specialist offers breweries and beverage manufacturers the opportunity to reach new target groups: “Lime-Guaraná-Açai” provides refreshment for long nights of partying, watching evening football games or entertaining at a barbecue. WILD’s new product appeals to the younger, trend-conscious target group - female consumers - as well as classic fans of energy drinks," says Tanja Krüger. Also, the fact that guaraná drinks are the most popular refreshment drinks in Brazil, ranking even ahead of cola, opens outstanding international marketing opportunities.

    Custom-made for every beer base
    In addition to classic Radlers with lemon, the WILD beer mix portfolio also includes new varieties with orange or pink grapefruit that are appealing for the unique taste profiles provided. Cocktail concepts that are well known in the bar and club scene also bring invigoration to the segment. For example, WILD has Caipirinha, Piña Colada, Mango Mojito and Hugo, based on elderflower and mint, in its portfolio. The Great Taste expert also offers products with peach and herbal flavors that work well for wheat beer. Product ideas with green and red apple complete WILD’s comprehensive portfolio.
    Growing target groups of health-conscious consumers, athletes and motorists are increasingly asking for non-alcoholic beer mixes. With a wide variety of product concepts from WILD, manufacturers can reach new consumers with their brand.

    Non-alcoholic alternatives based on malt
    WILD also has a broad portfolio of non-alcoholic drinks that are based on malt. The ingredients specialist adapts each flavor and hops profile to a specific region and customer preference. Malt products in Europe, for example, differ greatly from those in the Middle East. In the Middle East, they are alternatives to beer, generally sweeter and have a stronger amount of malt.
    WILD concepts are based on natural ingredients that promote the healthy image of malt. With a wide variety of natural fruit flavors and colors specifically coordinated with touches of malt, these concepts make the widest range of beverage categories a reality. Malt compounds are also suitable for use in ice cream and hard caramels.
    WILD recently expanded its portfolio by adding dark varieties with a higher percentage of malt. “The products deliver an authentic malt taste coupled with natural malt sweetness, and can be combined with various other flavors,” says Malte Pietsch, Director of Product Management Ingredients at WILD. “For example, for a new taste experience, a mixture with chocolate, vanilla or coffee flavors is conceivable, but the dark varieties also go well with fruit flavors.”
    Malt raw materials from WILD allow non-alcoholic manufacturers the advantage of not requiring any special technologies or bottling facilities. In addition, customers profit from the decades-long experience of WILD in application, marketing and technical support.
    (Rudolf Wild GmbH & Co. KG)
    04.04.2014   Kenya Foodex 2014, International Trade Exhibition    ( Company news )

    Company news We are proud to invite you to exhibit at Kenya Foodex 2014, International Trade Exhibition, which will be held at KICC - Nairobi, from 26th - 28th, June, 2014. The event attracts visitors from Kenya & its neighboring countries while exhibitors participate from numerous countries around the world.

    Exhibitor Profile
    » Food & Beverages
    » Hotel & Supplies
    » Bakery & Equipment
    » Poultry
    » Agriculture
    » Kitchen Equipment
    » Packaging
    » Sweets & Candies
    » Display & Storage
    » Diary Products
    (Profex Exhibition Organizer Fz Llc)
    04.04.2014   Vetropack 2013 – Revenue, sales and cash flow increased    ( Company news )

    Company news Full utilisation, balanced mix/price structure, positive exchange effects: 2013 has been a good year for Vetropack Group. However, margins continued to be under pressure due to increased production costs and a tense market situation.

    Key financial figures for 2013:
    • Gross revenue: CHF 621.0 million (2012: CHF 604.4 million)
    • EBIT: CHF 60.0 million (2012: CHF 61.5 million)
    • EBIT margin: 9.7% (2012: 10.2%)
    • Annual profit: CHF 56.4 million (2012: CHF 83.6 million)
    • Net liquidity: CHF 23.8 million (2012: CHF 44.1 million)
    • Cash flow: CHF 110.4 million (2012: CHF 98.0 million)
    • Cash flow margin: 17.8% (2012: 16.2%)
    • Equity ratio: 80.9% (2012: 82.7%)

    Vetropack Group generated consolidated gross revenue of CHF 621.0 million, which was 2.7% higher than the CHF 604.4 million of the previous year. The currency-adjusted increase in revenue was 2.0%.
    Overall, Vetropack Group sold 4.36 billion units of glass packaging (2012: 4.29 billion units), 1.5% more than in the previous year. The domestic markets accounted for 61.9% of unit sales (2012: 61.7%). The Group produced a total of 1,281,000 tons of saleable glass packaging. This equates to an increase of 3.1% compared to the previous year, in which two furnace refurbishments were carried out. All capacity was fully utilised.
    Consolidated EBIT decreased to CHF 60.0 million (2012: CHF 61.5 million). The higher production and raw material costs could not be absorbed by the price adjustments and the rationalization measures realised. The EBIT margin decreased to 9.7% (2012: 10.2%) of gross revenue. Consolidated annual profit was CHF 56.4 million (2012: CHF 83.6 million). In addition to the sale of a property not needed for operations in St-Prex, Vaud, (the effect on profit before taxes totalled approximately CHF 2.8 million) and exchange effects, the purchase of the remaining shares and subsequent merger of a property company had a positive impact on annual profit. The previous year was also positively affected by a sale of land in the amount of CHF 35.0 million.
    The cash flow remained high and could even be increased to CHF 110.4 million (2012: CHF 98.0 million) which was 12.7% higher than the previous year.
    Vetropack Group invested a total of CHF 56.3 million in 2013 (2012: CHF 112.3 million). Because no furnaces were refurbished during the reporting year, the focus was on the modernisation and replacement of glass-blowing machines and the associated infrastructure, as well as on preparatory work for the new construction and retrofitting of furnaces in 2014.
    (Vetropack AG)
    03.04.2014   AcmaVolpak: new solutions for packaging tea in filter bags and pouch forming and filling    ( Company news )

    Company news Previewed during the latest edition of Tea&Coffee World Cup show, the T4, AcmaVolpak’s new solution for packaging tea in filter bags will be shown for the first time at Interpack. Flexibility and sustainability are the key concepts of its design. Introducing also the Enflex STD-22 (photo), the new horizontal & Vertical Form Fill Seal Machines.

