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    RSS-Novità Novità
    19.06.2018  Cobell opens Centre of Excellence in Exeter
    Company news   COBELL has unveiled an upgraded Beverage Centre of Excellence in Exeter, UK. The move is part of a wider strategy by the leading supplier of juice products and taste solutions to the UK beverage industry to partner with British beverage companies via leading-edge innovation and best-in-class service. Photo from left to right: Andrew ... ()
    18.06.2018  Scotch Whisky Exports Analysis 2017
    Company news   Earlier this year, it was revealed that the Scotch Whisky industry has posted record-breaking exports in 2017, growing in both volume and value (by 1.6% and 8.9% respectively) to a total of £4.37bn - the equivalent of 1.23bn bottles exported globally. This new analysis reveals that, while the UK trade deficit reduced from £166bn in 2016 to ... ()
    18.06.2018  New three-year cycle kicks off with BrauBeviale 2018
    BrauBeviale 2018   How time flies! The scheduled break in the BrauBeviale cycle is already over and preparations for the next three-year programme, specifically the first event in Nuremberg on 13 to 15 November 2018, are already in full swing. Visitors will follow a new route along the process chain for beverage production at the world's most important capital goods ... ()
    15.06.2018  Belgium's Brouwerij Martens produces bottles for the soccer World Cup with ...
    Company news   ... Direct Print Powered by KHS™ Design individual bottles in batches of one or implement special marketing campaigns within a very short time indeed: Direct Print Powered by KHS™ offers beverage producers great flexibility of design, thus giving them the competitive edge. The Martens brewery in Belgium is now making good use ... ()
    14.06.2018  Budweiser Celebrates Summer with New Freedom Reserve Red Lager
    Company news   Budweiser unveiled the newest addition to its Reserve Collection – Budweiser Freedom Reserve Red Lager. The new beer was specially brewed by Budweiser’s own veterans and builds on Budweiser’s long-standing support of American veterans with a portion of proceeds sold this summer benefiting Folds of Honor -- a nonprofit organization providing ... ()
    Company news   ...GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS REDUCTION TARGETS SIG’s targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions have been approved by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), confirming that the company’s strategy is aligned with what climate science says is required to prevent dangerous global warming. Caption: SIG has committed to reduce ... ()
    12.06.2018  R.White's attempts a world record on a Penny Farthing as part of its summer marketing push
    Company news   R.White’s, the premium lemonade brand owned by Britvic, is putting its 173 year heritage at the centre of its new £1 million marketing campaign, which kicks off in June and includes an attempt to break a world record on a Penny Farthing at the World Cycling Revival in London. As one of the lead sponsors of the festival (14th – 16th ... ()
    11.06.2018  Südzucker successfully closes fiscal 2017/18
    Company news   As announced on 26 March 2018, Südzucker AG was able to increase consolidated group revenues by 7.8 percent to EUR 7.0 (previous year: 6.5) billion in the fiscal year 2017/18 just ended. Higher revenues from the sugar, special products and CropEnergies segments all contributed to the growth, while the fruit segment's revenues were about ... ()
    11.06.2018  Georg Steinbichler rewarded for services to plastics technology in Austria
    Company news   Professor Georg Steinbichler, Senior Vice President of R&D Technologies at ENGEL AUSTRIA, has been awarded the gold badge of honour by the VÖK association of Austrian plastics processors. In conferring the award, the VÖK has acknowledged Steinbichler’s contribution to the development of plastics technology in Austria. The award was made ... ()
    08.06.2018  Nordzucker Financial statements 2017/2018: rapid drop in the price of sugar overshadows earnings ...
    Company news the past financial year · Significant decline in earnings expected in 2018/2019 · Net income of EUR 118 million · Revenues down by 3 per cent to EUR 1,650 million · Equity ratio of 66 per cent roughly matches previous year’s level · Dividend proposal of EUR 1.20 per share ... ()

    Buyers' Guide:
    Raw materials   48 Prodotti   1041  Ditte  
      Malts   16 Prodotti   222  Ditte  
      Raw materials for malt and beer production   19 Prodotti   264  Ditte  
      Raw materials for non-alcoholic beverages production   13 Prodotti   696  Ditte  
    Machines and installations   201 Prodotti   2427  Ditte  
      Beverage production machines and installation   48 Prodotti   577  Ditte  
      Filling and cleaning equipment   44 Prodotti   634  Ditte  
      Filtration and separation   26 Prodotti   424  Ditte  
      Labelling and finishing mach., recording equipment, hardware   10 Prodotti   338  Ditte  
      Machines and installations, misc.   27 Prodotti   843  Ditte  
      Malt production machines and installations   17 Prodotti   138  Ditte  
      Packing and transportation systems   26 Prodotti   767  Ditte  
      Pub breweries machines and installations   3 Prodotti   62  Ditte  
    Operating and laboratory equipment   135 Prodotti   1772  Ditte  
      Containers, tanks and accessories   32 Prodotti   464  Ditte  
      Control and processing systems   12 Prodotti   374  Ditte  
      Disinfection and cleaning equipment, CIP systems   5 Prodotti   181  Ditte  
      Drive components, drives, couplings   2 Prodotti   80  Ditte  
      Fittings and pumps   23 Prodotti   485  Ditte  
      Laboratory equipment   5 Prodotti   101  Ditte  
      Measurement and control technology, misc.   10 Prodotti   198  Ditte  
      Measuring equipment   32 Prodotti   468  Ditte  
      Regulation systems   14 Prodotti   335  Ditte  
    Energy management, working and packaging materials   120 Prodotti   2140  Ditte  
      Beverage containers and packages   17 Prodotti   555  Ditte  
      Energy management: supply and disposal   6 Prodotti   204  Ditte  
      Environmental protection, recycling and industrial safety   23 Prodotti   193  Ditte  
      Labelling, packing materials and aids   53 Prodotti   1059  Ditte  
      Process materials   21 Prodotti   362  Ditte  
    Catering equipment   35 Prodotti   632  Ditte  
      Catering furniture and accecories   15 Prodotti   316  Ditte  
      Dispensing systems and vending machines   14 Prodotti   328  Ditte  
      Tents and accessories   6 Prodotti   86  Ditte  
    Transport and sales vehicles   14 Prodotti   218  Ditte  
      Dispensing and sales vehicles   2 Prodotti   36  Ditte  
      Transport vehicles and equipment   12 Prodotti   205  Ditte  
    Organization and advertising   32 Prodotti   1053  Ditte  
      Advertising media and promotional articles   9 Prodotti   329  Ditte  
      Organization, logistics, EDP and consulting services   23 Prodotti   731  Ditte  
    Trade press, associations, institutes, institutions   2 Prodotti   478  Ditte  
      Associations, institutes, institutions   1 Prodotti   380  Ditte  
      Trade journals   1 Prodotti   98  Ditte  

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