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With the new edition of Birkner’s Beverage World the publishing house consistently continues its unique multimedia market and company overview of the international beverage industry.

The revised database offers more than 20.000 company profiles of the international beverage industry from 200 countries in the current editions of book and the professional database access to

The 19th edition contains company information of more than 5,500 breweries, 5,400 producers and bottlers of mineral water, juices and soft drinks, 2,300 distilleries, 1,000 hop, malt and raw material suppliers, 5,600 suppliers and 450 associations and institutions. In addition to names and address information including internet address the database offers data regarding management, services, products and brands, machines and capacities, capital and turnover. More than 11.000 E-Mail and internet addresses support direct contacts.

Apart from the book edition you may also use the professional access to the internet database with comfortable search and data export functions. This way you may find, export and process in your own databases various company data, machines, delivery programs, brands and activities.

The professional access to the internet database offers up-to-date company information from the complete database due to regular updating cycles.

With the current book and web editions of Birkner’s Beverage World you have competent contents and functional tools for professional market observation and analysis at your disposition.

We wish all users of our database media for the international beverage industry the desired business success.

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