    Designed and manufactured by Tecnomeccanica – the brand dedicated to the tea market – T4 Modula is AcmaVolpak’s new, medium-speed, tea bag machine. It consists in a double chamber “knotted” packaging solution, particularly appreciated in worldwide markets as it guarantees users with the highest product authenticity and aroma. In addition to its performance in line with its category (T4 can package up to 250 bags per minute), this new solution by AcmaVolpak is particularly advanced in terms of sustainability and materials saving. The tea bag packaged by T4, which could be defined within the most beautiful in the world, is produced in non heat-sealed filter paper, it is 100% biodegradable and is closed without using any metal staple in order to better preserve the genuineness of its content. An octagonal tag is placed on the front of the bag, while the string is attached underneath; these features make the tea bag aesthetically more pleasant and optimise brand visibility, thus supporting the customer’s marketing strategies.
    The open design and the accessibility to all of the mechanisms convert the STD-22 into the ideal equipment for the client who looks for ease of use and low maintenance cost. You can manufacture Stand Up type pouches, with front, lateral or well centred caps in the upper sealing, sachets with different shapes, reaching a production output of up to 140 sachets per minute. Thanks to its versatility, it is the ideal machine for affronting a great variety of projects; from dehydrated soups with or without pasta and vegetables, to grated cheese, sauces, juices, dairy products, etc. Available with zipper applicator, corner and top cap fitment.
    (ACMA S.p.a.)
    02.04.2014   Ball Announces Passing of Gerrit Heske, SVP and COO, Global Metal Beverage Packaging    ( Company news )

    Company news It is with deep sadness that Ball Corporation (NYSE: BLL) announced the passing of Gerrit Heske, 49, senior vice president and chief operating officer, global metal beverage packaging, who collapsed and died suddenly at his home on Saturday, March 22.
    "Gerrit was more than a co-worker; he was a friend, and on behalf of the company and our fellow colleagues, we express our deepest condolences to his family," said John A. Hayes, chairman, president and chief executive officer. "While we grieve for our loss, both personally and professionally, we remain focused on the day-to-day tasks at hand. We will build on the legacy that Gerrit left us."
    Effective immediately and on an interim basis, Scott C. Morrison, senior vice president and chief financial officer, will assume responsibility for the global metal beverage business.
    (Ball Corporation)
    01.04.2014   Honouring the fine beer and brewers of Ontario - The Ontario Brewing Awards ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... celebrate their 11th year

    An evening of golden beer and golden awards is bubbling up once again to celebrate Ontario’s most loved beverage.

    On April 3, 2014 at the Gladstone Hotel, the 11th Annual Ontario Brewing Awards will be acknowledging the superior beer and brewers of the province.

    Forty-five breweries from across Ontario will have the chance to win the Gold, Silver or Bronze awards of the evening.

    “For years, Ontario has been known as one of the hotbeds of Canadian beer production and recently it has been gaining the recognition that it deserves. Ontario is bursting with breweries making high quality, and often adventurous, products,” said Les Murray of Beerlicious Inc. “The Ontario Brewing Awards’ goal is to showcase these breweries and honour their incredible work.”

    The Ontario beer market is growing at a rapid pace, and the Awards aim to unite various breweries in the celebration of their common craft.

    This year’s awards will be judged in the following categories:
    North American Light Lager, North American Lager, Pilsner, Amber Lager, Dark Lager, Bock, Honey Maple, German Wheat, Belgian Wheat, Cream Ale, Pale Ale, India Pale Ale, North American Pale Ale, British IPA, North American IPA, Amber Ale, Dark Ale, Porter, Stout, Imperial Stouts, Fruit or Vegetable Flavoured Beer, Strong Beer, Newcomer of the Year and Original Brew of the Year.

    Beerlicious Inc. and Roger Mittag, the “Professor of Beer”, will host the awards on Thursday, April 3 from 5-8pm at The Gladstone Hotel, 1214 Queen St W, Toronto. The event is open to industry members and the media and includes food and samples of some of the best beer in Ontario.
    01.04.2014   SIG Combibloc receives the iF Design Award: combidome is recognised with one of the world's most ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... important design awards – excellent design, outstanding logistics

    It is outstanding in every respect: combidome, the carton bottle from SIG Combibloc. combidome combines the best features of a carton pack with the best features of a bottle, making it different from anything that has ever been seen before in food packaging. The exceptional design of combidome has now been recognised with one of the
    world’s most important design accolades: the iF Design Award. The carton pack’s remarkable design also creates numerous logistical advantages with which substantial savings can be achieved in total system costs.
    For 60 years, the iF (Industrie Forum Design e.V.) has represented the fusion of design and economics. Today, iF is a globally active design centre based in Hannover, and organises major design shows all over the world. 4,615 entries vied for the coveted iF Design Awards, which this year were awarded for the 61st time. And the flourishing internationalisation continued in 2014, with the 49-person expert jury evaluating designs from a total of 55
    countries – another significant increase over the previous year.
    With its iF accolade, SIG Combibloc joins a group of famous award-winners such as Volkswagen (awarded for Golf Variant), Hewlett-Packard (HP Chromebook 11) and Apple (iPhone 5c). Product optimisation and courage to differentiate through design – the jury at the iF Design Awards believes these are the points that will continue to be key.
    “We are very proud that combidome convinced this blue-ribbon jury of experts of the many advantages that our exceptional carton pack combines in one. The design concept of combidome is outstanding in terms of convenience and differentiation – and in logistical respects too, our award-winning package has all kinds of advantages”, says Hanno Bertling, Global Product Manager for combidome at SIG Combibloc, who accepted the award in Munich with Christoph Kenn, Senior Project Manager for combidome at SIG Combibloc.
    Logistics costs make up a significant proportion of the total system costs of a packaging system. Hanno Bertling said: “Compared, for instance, to a standard gable-top carton, with combidome substantial savings can be achieved on the logistics costs. This reduces the total system costs. Our customers benefit from this, but so does the retail market”.

