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Birkner's Beverage World è il primo "business-to-business" annuario internazionale per contatti di affari nell'industria delle bibite dove i responsabili che si lavorano in questo settore globale trovano tutte le informazioni che ci hanno bisogno. Contiene informazioni per quanto riguarda fabbriche di birra, distillerie, produttori d'acqua minerale, succo e bibite analcoliche, fornitori di luppolo, malto e materia prima, l'industria fornitrice, associazioni, istituzioni e riviste specializzate.

Tutte le aziende, associazioni ed istituzioni che sono collegate con l'industria delle bibite hanno un'entrata di base gratuita nella parte editoriale del Birkner's Beverage World. Le possibilitá di presentazione supplementari sono entrate aumentate o inserzioni strutturate nel Buyers' Guide utile.

Più di 20,000 profili di aziende da 200 paesi in categorie differenti dei prodotti e di servizio sono disponibili come libro e come base di dati del Internet. Le notizie attuali del settore e delle aziende ed i profili aziendali forniscono informazioni essenziali per i responsabili delle decisioni in questi mercati.

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Straight to the supermarket shelf without a hitch

Straight to the supermarket shelf without a hitch  (Company news)

Peterstaler is now filling newly developed glass bottles – thanks to a project successfully implemented by KHS

Picture: Bottle formats, From 0.25 to one liter: Peterstaler uses various bottle formats – and for many decades now has relied on KHS technology to fill them all. In 2015 the mineral water bottling plant procured a new...  (in più)


Thailand: Heineken and Bavaria actively promoting non-alcoholic beer  (

Two Dutch beer brands - Heineken and Bavaria - are actively promoting non-alcoholic malt beverages to secure growth amid the declining beer market in Thailand as consumers become more health-conscious, the Bangkok Post reported on March 7.

On March 6, both brands announced business plans to promote non-alcoholic malt beverages in Thailand's...  (in più)


Kenya: Kenya Breweries Limited launches Tusker Premium Ale  (

Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL) has ventured into the premium alcoholic beverage market with the launch of a new ale as it seeks to grow beer sales and woo the middle-class segment, the Daily Nation reported on March 13.

The firm has launched Tusker Premium Ale, which it says is made from aromatic hops and crystal malt. The move is part of East...  (in più)


Romania: Ursus Breweries launches unpasteurized Ursus Tank beer  (

Ursus Breweries, the biggest beer producer in Romania, is launching Ursus Tank, the unpasteurized fresh beer which, through a new technology in Romania, is delivered in a very short time directly from the factory, the Business Review reported on March 6.

The beer arrives in the 24-hour factory at the selected partner locations (pubs, bars,...  (in più)


Australia: Australian brewers turning to LATAM markets  (

In the past five years, craft beer has gone from a niche interest to one of the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry’s most profitable sectors. Beer may be in maturation, but a craft beer reinvention that’s packed with flavor, clever branding, and premium appeal has helped to boost sales around the world, and give the alcohol...  (in più)


UK: Carlsberg aims to take a slice of the premium market  (

Retailers should site the newly-rebranded Carlsberg alongside more premium lagers, as the supplier takes measures to challenge the perception that the brew is an “old man’s beer”, betterRetailing reported on March 5.

Speaking at the re-launch of the brand in London, Liam Newton, vice president of marketing at Carlsberg, said...  (in più)


South Korea: Hite Jinro to release its first new lager in six years  (

Hite Jinro said on March 13 it will release its first new lager brand in six years next week, the Korea Times reported.

The sub-brand dubbed Terra will hit domestic store shelves on March 21. The product is designed to provide a more "refreshing taste" compared to other beers already on the market.

Fine dust concentration in...  (in più)


Slovakia: Slovaks prefer beer to wine, research shows  (

More than one third of Slovaks (38 percent) tend to call themselves beer-drinkers instead of wine-drinkers (26 percent). The most popular is 10 percent bale beer but non-alcoholic beer and radlers are gaining popularity, as the research for the Slovak Association of Beer and Malt Producers showed.

Slovaks mainly drink beer containing alcohol....  (in più)


UK: Consumers don't believe big brewers can make craft beer - survey  (

The vast majority of beer drinkers in the UK don’t believe that large-scale producers like AB InBev can make craft beer, according to a survey by the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA).

The report, which said that 98% of consumers think a beer brewed by any major brewer can’t be considered craft, casts doubt on the marketing of...  (in più)

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