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    RSS-Novità Novità
    20.10.2017  Bremen: ACTEGA DS Investing 18 Million Euros in Site Expansion
    Company news   Picture: Looking ahead: the expanded site of ACTEGA DS in Bremen (Germany). Copyright: ©IE Plast - Research and development capacities will triple - Manufacturing and storage space will be expanded by 8,000 square meters - Bremen is an important site for the closure and packaging specialist The specialist for closure and packaging ... ()
    20.10.2017  ENGEL getting ready for continued growth
    Company news   At the Fakuma trade fair in Friedrichshafen, Germany, ENGEL AUSTRIA is presenting itself in a good mood. The injection moulding machine manufacturer and system solution provider based in Schwertberg, Austria, continues to be on course in the current financial year. Production capacities and the number of employees worldwide are being continuously ... ()
    Company news   Achieving and maintaining optimum performance over the lifetime of their assets is key for successful beverage producers. At Drinktec 2017, the world’s leading trade fair for the beverage and liquid food industry, the Sidel Group showcased how its Services portfolio can help to reach this objective. Bottling complete lines as well as ... ()
    18.10.2017  3rd European Food & Beverage Plastic Packaging Summit
    Company news   Circular Economy and Latest Technologies Leading the Industry Following two successful editions of ACI’s European Food & Beverage Plastic Packaging Summit, This 3rd edition will take place on the 14th & 15th March 2018 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The event will bring together brand owners, retailers, leading sustainability experts, ... ()
    17.10.2017  New customer portal e-connect goes live at Fakuma
    Company news   e-connect, the new customer portal of ENGEL, is due to be launched at Fakuma 2017. The portal will simplify and speed up communication between processors and ENGEL while providing an overview of the machinery, the processing status of service and support orders and the prices and availability of spare parts – any time, anywhere. The new ... ()
    16.10.2017  A retrofit solution for holistic system life-cycle management
    Company news   Valve specialist GEMÜ is expanding its CONEXO range to include a retrofit solution for existing systems, as well as a cloud connection. GEMÜ CONEXO is an innovative and holistic solution for life-cycle management of all types of systems. The system currently consists of valves that are equipped with RFID chips and a corresponding IT ... ()
    16.10.2017  ENGEL automation on show at Fakuma 2017
    Company news   At Fakuma 2017, which takes place in Friedrichshafen, Germany, from October 17th to 21st, ENGEL will showcase its expertise in automation at a special Expert Corner. On show, among others, will be the small e-pic B and e-pic Z robots – integrated and with expanded software functions –, the new viper 20 speed for high-speed medical and ... ()
    13.10.2017  Change perceptions at Labelexpo Europe: Saying luxury in more ways than ever
    Company news   The face value of a label is just one part of a consumer’s impression of a bottle or package. Communicating brand values effectively means going further – how does a label feel? What sound does it emit when touched? Does it give off a scent? Packaging that stimulates multiple senses has a bigger impact on consumers’ perceptions – and helps ... ()
    13.10.2017  Why has there been an increase in Craft Beer consumption across the UK?
    Company news   This article will look at the increase in craft beers over the last few years and the reasons why consumers are preferring craft beers over standard beers. Craft beers are produced by small, independent and traditional breweries. More than a third of craft beer consumers are millennials which show’s how important the 18-35-year-old market is to ... ()
    12.10.2017  Vanilla: Symrise Is Leading in Authenticity Verification
    Company news   - Isotope ratio mass spectrometry and magnetic resonance spectrometer utilized - Proof of authenticity: Customer requirements are being fulfilled Vanilla is the best-known and most popular flavor in the world and the second most expensive spice after saffron. The prices for real vanilla are currently at an all-time high. Customers pay 550 to ... ()

    Buyers' Guide:
    Raw materials   48 Prodotti   1042  Ditte  
      Malts   16 Prodotti   222  Ditte  
      Raw materials for malt and beer production   19 Prodotti   263  Ditte  
      Raw materials for non-alcoholic beverages production   13 Prodotti   698  Ditte  
    Machines and installations   200 Prodotti   2377  Ditte  
      Beverage production machines and installation   48 Prodotti   568  Ditte  
      Filling and cleaning equipment   44 Prodotti   620  Ditte  
      Filtration and separation   25 Prodotti   417  Ditte  
      Labelling and finishing mach., recording equipment, hardware   10 Prodotti   336  Ditte  
      Machines and installations, misc.   27 Prodotti   817  Ditte  
      Malt production machines and installations   17 Prodotti   137  Ditte  
      Packing and transportation systems   26 Prodotti   747  Ditte  
      Pub breweries machines and installations   3 Prodotti   63  Ditte  
    Operating and laboratory equipment   135 Prodotti   1748  Ditte  
      Containers, tanks and accessories   32 Prodotti   459  Ditte  
      Control and processing systems   12 Prodotti   364  Ditte  
      Disinfection and cleaning equipment, CIP systems   5 Prodotti   179  Ditte  
      Drive components, drives, couplings   2 Prodotti   78  Ditte  
      Fittings and pumps   23 Prodotti   479  Ditte  
      Laboratory equipment   5 Prodotti   100  Ditte  
      Measurement and control technology, misc.   10 Prodotti   193  Ditte  
      Measuring equipment   32 Prodotti   466  Ditte  
      Regulation systems   14 Prodotti   333  Ditte  
    Energy management, working and packaging materials   119 Prodotti   2122  Ditte  
      Beverage containers and packages   17 Prodotti   550  Ditte  
      Energy management: supply and disposal   6 Prodotti   200  Ditte  
      Environmental protection, recycling and industrial safety   23 Prodotti   193  Ditte  
      Labelling, packing materials and aids   53 Prodotti   1054  Ditte  
      Process materials   20 Prodotti   357  Ditte  
    Catering equipment   35 Prodotti   631  Ditte  
      Catering furniture and accecories   15 Prodotti   316  Ditte  
      Dispensing systems and vending machines   14 Prodotti   326  Ditte  
      Tents and accessories   6 Prodotti   87  Ditte  
    Transport and sales vehicles   14 Prodotti   216  Ditte  
      Dispensing and sales vehicles   2 Prodotti   36  Ditte  
      Transport vehicles and equipment   12 Prodotti   203  Ditte  
    Organization and advertising   32 Prodotti   1035  Ditte  
      Advertising media and promotional articles   9 Prodotti   329  Ditte  
      Organization, logistics, EDP and consulting services   23 Prodotti   713  Ditte  
    Trade press, associations, institutes, institutions   2 Prodotti   476  Ditte  
      Associations, institutes, institutions   1 Prodotti   379  Ditte  
      Trade journals   1 Prodotti   97  Ditte  

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