    Withstands considerable crushing forces
    Packaging expert Kenn says: “Due to its construction, combidome can withstand higher crushing forces than standard gable-top cartons, without deforming or even leaking. The forces acting from above that are generated when the carton packs are stacked on a pallet are optimally transferred by the carton pack’s centrally placed dome to the sides of the package. In the compression test, it was shown that combidome remains stable at a pressure of up to 120 Newtons. At a pressure of just 20 Newtons, standard gable-top carton packs begin to show visible deformation that can result in defects in liquid tightness”.
    What is more, the ingenious, stable design of combidome also means that much lower demands are placed on the secondary packaging than with standard gable-top cartons. If a manufacturer opts for package-high trays, thinner corrugated cardboard can be used than with gable-top cartons. And flat trays have already been tested successfully in Europe in connection with combidome. The possible savings here alone are worth up to 20 per cent of the logistics costs.
    The construction of the carton packs makes it possible for operators to stack combidome in five layers on a pallet. Based on the standard formation of 2 x 4 carton packs, 800 carton packs fit on a Euro pallet. This also reduces the costs. Plus, the risk of damage when loading and during storage is substantially reduced, because combidome trays with 2 x 4 standard formation fit on a Euro pallet with no overhang.
    (SIG Combibloc GmbH)
    31.03.2014   Brazil: Ambev starts brewing Budweiser in the state of Rio de Janeiro    ( )

    Ambev, Brazil’s largest beer maker and part of the world’s No. 1 brewer AB InBev, on March 21 inaugurated two new production lines for Budweiser beer at its brewery in Pirai (Rio de Janeiro), Folha Vale do Café reports.

    The plant, purchased by the company in 2007, will become Ambev’s second facility to produce the global brand in Brazil.

    Budweiser was launched in Brazil in 2011 and until now has been produced at Ambev’s Jacarei brewery in the state of Sao Paulo.

    Owing to an investment of R$165 mln, the Pirai brewery has installed two lines dedicated solely to production of Budweiser. Over the last five years, the company invested a total of R$ 455 mln in the facility.

    31.03.2014   France: Heineken inaugurates new brewing hall at Marseille brewery    ( )

    Heineken France officially inaugurated the new brewing hall at its Marseille brewery on March 27, L’Usine Nouvelle reports.

    Total investments in the project amounted to EUR2.4 mln, the company said.

    The brewery currently produces 1.3 mln hl of beer per year, the new installations will allow for a capacity increase of up to 70,000 hl in 2014.
    31.03.2014   Natural fresh fruit and vegetable puree with long shelf life    ( Company news )

    Company news PurePulse has always been associated with juices. Until now. Test results show that this innovative technology can also treat very well fruit and vegetable purees. The fresh flavour and colour are perfectly maintained and there is no need for additives. This makes it possible for food manufacturers and catering to use readymade natural fruit and vegetable purees with the quality of freshly produced.
    The need for fresh and natural products that are tastier and healthier is growing. This is reflected in the growth of the fresh juice industry, and is also spreading to other product groups such as fruit and vegetable purees. Fruit puree is used in for example ice cream, desserts and smoothies and cocktails. Vegetable puree is widely used in catering and foodservice as a basis for (cold) sauces and soups.

    Cost effective
    Users of purees prepare either fresh purees themselves or buy them as a readymade product. Readymade fresh puree treated with PurePulse is 100% natural and just as tasty and healthy as freshly produced puree. Making your own is therefor no longer necessary, which can save a lot in time and therefore costs. Moreover, it shows improvement in the quality and convenience compared to the current range of readymade purees.

    Natural and sustainable
    Fruit and vegetable puree treated with PurePulse is tastier and healthier than puree that is heated. It also has a fresher taste and is more sustainable than frozen puree. Heating breaks down the fresh taste and colour. Most of the time a binding agent is added, because the enzymes, like pectin, which naturally has binding properties, are lost during the process. The disadvantage of frozen puree, is that the distribution of frozen food is expensive and less sustainable, and there is also the possibility that flavour will be lost.

    Fresh quality, long shelf life
    The mild preservation method only deactivates the spoilage microorganisms. After the treatment the puree has a refrigerated shelf life of at least 4 weeks. The product retains the fresh properties such as taste and colour and additional additives are not necessary. The application of PurePulse makes it very interesting for fruit and vegetable processors to produce fresh and natural purees. This way it is possible for them to respond to the needs of food manufacturers and caterers for more convenience and better taste.
    (CoolWave Processing B.V.)
    31.03.2014   UK: Beer duty cut by one pence per pint in the new Budget    ( )

    UK beer duty will be cut by one pence per pint, the chancellor of the exchequer George Osborne announced last week.

    The Budget was announced in the House of Commons on March 19 which saw a huge cheer erupt as the chancellor confirmed that beer duty would be cut by one pence per pint, while duty on cider has been frozen.

    It is the second cut to beer duty in as many years.

    Brigid Simmonds, British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) chief executive, said: “This is fantastic news, and George Osborne is again the toast of Britain’s brewers, pubs and pubgoers. It will protect over 7,000 jobs over two years, mostly jobs of younger people in Britain’s pubs.

    “It also shows that the Government has understood our case, that taxes on British beer had become far too high, and action was long overdue.

    “I hope this becomes a trend in future budgets for this British-made, lower-strength drink.”

    Julian Grocock, chief executive of the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) said, “SIBA applauds the Chancellor’s decision to take another penny off the pint, following last year’s historic decision to scrap the unpopular escalator. It is good to see that this government believes in providing long-term support for the British brewing and pubs industry.

    “SIBA’s Budget submission to the Treasury this year was based on the very positive impact of the 2013 duty cut on the local brewing industry. Our members now feel more confident about the long-term prospects for their breweries, and are investing in them by buying new equipment, recruiting new staff or opening new pubs.

    “This evidence of an industry buoyed by the duty cut, which we presented to government both centrally and locally, through our members’ lobbying of their MPs, is one reason why we have been given what we asked for in this Budget – the ‘same again, please, George.’. We promise to return the Chancellor’s positive response by giving back more of the same from Britain’s local brewers: more investment in breweries, jobs and pubs.”

    Mike Benner, chief executive of CAMRA, said: “CAMRA is delighted to see the Chancellor implementing an unprecedented second consecutive cut of a penny in beer duty. This is not only about keeping the price of a pint affordable in British pubs but helping an industry which has been in overall decline continue on its long road to recovery. CAMRA cares greatly about the future of the Great British pub and it is clear from this Budget announcement that the Government do too.

    “Keeping the price of a pint affordable is vital for the long-term health of the pub sector and CAMRA would hope this latest vote of confidence in British pubs will go some way to slowing the rate of closures, by encouraging more people to make use of their local this summer.”
    31.03.2014   USA: MillerCoors sees promising numbers for its Miller Lite can sales    ( )

    While MillerCoors isn't claiming victory just yet on the impact that the Miller Lite throwback-style packaging has had on overall brand sales, the numbers so far are promising for Miller Lite can sales and the company has extended the availability of its packaging through Sept. 30, Milwaukee Business Journal reported on March 24.

    Miller Lite can sales have increased more than 4.7 percent this year through March 1. During the week ended Feb. 22, Miller Lite’s change in share of total U.S. beer sales (for cans) from the same week one year ago increased by 0.24 percent. This was the first time Miler Lite can sales gained share since March 2013. Still, overall brand sales are down 2 percent, according to Nielsen data.

    Jonathan Stern, director of media relations for MillerCoors, said re-introducing the original can caught the attention of millennial beer drinkers.

    “Since millennial beer drinkers are into authenticity and heritage, and with Miller Lite being the original light beer, we believe this is causing a lot of interest," Stern said.

    Tom Long, MillerCoors chief executive officer, admitted in a Nov. 6 earnings release that the company was “not satisfied with the on-premise distribution or volume performance” of the premium light brands.

    Hence the return of the original Lite can, bearing the original 1970s packaging. The company is seeing push in the right direction with the help of the packaging decision, which was noted in MillerCoors' latest earnings report.

    "Miller Lite declined high-single digits for the full year but mid-single digits in the fourth quarter," Long said during an earnings call in February. "The brand brought back the original Miller Lite can design in December of 2013 to drive new interest and trial. Based on strong consumer results, the original can pack will be extended nationally through Sept. 30."

    28.03.2014   Bellingham + Stanley: Visit us this year at Analytica 2014     ( Company news )

    Company news Bellingham + Stanley will once again join other Xylem brands at this year's Analytica Exhibition taking place in Munich, Germany in order to present a number of New Product Releases as well as to show our existing laboratory Refractometers & Polarimeters.
    Our dedicated B+S Sales Team members Tim Ford and Ian Stoner will be in attendance all week to take you throughout the booth!

    New ADP600 Polarimeter (photo)
    First launched at Pittcon in March, our new multiple wavelength, high accuracy ADP600 Polarimeter with Peltier temperature control will be presented for the first time in Europe next week at Analytica 2014.
    Suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical and research applications!

    RFM300+ Series - new features!
    Complimentary to the new high definition display we introduced last year, we will be showing our latest RFM300+ derivatives featuring a number of exciting new features. Be sure to drop by the Xylem booth at Analytica or log on to our website next week to learn more!

    OPTi Series - new features!
    Bellingham + Stanley's OPTi refractometers are continuously evolving. Our latest software feature is High Ambient Light protection software that monitors extraneous light and warns the operator of any detrimental effects that bright sunlight or floodlighting in cellars for example, may have on the reading. Tim & Ian will be at the show demonstrating this new feature as well as the unique AG Test Mode.

    Make sure you visit Booth A1: 302 at Analytica or log on to our website or Twitter next week for live updates!
    (Bellingham + Stanley Ltd)
    28.03.2014   Symrise Achieves Record Levels in Sales and Profitability in 2013    ( Company news )

    Company news • Sales increase by 10 % at local currency in 2013
    • Substantial 10 % increase in EBITDA to EUR 373.1 million
    • Net income sets new all-time high with EUR 172 million
    • Dividend increase to EUR 0.70 proposed
    • For 2014 outperformance of market growth targeted – long-term outlook confirmed

    Symrise AG continued its dynamic profitable growth course in 2013 and achieved new all-time highs in sales and earnings during its tenth anniversary year. The Group grew sales by 6 % to EUR 1,830 million (2012: EUR 1,735 million). In local currency, this corresponds to an increase of 10 %. Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) also rose considerably by 10 % to EUR 373 million (2012: EUR 339 million). With an EBITDA margin of 20.4 % (2012: 19.5 %), Symrise managed to further increase its profitability this past fiscal year. These excellent developments were supported by both divisions. Scent & Care performed particularly well, benefiting from a positive consumer sentiment worldwide, strong demand for menthol and the fragrance activities acquired from the Belmay Group. Symrise recorded the strongest growth at local currency in North and Latin America. The group also continued to grow in the Emerging Markets and increased sales at local currency by 11 % compared to the previous year.
    Dr. Heinz-Jürgen Bertram, CEO of Symrise AG, said: “In the 2013 fiscal year, Symrise again clearly outperformed the global market for flavors and fragrances. We achieved new records in sales and earnings despite a very volatile economic climate. We particularly benefited from our expanded menthol activities and from high demand for flavors used in sweet and savory applications. Our expanded fragrance activities in the USA also made a significant contribution. Ten years after its founding, Symrise holds a leading position in all of its market segments. This is the result of our focused expansions, the diversification of our customer base and our innovative portfolio. Symrise is thus well-positioned to maintain its excellent growth and earnings trajectory as it opens the next chapter of its corporate development.”

    Group Sales Up 10 % at Local Currency
    Symrise grew Group sales in the 2013 fiscal year by 6 % to EUR 1,830 million (2012: EUR 1,735 million). At local currency, this corresponds to a 10 % increase. Symrise therefore successfully accomplished its goal of growing faster than the global market for flavors and fragrances. According to estimates, the market grows by 2 to 3 % per year.
    In North America, Symrise achieved its strongest sales growth with 11 % (14 % at local currency). Alongside of organic growth, the Group also benefited from its acquisition of the US-American Belmay Group’s fragrance activities in March 2013. In the EAME region, Symrise posted sales gains of 5 % (7 % at local currency). In the Asia/Pacific region, Symrise increased sales by 4 % (10 % at local currency). Sales performance in Latin America was weakened by the devaluation of some local currencies compared to the Euro, therefore sales developed only moderately with an increase of 2 %. Without these negative currency effects, sales growth in Latin America amounted to 12 %.

    EBITDA Increases 10 % to EUR 373 Million
    Symrise once again demonstrated its high profitability in 2013: Despite strategic growth investments in research and development, new production capacities and additional sales units, the Group boosted its earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) by 10 % to EUR 373 million (2012: EUR 339 million). The EBITDA margin increased from 19.5 % in the previous year to 20.4 % and therefore was within the targeted range of between 19 and 22 %. Symrise was thus once again among the most profitable companies in the industry.
    Net income was up by 9 % to EUR 172 million (2012: EUR 158 million), the highest figure ever since the founding of Symrise. Correspondingly, earnings per share rose to EUR 1.46 (2012: EUR 1.33). The Executive and Supervisory Boards will therefore propose a dividend of EUR 0.70 (2012: EUR 0.65) for the 2013 fiscal year at the Annual General Meeting on May 14, 2014.

    Cash Flow from Operating Activities Up 25 %
    The Group’s good earnings performance had a positive impact on cash flow from operating activities: It increased by 25 % to EUR 274.8 million (2012: EUR 219.5 million).
    Net debt including pension provisions decreased to EUR 744.8 million compared to fiscal year 2012 (Dec. 31, 2012: EUR 808 million). The ratio of net debt including pension provisions to EBITDA came to 2.0 (Dec. 31, 2012: 2.4) and was therefore at the lower end of the targeted range of 2.0 to 2.5.

    Sales Increase by 11 % at Local Currency in Emerging Markets
    Symrise’s strategy places a strong focus on business in the Emerging Markets. For years, the Group has been enhancing its presence in these markets and aligning its offers with their specific demand profiles, which are characterized by growing populations and economic progress. Although economic performance was weaker in certain Emerging Markets in 2013, Symrise managed to continue its growth course unhindered. The Group increased sales in Emerging Markets by 11 % at local currency. With a share of 48 % in reporting currency, the Emerging Markets delivered almost half of group sales in 2013.

    Scent & Care Division
    The Scent & Care division seamlessly continued its dynamic growth course in 2013 and increased sales by 9 % to EUR 960.4 million (2012: EUR 882.8 million). At local currency, this corresponds to a growth of 13 %.
    The division expanded both, organically as well as through acquisitions and benefited from three factors: the high demand for perfumes, the fragrance activities acquired from Belmay and the menthol business.
    Scent & Care’s strongest regional growth was posted in North America. Here, sales were up by 19 % at local currency – driven by high, double-digit growth rates in the Oral Care and Aroma Molecules application areas as well as by the business acquired from Belmay. The second-strongest region in the Scent & Care division was Asia/Pacific, which posted a sales increase of 14 % at local currency. This result was especially supported by business performance in China, India, Japan and Indonesia. Latin America also developed dynamically: The region increased its sales by 11 % at local currency and particularly benefited from high demand in the perfumes and cosmetics application areas. After the sales drop in the prior year, the EAME region showed a strong recovery in 2013 – recording a sales increase of 10 % at local currency. Along with the positive developments in Western Europe, the main contributors to this result were the recovery in Eastern Europe and strong growth in Africa and the Gulf region.
    Scent & Care increased its EBITDA to EUR 194.5 million (2012: EUR 161 million). The EBITDA margin rose to 20.3 % compared to 18.2 % in 2012.

    Flavor & Nutrition Division
    Flavor & Nutrition increased sales by 2 % to EUR 870 million in 2013 (2012: EUR 852 million). Adjusted for exchange rate effects, this growth amounted to 6 %. Every application area contributed to this growth, with sweet and savory products making the strongest contributions, as well as the Consumer Health application area.
    Latin America recorded the strongest sales increase for the division with sales up by 15 % at local currency. The region benefited from strong growth in all flavor application areas. The second-strongest region was Asia/Pacific, which posted 7 % sales growth at local currency. Here, Flavor & Nutrition expanded its business, especially with savory products as well as in the Consumer Health area. In North America, the division increased sales by 6 % and benefited from considerable new business with selected customers. In the EAME region, Flavor & Nutrition posted even stronger growth than in the previous year, up 5 % at local currency. This was mainly driven by higher demand from Eastern Europe, Africa and the Gulf region. The mixing plant that opened in Holzminden this past June also provided further capacities and contributed to the result.
    Flavor & Nutrition generated an EBITDA of EUR 178.6 million (2012: EUR 177.8 million). The EBITDA margin was 20.5 % (2012: 20.9 %) despite large investments into new capacities and sales units.

    Focus on Sustainable, Profitable Business
    At the beginning of 2013, Symrise announced long-term targets for its business activities for the first time. The targets apply through the end of the 2020 fiscal year. The Group is aiming to increase sales by an average of 5 to 7 % annually (CAGR). In addition, Symrise is also striving to be among the most profitable companies in the industry. By the end of 2020, earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) should amount to more than EUR 500 million. The EBITDA margin should be within the range of 19 to 22 %.
    Symrise’s profitable growth course is based on three strategic pillars: The focused expansion of its business in established and particularly Emerging Markets, the constant improvement of its efficiency as well as innovations within the context of a diversified product portfolio. The Group links commercial success with sustainable business practices. Accordingly, Symrise aims to procure its most important natural raw materials from sustainable sources by 2020. Symrise also wants to further reduce its impact on the environment.

    Above-Average Growth Targeted for Current Fiscal Year 2014
    Symrise has entered fiscal year 2014 with positive economic expectations. The Group expects to grow in both divisions and to benefit from solid consumer demand. Although dynamics in some Emerging Markets have recently decreased to some extent, Symrise remains confident in its ability to also expand business in those markets in 2014. In addition, Symrise again anticipates solid results from the established markets. Accordingly, Symrise is expecting to grow as a Group and in both divisions faster than the international market for flavors and fragrances, which is projected to grow by between 2 to 3 %. With respect to cost development, Symrise anticipates continued volatility with raw material prices. Some currencies will also remain under pressure. Symrise nonetheless confirms its objectives to deliver profitable growth and to achieve an EBITDA margin of around 20 % in 2014.
    (Symrise AG)
    27.03.2014   ENGEL restructures service offerings    ( Company news )

    Injection moulding machines and manufacturing cells continually need to boost their output, efficiency and flexibility. This also results in changing requirements for the machine manufacturer's service organisation. ENGEL AUSTRIA has squared up to this challenge and reorganised its service products and services under the ENGEL plus banner. The objective is to create added value for their customers and, thus, to improve their competitive advantage.

    Training and service are firm features of ENGEL's system philosophy. ENGEL plus makes its service portfolio even more transparent, thus opening up optimisation potential for existing machines, robots and plants.

    "We accompany our customers through the entire production plant service life", emphasises Wolfgang Degwerth, Head of ENGEL AUSTRIA's Customer Service Division. "Total Cost of Ownership is becoming increasingly important for our customers. With ENGEL plus, we ensure optimal asset health and planning security for our customers and, on request, help them keep their machinery up to date at all times."

    Boosting the productivity and availability even of older systems
    ENGEL plus ranges from global on-site support with spare parts logistics, remote services and a 24x7 hotline, maintenance and repair contracts at fixed prices to retrofitting options and optimisation tools, application engineering consultancy and professional training and eLearning offerings.

    "Above all, the topic of retrofitting is becoming increasingly important against a background of increasing efficiency pressure," says Mr Degwerth. ENGEL offers a wide spectrum of products for a variety of tasks. Even older injection moulding machines and control unit generations can be improved in terms of energy-efficiency, shot weight constancy and maintenance overhead minimisation. At the same time, ENGEL plus allows for retroactive integration of additional process steps, technologies and automation. To fulfil the customer's specific requirements, ENGEL develops individual software solutions.

    Close to the customers – anywhere in the world
    More than 550 staff are employed in customer service and training at ENGEL's global plants and subsidiaries. To ensure top quality standards for our services worldwide, all ENGEL service engineers and trainers are regularly required to take part in training and testing. ENGEL also uses its online learning platform to achieve this. After all, the ENGEL service network covers the entire globe. "Short paths to our customers are very important to us," says Wolfgang Degwerth. "We are continually expanding our global service network."
    (Engel Austria GmbH)
    27.03.2014   InterBev Beverage    ( Company news )

    Company news lnterBev Beverage is co-located with FMI Connect and will take place June 10-13, Exhibits June 11-12, 2014 at McCormack Place in Chicago, IL. InterBev Beverage will feature 100 exhibitors with approximately 2,000 lnterBev Beverage visitors (in addition to the FMI Connect visitors). InterBev Beverage section is prominently located in the south hall at McCormick Place on the FMI Connect show floor, near the entrance from the transportation level in the south hall where visitors will be able to easily identify the companies that have beverages to showcase. Also featured in the lnterBev Beverage section will be the ABA sponsored Beverage Bar where visitors can sample beverages.

    Food Marketing Institute (FMI) is a U.S.-based trade association that advocates on behalf of the food retail industry. FMI’s U.S. members operate nearly 40,000 retail food stores and 25,000 pharmacies, representing a combined annual sales volume of almost $770 billion. Through programs in public affairs, food safety, research, education and industry relations, FMI offers resources and provides valuable benefits to more than 1,225 food retail and wholesale member companies in the United States and around the world. FMI membership covers the spectrum of diverse venues where food is sold, including single owner grocery stores, large multi-store supermarket chains and mixed retail stores.

    FMI Connect is the trade show owned and operated by the Food Marketing Institute. The FMI Connect show has been redesigned in recent years and will once again be held in Chicago, IL, the food capital of the U.S. FMI Connect is the defining event of the food retail industry. Everything currently relevant to food retail (including beverage retail) can be found at the event. It is where all the related industry comes together to discuss “what’s out there,” to celebrate the innovations and to formulate solutions to challenges. FMI Connect is expecting 15,000 participants from 75+ countries, 900 exhibitors across 800,000 gross square feet of exhibit space and 40+ education sessions.

    lnterBev Beverage exhibitors will have access the FMI Connect target audiences including buyers from traditional grocery retailers (national and regional chains, distributors and wholesalers, independent operators and international grocery retailers), and alternative retail formats (mass merchants, drug, dollar and convenience stores and online retailers). Any retailer that sells food and beverage is an appropriate visitor target for FMI Connect and lnterBev Beverage.

    Appropriate product categories for exhibitors for lnterBev Beverage include:
    • Non-alcoholic beverages
    • Alcoholic beverages
    • Beverage dispensing equipment
    • Beverage coolers/refrigeration
    • Retail marketing
    • Beverage display

    lnterBev Beverage Visitor Targets:
    • Beverage retail buyers
    • Beverage bottlers, producers and wholesalers
    • Marketing and Sales managers
    (Nürnberg Messe, Atlanta, GA, USA)
    27.03.2014   Shock Top to Create Buzz with Honey Bourbon Cask Wheat    ( Company news )

    Company news Shock Top brewmasters are always looking for unique twists on beer styles and today they’re introducing the newest full-time member of the Shock Top family. Shock Top Honey Bourbon Cask Wheat is an unfiltered Belgian-style wheat ale featuring the sweetness of honey and the boldness of bourbon.
    Quality ingredients and creativity drive the Shock Top brewing team, so when Brewmaster Jill Vaughn saw honey and bourbon flavors driving interest with diners and beer drinkers alike, she got to work with her team. Shock Top Honey Bourbon Cask Wheat is brewed with honey, caramel malt and aged on bourbon cask staves for the perfect balance of flavor and refreshment.
    Vaughn created a special introduction video to share more about her inspiration and how Shock Top Honey Bourbon Cask Wheat gets its incredible flavor.
    Amber in color and 5.5 percent ABV, Shock Top Honey Bourbon Cask Wheat is the latest year-round offering from Shock Top. The beer is available nationwide in 6- and 12-packs of bottles and also on draught.
    (Anheuser Busch InBev)
    26.03.2014   Diageo announces Andrew Morgan's retirement from Executive Committee    ( Company news )

    Company news Diageo has announced that Andrew Morgan, President New Businesses, is to retire from the business. Andrew will step down from the Executive Committee on 30 June 2014 and leave the company on 30 September 2014, following which he will continue to build a portfolio of non-executive board positions.

    Ivan Menezes, Chief Executive of Diageo said:
    “Andrew has played an instrumental part in growing Diageo over his 27 years with the company. He has spent over 12 years on our Executive Committee and has enjoyed a career of enormous breadth and contribution. I am grateful to him for the major role he has played in extending Diageo’s outstanding global reach and presence in high growth markets. Everyone at Diageo wishes Andrew well in his future endeavours.”

    Prior to his appointment as President, New Businesses in November 2012, Andrew spent seven years as President Diageo Europe. He has held a succession of marketing, strategy and general management positions with Guinness and Diageo since he joined Guinness Plc in 1987.
    (Diageo plc)
    25.03.2014   Belarus: Lidskoe Pivo’s exports up 36% last year    ( )

    In 2013, OAO Lidskoe Pivo increased the export of beer by 36%, Audrius Miksys, managing director at Lidskoe Pivo, said in an interview to BelTA on March 19.

    “Last year was probably the best in the 130-year history of Lidskoe Pivo brewery,” he said. Thanks to modernization, the sales increased by 11% from a year earlier. Beer export surged by 36%, that of kvass by 65%.

    Lidskoe Pivo held about 20.5% of the Belarusian beer market in 2013. Sales on the domestic market went up by 9.5% though the beer market shrank by 3%. Lidskoe Pivo sold 72 million litres of beer domestically and 14 million litres internationally.

    Founded in 1876, the Lidskoe Pivo brewery was transformed into a joint stock company in 2000.
    25.03.2014   Craft Brewers Conference and BrewExpo America, will be held on April 8-11, in Denver, USA    ( Company news )

    Company news One of the world's largest beer industry events, Craft Brewers Conference and BrewExpo America, will be held on April 8-11, in Denver, USA.

    Castle Malting® will be happy to meet you at booth 1613 and present you the entire range of products and services we are happy to put at your disposal.

    Should you want to fix a firm appointment, please don't hesitate to let us know your preferred date and time. We will confirm by return, in accordance with our agenda.

    We are looking forward to meeting you at CBC 2014!
    Best regards,

    The Castle Malting Team
    Tel: +32 87 66 20 95
    Fax: +32 87 35 22 34
    94 rue de Mons
    7970 Beloeil
    (Castle Malting S.A.)

    25.03.2014   Frutarom Health BU Announces a Move into Omega-3     ( Company news )

    Company news New Omega-3 line for food fortification and dietary supplementation

    Frutarom Switzerland Ltd., Health BU Switzerland, announces its entry into the omega-3 market with high quality and deodorized DHA and EPA marine-sourced omega-3 ingredients designed for a variety of food & beverage applications and dietary supplements.

    EPA and DHA omega-3 are vital nutrients that help every cell in the body to function optimally. However, the major problem most consumers face is that they are not getting enough EPA and DHA in their diets, due to the lack of intake of foods rich in omega-3. A major study in the US showed that low dietary omega-3 fatty acids contributed significantly to the risk of death from a range of health conditions such as heart attack or stroke.

    Numerous studies confirm the beneficial effects of omega3 for multiple health indications such cardiovascular health, brain development and cognitive performance, eye health, inflammation and general well-being. While this nutrients are vital across a range of consumers, there are key categories such as infant development, and healthy aging where a supplements containing omega-3 merit second consideration.

    “As the leading provider of specialty fine ingredients, flavors and savory solutions, Frutarom has excellent access into the food and beverage industries, enabling it to help food manufacturers fortify food with omega-3,” explains Holger Riemensperger, General Manager of Frutarom Health. “Thanks to Frutarom’s expertise, we can easily implement the new line into any food matrix, such as dairy, bakery, baby food, cereals, oils, confectionary, beverages etc. It is both deodorized and without any negative impact on the taste.”

    The number of new food and drinks products marketed as containing omega 3 fatty acids has risen significantly in recent years, according to Innova Market Insights’ research, nearly trebling over the 2007 to 2013 period. The share of these types of products rose from 1.5% of total food and drinks launches tracked globally in 2011 to 1.6% in 2012, with a further rise to 1.9% evident for 2013. Baby foods was the leading category for omega 3 claims in 2013, accounting for 17.8% of tracked products.

    “This step combines Frutarom’s two great strengths of strong market access and deep experience in science-based health ingredients, and follows the company’s strategic move last year into the functional food market,” notes Riemensperger. “Omega-3 perfectly fits the Health Business Unit strategy of focusing on scientifically proven, high quality health ingredients.”

    The new omega-3 line is produced using the latest technology and controlled sourcing of high-end raw materials. The new line also includes omega-3 high concentrates for use in dietary supplements, allowing a higher concentration of DHA and EPA content, and thus a smaller size of soft gels, making it easier to take.
    (Frutarom Switzerland Ltd)
    25.03.2014   Hong Kong: Hong Kong Beer Company relaunched by new owners    ( )

    Hong Kong Beer Company Limited, established in 1995, was acquired in August 2013 by Devin Otto Kimble and Daniel Flores, the founders of Singapore's multiple award-winning Brewerkz Restaurants & Microbreweries. Brewerkz was a pioneer of the local craft beer movement when it opened in 1997 and since that time the Singapore beer industry has grown to nearly a dozen breweries and all but one of them specializes in making craft beer. Looking to be part of the same kind of vibrancy in the local Hong Kong scene, the new owners have re-launched HKBC and put in place a team with over 100 years of craft beer industry experience in Asia and the United States, Menafn reported on March 13.

    "For over a decade, Daniel and I have been looking for the right opportunity to enter the Hong Kong market and are thrilled to be part of the great group of craft beer people now involved with this historically significant company," says HKBC co-owner and director Devin Otto Kimble. "We believe Hong Kong's craft beer scene is becoming the most exciting in Asia. A wave of imported craft beers is now washing over the market and a couple of new local microbreweries have opened in recent weeks with several more in the planning stages. Our goal is to transform Hong Kong Beer Co. into a world-class brewery and become a significant part of the rising tide of craft beer in Hong Kong."

    Originally called South China Brewing Company when it was established in 1995, the company's name was changed to Hong Kong Beer Co. in 2003. South China Brewing Company was Asia's first packaging craft brewery. Nineteen years later, Hong Kong Beer Co. is still one of only three craft breweries operating in Hong Kong, which has an affluent population of 7.5 million and over 50 million annual tourists, and one of the few in the entire Pearl River Delta, a region with over 60 million inhabitants. For contrast, consider that Portland, Oregon, a city of 600,000, boasts over 50 craft breweries and has earned a reputation as a craft beer mecca.
    25.03.2014   Tetra Pak launches first bio-based cap for gable top packages    ( Company news )

    Company news Tetra Pak® announces the launch of the world’s first bio-based opening for gable top packages.
    Manufactured using high density polyethylene (HDPE) derived from sugar cane, the bio-based version of TwistCap OSO 34 marks another step forward in Tetra Pak’s ambition to make fully renewable packages. In 2013, the company delivered 1.1 billion bio-caps globally, an increase of more than 80% over the previous year.
    80% of the material in a one-litre Tetra Rex® carton is paperboard, which is made from wood, a renewable resource. By introducing the new bio-based cap, the content of renewable material in the package increases by an additional 4%, helping to further improve the environmental performance of the package without compromising its functionality or recyclability.
    “Launches of bio-based caps have been appreciated by customers like Valio, the Finnish dairy who is the first to use the new version of TwistCap OSO 34 for its products,” said Christina Chester, Product Director at Tetra Pak. “We are glad that customers see value in our efforts to help them boost their environmental profile.”
    Tetra Pak customers using the standard TwistCap OSO 34 can easily transfer to the bio-based version without the need for any additional investment or modification to their existing filling machines.​
    (Tetra Pak Schweiz AG)
    24.03.2014   Australia: Carlton & United Breweries say Cascade Bright Ale is its most successful ...    ( )

    ... draught craft release in years

    Australia’s Carlton & United Breweries has revealed that Cascade Bright Ale is its most successful draught craft beer release in years, The Shout reported on March 17.

    Speaking at the Cascade First Harvest Ale festivities in Tasmania, head brewer Mike Unsworth said the subdued bitterness of Bright Ale - launched six months ago - had won excellent feedback from consumers – particularly women.

    “We’ve got three different types of hops in the Bright Ale, but it’s not overly bitter. What you are actually getting is some really good aromas and flavours,” he said.

    Craig Maclean, CUB’s general manager of craft beer and cider, added: “Just to let everybody know just how well it’s going sales-wise, six months from launch, Bright Ale’s actually our most successful craft draught launch since Fat Yak.”

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